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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I bit the bullet on Sunday and took the 3 monsters to Chucky Cheese. Now, all turned out OK but my god what a night. It was crowded beyond crowded, we even had to wait in line to get in. WTF, I have never had to wait to get my fill of bad pizza and broken games. But it wasnt a long wait, we got our hand stamps and took off.
Since all games were one token we actually did not spend any money. We went through the house before we left and found a shit load of tokens we have from previous trips. Every so often I would find these damn things in our change jars and I would take them out and put them aside. Now we got a free trip to the land of shared germs and body heat. It is amazing how much heat little kids in motion generate.

Here we have the bro-in-law screeching at the top of his lungs in the climbing tubes. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world. But what I missed was my oldest coming over to this very area and mooning the ppl below. I am so proud of him I could cry......

Future Forest Gump in VR training. Why play for real when you can do it in virtual reality.

I was suprised at how much this ride entertianed WeeMan. All it did was rock back and forth but he was on cloud nine while it was going. To bad adults cannt get their jollies this easily(and cheap lol)

Trying to get pictures of a child at play in places like this is like trying to get a tweaker to stand in one spot for more than 4 seconds. Most of the pics came out blurry, or like the next one.....

All I could get was the back of the head, an elbow or the bottom of a sock. Man, these kids are fast! Out of about 12 pictures this is the best I had. At least i got 85% of him in this shot.

Simmon says, left root, right foot.......uh oh Simmon didnt say! He had no idea what he was doing but it made all kinds of noises and had bright colors. Kinda like most old ppl In Vegas.

Then came in the pro at this game. He was thie nerdy white guy in his early 20's ready to do battle with this machine. He had knee supports on, a gallon of water with him and a fanny pack full of tokens. He was going to show this game who the boss was! I must give him credit, he could have whooped my ass in this game. But then again I probably could have whooped his ass in general, probably would have brought back alot of paifull memories of high school.
(I love the look the due in the black coat is giving the Dance Revolution King)

But in all they had fun and I love window shopping....lots of single soccer moms out on the prowl for another baby-daddy. Hell from the way the were dressed I thought that maybe I was at the club, all they were missing was the redbull and vodka in one hand and a smoke in the other.......come to think of it, if Chucky Cheese served booze I might be inclined to go more often lol.

At home I was trying to get some house work done but Cheese was getting all pissy so I decided to pull out the big guns on him. You put him in this thing and he is happier than a man at the new all you can eat buffet and go-go.
And it also doubles as an excerise device, ever try to squat down to get laundry with one of these thing on? You cannt just lean over, the baby would pop out. You have to bend the legs and squat, real thigh work out. But one draw back for me: I wear it a little low so whenever he kicks my nutts take a beating. He always seemed laugh right after he did it too......see proof we are born with thinking nutt shots are funny.


Anonymous said...

The Chuck E Cheese here used to sell beer. However, it closed down and now there is a bar there instead. Who said progress was a bad thing?
Cheese is getting bigger and cuter every day.

Reba said...

My Chuck E Cheese is cooler than yours. Mine sells beer. It doesn't have one of those dance games though. I would rather have one of those. I probably could sit and watch people do it all day. Although if I had some beer in me, I would be one of those people.

Carie said...

we have chuckee cheese here to but my daughter says she has out grown it and prefers johns iincredible pizza place lol just cause she likes the bumper cars and the rides...when she was little (like 3) she went up in those tubes and got scared and I had to go in after her...people all over were laughing their asses off at me...but you do whatcha gotta do for the little ones...I had a baby carrier like that for Ash but she didn't like it he is getting big...I miss that size big time lol

Becky said...

I wanna go to Chucke Cheese! Baby is getting cuter every day!

Miss 1999 said...

You know, I SO love some Chuck E. Cheese! Ours went out of business, then opened up again a few years ago, I've so gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish we had game places like that when I was young! Our McD's had a little playground I think. I've never been to Chucky's since I don't have kids and all...but seeing people in their 20s going by themselves makes me laugh so hard!

PixieGaf said...

LOL! Sounds like you had as good of a time any adult could have at a place like Chuck E. Cheese.

honkeie2 said...

gutter: what kinda bar? lol

reba: you suck.....but that is not always a bad thing.

carei: I will never out grow the Chucky Cheese!

becky: come with us ;)

miss1999: I have a mission for u.....go this weekend and take pics!

K: what kinda of childhood do u have!!?? No Chucky Cheese!?! And there is nothing wrong with going by yourself, just dont go looking like the white guy in the club.

pixie: I could have had more but I have to play referee too much still lol.

prunella jones said...

When I think of Chuck E Cheese I'm reminded of all the B-day parties I went to there as a kid, and barfing in the parking lot since that happened on more than one occasion. Good times!

Anonymous said...

I would need many cold beers and pills to get through a night at Chuck E. Cheese. I wish I liked kids but they are too much work, and I would rather focus attention and finances on myself. They also make me nervous and anxious.

Does C. E. C. still have the creepy animatronic show.?That shit bothered me as a child.

Anonymous said...

My sister owns a kids entertainment place, like Chuck E Cheese. It is her own thing though, not part of a chain. It is hugely noisy, even when it's not really busy. Not a place I hang out. Because I'm her sister she doesn't even offer me a coffee when I'm there. Figures I can tough it out without coffee. She's just that cruel.

prettykitty said...

holy rodent dung.

i made the mistake of meeting a friend at chuck e. cheese once. emphasis on once. the loud electronic whirring, hypnotic flashing lights, coagulating cheese smell and kids screaming was enough for me to go to the gyno and have my uterus removed.