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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What is your routine?

-I was thinking about this yesterday as I stood naked and dripping wet in front of the bathroom mirror with my personal hand towel already at work. I started to think about how much effort I put into looking the way I do. As we get older certain things dont look as good as they used to, I am talking about the face area now!!, and even men are concered about wrinkles and the fun parts of aging lol. I even got a facial on the cruise and I soooo want to have another one!
-So anyone who wants to share what they do to make themselves ready to face the world please share.....

-I usually start my routine with and appricot exfoliante scrub, then I use a facial wash made by Elemis ( has to one of the best products out there..sorry L'oreal lol) , I never use any kind of soap. It dries you out and also removes all of your natural oils. If I am shaving that day I apply a shave oil by Elemis, again another prop to this wonderful product lol. I then turn on the shower to get it hot as hell, as I am waiting for it to warm up I scrub my body from head to toe with a rough brush to get all the dead skin off my body. It helps with ingrown hairs and get rid of all kind of other built up crap on you.
-In the shower I wash with a moisturized soap, regular soap makes me ichty. Now, with the shampoo I usually just use what ever the little woman bought which is usually Pantine. Wash rinse and repeat, let us not forget the conditioner now. The shaving oil is still on the face and the steam helps to get the hairs ready for the abuse it is about to recieve.
-Out of the shower I put my razor in cold water for a few minutes, cold water helps the blade retain its edge, and then I apply my shaving gel. After I am done shaving I use an after shave moisterizer with little to no alchohol, alchohol dries out you face making you look older. I always brush my teeth with a baking soda with whiting tooth paste. I flosh three times a week but sometimes more depending on what I have been eating.
- Throughout the day I use L'oreal Hydrafresh to keep the skin smooth and a face wash to keep it shin free.
-Every eveing before I go to bed I apply an anti aging cream, nothing to greasy though. I also put lotion on my feet to try and get these nasty man feet look a little better. I use this stuff that is for the feet and has all kind of werid stuff that tingles after you put it on. It is working but it sure is taking a long time to get through all that rough skin.
- On the weekends I used a peel away mask or clay mask to get a deep clean.

-Now anyone else wish to share? I have a few other things I do but they are not routine and not really worth taking the time to mention, like I used chapstick like it is going out of style. Women love men with soft lips, even though its only for one woman she is worth it :-D !
-And go to and look around, they have to have some of the best god damn metro sexual products out there, and a shit load of stuff women love.


Danielle said...

omg I'm skurd!

You keep good care of yourself huh?

It's odd to me to hear a man saying all he uses regarding facial moisturizer and stuff. It ust seems like a gurl

I told you you were metro sexual. lmao!

nah, Im playen, you know you my bau.

honkeie2 said...

LOL...I read what you typed out loud and I sound so ghetto fab lol.
And yes if I dont take care of myself who will?

Danielle said...


This line was the best

---->Every eveing before I go to bed I apply an anti aging cream, nothing to greasy though.

omg!!! why am I thinking



Danielle said...

u know I'mma break `em for you now!

honkeie2 said...

New sex lube and facial moisturizer lol.

Danielle said...

get your mind out of the gutter. lol

PB said...

Did someone day LAID?

Come here HONKIE, I have a surprise for you.

honkeie2 said...

uh oh PB what could you have durrr?

Danielle said...

omg you use chapstick!!!! holy muther!

PB said...

I'm wearing a thong under my night gown.

Desi said...

lmfao your a guy right lol and straight :P just teasing I am addicted to chapstick btw lol and hmm thinking it might be entertaining to share my routine but bleh I still have icky skin lmfao bleh

honkeie2 said...

I use chapstick about twice an hour lol.
And PB you might want to remove that crucifix first lol.
And yes I am a guy and straight. I did leave out one part of my routine that would convince most ppl but then I would have had to out a **warning** on it. LOL

Danielle said...

OKay here is my "facial routine"

I Have no idea why I am doing this, prolly because I am bored and you were crazy enough to do it!!!

-Wake up
-wash my face with Cetaphil (works good on my face, I have tried everything else)
- then moisterizer spf 40
-eye spf cream

nothing during the day.....except City Lips LIP PLUMPER, or VENOM or LIPSTICK.....LIP GLOSS.....whatever...

Then at night....
wash face....
then use oil of olay thermal mask
then use neutrogena anti aging ni ght cream
then ati aging eye cream...

honkeie2 said...

we are all about anti aging lol

Jenny said...

Hmm, let's see....

