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Friday, January 12, 2007

I am hate my job.....

Tits Friday and I am pissed let me tell you why!

I sent in my vacation request for my job in the begining of December, I went on vacation the last week of December. There was supposed to be a check waiting for me when I came in on January 2, 2007. But there I bitched and they said the paper work was never I wanted to see proof of this. So they took out the binders and showed me where all resquest are 'hand written' in and logged. Mine wasnt in there.....mother fucker, now I know I gave it to my boss and he said he would take care of it. Knowing how he is I should have summited again right before I left myself. See my boss isnt a bad guy just a fucktart that now has left the company. His last day was yesterday.......ahhhh killlllll.....Well, now the next Firday is here and still...NO FUCKING CHECK! I went to the office looking for the guy I spoke to last week about it. He is missing in action and his cell phone is turned off......good call cocksucker. Well I get another upper managment retard and get him to call payroll and ask whats up.....They tell him that it takes 2 weeks for screw ups to get set straight and that I will have my money next Friday. I soo wanted to kill at that moment, but what sucks is there is no one to complain to. The person who did the original fuck up is MIA for good and the person who told me I will get my check this week is in hidding.
I have lost all respect for this company, I have seen them screw up ppls money left and right. And now they did it to me, I have been lucky I guess. One of my ppl has gone 2 weeks without a check.....2 weeks and they cannt do anything but say....'It is fixed and you will get it all next Friday' The longer I stay here the more I realize this company and me were not ment to be. I am off to send my resume to anyone and everyone. There has to be somewhere else I can find that will pay me the same or more to do the same.
Another thing that drives to nutts about this company is that their way of doing things was out dated in the 70's. We generate more useless paper work than the military, they dont use the internet for anything, the payroll is still hand written and faxed, our daily reports are still done on carbon copy paper, the uniforms look like some kind of joke from a SNL skit and are made to fit a square box(their uniforms have the name or the company all over them, as if I would want to wear this any place other than work) and let us not forget the paper work one has to go through to get the damn job. They said that they only hire 1 in 25 ppl that apply. But only after a week working there I realized it was not a false statement, just a misdirected one. What they should have said is this: 'One in 25 ppl that apply put up with the bullshit because they are just that desperate for a job that they are willing to take the abuse to get the job.' It took me 3 days to get all the paper work squared away, and even after that they were harassing me for week after for information about jobs I worked back in 1995. The one place they kept asking about was this sporting goods store I worked at. It has been gone for some time and I have no idea how to contact anyone, other than my mom, that knew I worked there. The people in HR wanted me to find anyone who can verify I worked there, mind you the only person that has that info is an ex from my past and I had no desire to go looking her up. And they were basing this on my future emplyment?!? Not the fact I have been at the location already for sometime, over qualified to do the job, passed back ground and drug test with flying colors and.....It was only a summer job I had in high school.
I should have been looking for a new job then but I did not think that this kind of incompetent work ethic was going to carry over to the management area as well. I have stuck it out for as long as I am willing to go. The company is riddled with human error and the unwillingness to move on with the times. I work for a dinosaur, and I dont have any hope for them unless they change. Times are moving forward, join the race or get left behind.

Best picture of how I feel most of the time at my job:


Anonymous said...

Dude, that totally sucks azz. Don't they realize you have a family and need to support it and the only way to do that is to, Ummmm, GET PAID! IDIOTS!

I hope it gets cleared up for you really soon, the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

I would be pissed off about the money too....I hope you get your cash! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope it all works out for you soon. Not getting paid is a bitch. Hope your week gets better.

Anonymous said...

People in accounts obviously have thick skin. No need to go postal on them though.

prunella jones said...

My brother took time off from his job after our dad died because his work had one of those family plans. He was supposed to get paid half of his salary while on leave. Six months and a ton of paperwork later he still waiting for the money and he's ready to choke a bitch.

honkeie2 said...

cinderella: I want my money...imagine of strippers had to wait to get their would be death!

k:me too!

glitter: Some days it really isnt worth getting up and putting your face in the fan

hammy: I didnt kill anyone yet, hell I only thought about beating them purple with a plastic biggie

jones: choke them slowly....very slowly....

uglykitty said...

ohmygawd. as a temp, i can tell you stories that would curl your hair. mostly it's about the archaic system of submitting your invoice to the agencies. fax machine? do you know how many tries it takes to get it to go through when everyone is trying to submit their invoice at the same time? not to mention the fax machine has never been the pinnacle of technology. it was worse when i had my own clients. i would either have slow pay or no pay. i hate when they mess with my money.

ps it's prettykitty, but i use this handle when i'm at work so da man can't get into my bizness.

PixieGaf said...

OMG I feel so bad for you. I know what you are going through. I used to work in a bad environment just like that and I only lasted 2 months. I am surprised you have lasted this long.

honkeie2 said...

ulgy: I know the fax was all the rage back in the 70's. But come on now! HEHEHEHE da man cannt keep us down!

pixie: It was not always like this, it has only gotten this bad recently.

Anonymous said...

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Ranger Tom said...

Read "The Peter Principle" some time.


It's the reason I left police and security work and now drive trains.

prettykitty said...

omg, anonymous. you're so in the wrong place.