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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Meme:

I am borrowing a little meme from Boob Hug Betty, it is simple and pretty fast. I never did that '100 things about me', I tried but I was unable to stick with it. I know I have more than 100 things about me I could post but I lost interest half way through and gave it up. So I will do the ADD version so that I can actually finish it and not scare away those whose attention span that mimic's my own. we go!

8 Facts/Habits that I, White-Trash-and-Loving-It, engage in:

  1. I drink enough coffee to qualify as a drug addict. Caffiene is a drug and I CANNT live without it!

  2. I hate anything and everthing automatic in public restrooms. I hate automatic flushers, faucets, hand dryers and paper towel despencers. Unless you have no hands what is the point of these things? The dont save money on any end, they are broken most of the time causing the paper to keep coming out or it will not stop flushing. And then we get to the ones that do not work at all that I smash to peices and now have to be replaced. God forbid the auto matic paper giver is not working and I am drunk! I will tear it off the wall for 3 small slivers of rice paper thin hand wipes.

  3. I hate college. Not that I do not want people edukating themselves I hate what it is as of now. It has very little to with learning and all to do with money. You cannt advance in your job if you do not have a degree (mind you they dont care what the degree is in), so you go to college to get a BA in BS and dont remeber anything other than the huge bill you now have to pay off. The tuition, books and fees go up every year but you never seem to get anything out of it other than a lighter wallet. And dont get me started on the corporation we find on campus now.....Starbucks, Barnes and Knobles, Pepsi, Coke....and you know someone pockets got lined for those deals.

  4. I day dream of punching and kicking just about every other person I see. It makes me feel better and relax's the mind.

  5. I grow facial hair at work as a form of silent protest.....ssshhh dont tell anyone.
  6. I love driving stick. I will probably never buy another automatic
  7. Going to the gym is a must in my book. I miss my days at the gym I am one unhappy camper!
  8. I love round, chubby, voluptuous, big boned, curvy, coke bottle, hour glass, shapely women. I always have, keep those nasty skinny twats in LA. How the hell do you make love to a stick?

I dont have time to go looking up boobs today for my TiTs FrIdAy post. It is hell here at work since 0700 and it isnt letting up. I am totaly wasting valuable company time right now. But I do wish to share a picture of my silent protest:

Thanks to BooB HUg Betty, by the way do you play show and tell. With a name like that I would think so LOL.


Jenny! said...

I hate all the automatic shit too...I dont like to touch anything without gloves...I keep them in my purse! Just kidding, that would be weird! I like your silent protest...and there ain't nothing cute about fucking a stick! OUch! I am a bit more ho for your dough!

Mimi said...

I keep telling hubby he's weird because he likes my curves, but I guess there are other guys out there like him. I keep trying to convince him to let me get a breast reduction and he says no way is he losing his playthings. Makes a girl all teary-eyed, lol.

phishez_rule said...

I love round, chubby, voluptuous, big boned, curvy, coke bottle, hour glass, shapely women. I always have, keep those nasty skinny twats in LA. How the hell do you make love to a stick?

You make me feel better.

Samantha said...

I think about hitting people in the face with a frying pan. It makes me laugh and I relax :D

Anonymous said...

I too hate automatic stuff, drink coffee first thing in the am, I have a bachelors degree and I'm freaking PAINTING to pay the bills, and I dream of stabbing everyone I don't like or who slightly annoys me. I can't believe I'm telling a cop this

honkeie2 said...

Jenny: I want lots of ho fo my dough!

mimi: a puppy dies everytime someone with natural big bazookas gets them reduced. Think about the puppies!

phishez: tits the truth!

samantha: That would make me smile as well lol

doozie: I am not really a cop so dont worry I wont tackle you, restrain you, and make you lie face down completely helpless.....unless....hehe

Prunella Jones said...

It's always nice to hear so many others have violent fantasies. I constantly daydream about kicking people in the butt whenever I have to stand in line. Unless, of course, they're hot, then I just daydream about having sex with them.

Anonymous said...

well then what are you...I thought you were the popo? I like to be tackled and stuff of that nature but it's being taken care of so no worries

honkeie2 said...

Jones: I always have that fantasy, but mine is usually the kicking one not the sex one lol.

doozie: I do not have the patience now to shot all the stoopid ppl out there, so I would not make a good dougnut chaser. I am a flash light cop. I do not have a gun, handcuff(at work that is), or even pepper spray. But I have long since climb the security ladder so now I spend most of my days infornt on my pc typing up reports and data entry. Aint advancement grand?
(taken care of hmmmm lol)

Anonymous said...

oh my lordy, I just found this post.

I had to laugh about automatic restroom dispensers and flushers and stuff. That scares the hell out of me as well. Just when you think you are finished in the loo - well - the automatic flusher thinks you are!

Bless you for loving the curvy wurvy girls. If I was a man, I'd go for those sorts too.

And hey - I don't do photos but I have shown my girls now in two photos. One is in a picture post a while ago on eastwest and the other is on

Boob Hugs for you - squishy squishy