I get up, scratch my butt, splash some water on my face, shave my 'stache, and that's about it.


honkeie2 said...

jenny please tell me you at least wash your hands after you scratch you butt before you splash water on your face. please!

Jenny said...

Why would I wash my hands?

honkeie2 said...

Oh thats sooo nasty lol. Ass to face do u take sloppy seconds too? lol

Danielle said...


Ms Peculiar said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself. My husband uses all of my products (that I make) but also a Vitamin C mask and scrub to keep the ingrown hairs from over-taking his face.
Manicures and pedicures are what he loves because he feels pampered. I don't mind that he does these things at all...
I think that it is so important for men to take this time with themselves... more women could learn this as well.

Ms Peculiar said...

By the way.. You would be wise to switch from "Chap stick" to a natural product containing shea butter no wax. The wax causes a "dependance" on the product.. Thats why your lips get crusty as PB's thong when you don't yes it..

Jenny said...

Are you making fun of me? And did Danielle just call me nasty?

That's not cool...

Jenny said...

Ok, quick run down on my cleanliness...

Facewash: Neutrogena (yes, I still break out, damn my oily skin---although I heard people with the oily skin get fewer wrinkles)

Teeth: Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Mint

Floss: almost everyday

Bodywash: Neutrogena

Hair: Garnier Fructis Long and Strong (and I'm down to get the friction on) shampoo and conditioner. I have to wash it everyday, cuz it gets greasy-looking if I don't. Again, the oily thing. I sometimes use the Fortifying Cream Conditioner once a week to penetrate deep into the hair and take care of any damage doen throughout the week.

I don't use lotion except for on my legs when I shave. I wear perfume occasionally, and use cuticle cream on my nails.

SO THERE! I'm not a grody scrub with butt-smelly hands...

honkeie2 said...

-Jennay I didnt think you were nasty I was just messin with ya. Besides I like nasty ppl lol.
-A vitamin C mask hmmm that sounds interesting, I think I will go get me sum!
And yeah i think I need to get something on the lines of all natural, this chapstick doesnt seem to be workin very well on my lips.

awaterpixie said...

Oh hell... I actually had to look through my enormous purse to find all my makeup.. blah blah blah

I love 'Benefits' so I use alot of that junk.

Face: Benefits Mint Face Wash, Dear John Face Cream, Eyecon eye cream, Wonderlift and Honey Scrub (1X a week)

Makeup: Benefits Babycakes eyeliner, Browzing, Dandelion powder and Hoola Bronzer. Loreal double extender mascara. Revlon Super lusterous Lipgloss in glossy rose. I have a ton of different shadows in various colors.. I can't name them all.

My Bodaaaay: Bath & Bodyworks Brazil Nut Body Scrub with a sisel scrubber, Wash and Body Butter. Peppermint foot cream and night booties :) Mary Kay Satin Hands once or twice a week.

Hair: Aveda Madder Root Shampoo and Clove Conditioner. Volumizing Tonic and Air Control Hair Spray.

Teeth: Rembrandt Whitening Toothpaste 3X a day and Floss 2X

I either wear Lolita Lempika, Falling in Love or Butterfly perfume.

Brows have been lasered, leg wax-pedicure-manicure about every 2 weeks and a bikini wax once a month.

Damn... looks like alot more than it seems when I have to write it all down. Oh well ::shrug::


Jen said...

Sounds like you take real good care of yourself! Glad to hear that some men out there take pride in taking good care of their skin the way that you do.

My routine? I am pretty low key. My day starts out with a hot shower, First I wash my hair with a dandruff shampoo (I am a dandruff sufferer)and I let that sit a min, while I scrub face with apricot scrub. After I rinse my hair out, it's conditioner time! I use L'oreal's Tame and Frizz conditioner. I let this sit in my hair while I use a moisturizing soap to wash with. (I use the liquid soap with the bath scrunchie ball thingie.) Then I shave my legs and shave other areas that need to be groomed. Then I rinse the conditioner out with extremely cold water (the cold water helps seal the hair cuticle and shaft; cuts down on frizzy hair).
Then I towel off, brush my teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste, gargle with some mouthwash and wrap my wet hair and put on some deodorant.
Next I get dressed and put my war paint on (my make-up). First I put on L'oreal's Hydra-renewel moisturizer on my face before I put my make-up on. The last thing I do is fix my hair. I usually put frizz tamers in my hair then let it air dry unless it's cold out, then I blow dry my hair.

Great Post!

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