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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I want to bitch.....

I got home last night and got to hand out some candy to the little ghetto rats . I have no problem with them being rude and loud, thats cool....but dont come to my door during halloween without a costume. ' Oh let me guess what your are......oh oh I know...a future welfare applicant no no...wait I know, a drug dealer.....' And dont start on the 'yous be pickin on da balck man' boat here, ghetto rats are all colors. And I got them all, but like I said wear a fucking costume. And I know mommy and daddy spent the money they said they were going to give you on Old'E but a little imagination goes a long way. My costume didnt cost a thing, and many times in the past I used thing around the house to make one: a bed sheet makes a great Roman toga and a lamp shade, instant costume. For those of you who dont know animal house go here ~~~> . Costumes any costume, halloween is for dressing up and showing your pagan support of the lost and forgotten gods from days of old. And if you are not sure what one looks like here are a few samples :

1) I soooo want to do this.

2) See, I bet this did not cost a thing...except a little pride.

3) For those who have a little money ...and gay....maybe this might work

4) Bed sheetand some poison ivy, instand costume! TOGA TOGA TOGA

See it isnt hard and it is fun to boot. So next year please put a little effort into dressing up. I even thought of not giving out candy to those who dont dress up but I would like to keep my car from being keyed and my house free of fecial matter. But maybe what I will do is post a sign that says 'People with costumes get better candy' You wont go empty handed but the costumed kid will not get the sugar free laxative lollipoops.


defiant goddess said...

I'm still laughing at Old E. It's sad but it's funny. lol

rollerskater said...

hmmm...i thought you were my anonymous poster...oh well.

i agree about the costume thing. i'm also highly irritated when people come with their babies (who may or may not be dressed up). dude, i know that baby is not eating the damn candy, you selfish ass parent!

honkeie2 said...

I usually dont post anonymously, I want ppl to know who I am. I always claim the foulness even if I didnt do it lol.
I have gone out with my babies trick or treating lol. They were always dressed up and soo was I for that matter. But then again I have yet to miss a year.

And on the 'anon' thing, I have been thinking about taking that off mine. I have see a few blog wars started by ppl using it. I have no haters here as of yet but I think I will keep it from happening. Lets all get along and have fun :-*

honkeie2 said...

Goddess- all things that are sad are funny all in the same breath. My relatives are border-line hillbillies and its sad and funny. Straight from the trailer to the blog lmao

steph said...

Kids showed up with no costumes??
What is it with these lazy ass kids these days!?!

Danielle said...

Ghetti rats ha! boy you know I miss you.

rollerskater said...

ok...sorry i was accusatory! :)
and no offense about taking babies out if you were BOTH dressed up...i think that's acceptable.
as long as everyone's in the spirit and not just in it to mooch candy. that's the shit that bothers me.

i decided a little while back that it's only blog love from here on out. there's no point in being angry...too much of that already happening in the real world.

Jenny said...

I would think these kids would feel retarded, showing up at someone's house as....themselves.

But then again, kids today are selfish brats who don't give a crap about anything, so yeah, amybe I'm not that surprised...

Katie said...

i love # 1 and 3...thats greeat

honkeie2 said...

Its all good roller be happy and smile at scars them.
and yes kids are lazy and retarded, always have been too lol

Jen said...

Yeah, I am with Steph on this one! What is with the kids these days?? Halloween is all about dressing up! No costume...No candy!