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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Free props for Dr. Love

This just a quickie....
I found this card in the gym locker room yesterday and totaly snorted out a laugh when I saw it.

"Trouble Overcoming Your Fear With Women"
Uh No Sweat Took Me Sometimes.
Well, Anyway The Sooner The Better.....
-Relationship Expert-
Dr. Dave Prince

I wonder what the ppl that printed these things thought about this doctor?
And what kinda skool gives you a degree in relationships, a real Dr. Feelgood huh ? They apparently did not teach proper grammar at this skool lol.

I never had that problem with them but I have had other problems I needed some help with. I think if he was a hit man offering his service to "fix" someone I think he would have done well. Not that I would ever "off" anyone but it just makes for some fun afternoon day dreams hehehehe. Besides if you kill them they will never learn nothin!

its a bad pic....the batteries were dying on me and I had to take it quick.


Jenny said...

That can't be real...and I had to laugh at you making fun of someone's grammar ;)

Jenny said...

Man, I'm just full of insults today---I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

honkeie2 said...

I guess you didnt have any morning sex huh? That usually helps me out of a bad morning lol.

Jenny said...

I'd rather sleep in than have morning sex....:*

Anonymous said...

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