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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Hump Day

It is that time of the week where we look to the weekend for some much needed time off. It seems since I can remeber the weekend has been my refuge to restart my sanity. Even if I had dead lines on Monday I would waist my weekend away doing much of nothing looking for freedom at the bottom of a bottle. Is that sad? Or is that just another person living the American in a job that allows us to afford the things in life that really make us happy. Some ppl love shopping, vacations, cars, drugs, food, hookers, or what ever but it is all about the same in the happines circle. And yes some are more damaging than others but just as we cannt understand those ppl that waist their lives in the throughs of a gambaling hit they cannt understand how u dont shoot yourself from the hum drum of the drudgery of the day to day rat race. What one calles happiness another calls hell. Even if your thoughts of happiness is the most wholesome thing in the world such as family someone out there might find that disgustingly annoying. To each his own and it is so sad that ppl cannt not let that be, but then again I dont get how ppl think that their imaginary friend gives them the right to put other ppl down....that is just me.

Any whoooo before this become a preachy post lets change gear a bit and think about something totaly random and pointless...

So true so true, I wonder where I can find this on a shirt haha.

Last night I was watching this movie about one of the uglies lesbians in hollywood......can you guess which one....that is right ...Rosie O'Donnel. She rented a cruise ship for her and all of her gay/lesbian friends and family. Now I have nothing agaist gay/lesbians nor am I agaist them rasing kids, because gay parents dont equal gay kids. And if you are a narrow minded person that says you become gay because of enviroment think about this......If gay parnets raise gay children then straight parents should only be raising straight children. But what I thought was a little werid was that there werent any straight ppl on her cruise. So that makes me believe that she does not have any straight friends, is she predjudice(sp) agaist hetrosexulas? It seems to me that on many of the bias things that we know it is just as bad on the other side of the coin. Gays dont like hetros, jews dont like christians, blacks dont like hispanics and illigeal immagrants dont like anyone. But you know what I dont really care on any of these topics, if Rosie is affraid of straight ppl that is fine by me and if she wants to jump on any ban wagon soap box let her. No one listens to her anymore so her and her less-be-friends can have a gay old time .....but dont make a fucking movie about it. I feel that I came away from watching this with no new insight to anything other than that in the Bahamas the religous right hates gay ppl, nothing new there. That no matter where you go narrow minded ppl are everywhere, nothing new there; gay men wish they were women, nothing new there and last but not least if you act in a bunch of crappy movies then start your own talk show that instantly makes u an expert on anything that comes out of your mouth....again nothing new there...Tom Cruise, Woody Harlison, Steven Sigal, John Travolta, and on and on. We need to stop looking up to to these self rightous shit bags and get opions of our own. Put down the rag mags at the grociery store and go to the library damn it.

I found this pic on photobucket.....what do u or not?

A bit meaty but hey when I go out for steak I want meat on my plate haha.


Just Some Gal said...

I do find happiness in the fish eyed view from the I also find sappy too. ;-) Whatever makes you happy right?

I think the gal is cute, very nice tan and at least the skirt looks cute on her!

normiekins said...

damn sam i am......i need a beer like right NOW!!!!!!!!

agree with blondie ^^ she is cute...great tan..!!! Why is society hung up on materialistic view points.....! She's probably an awesome person and lover!

honkeie2 said...

blondie: Happiness is sappy and there is nothing wrong with that lol

Normie: beer sounds good right about now haha.

I found that girl on photobucket, she had a bunch of pics of her at bars and out with friends. She looks like a real fun girl. I bet she is making or will make some guy/girl ;-) reallly happy.
Real mean like meat on their bones haha

Lo Lo Lova said...

Nice comment about the illegal aliens. Way to show your 'openmindedness' LOL :)

Becky said...

I'm so sick of being discriminated because I'm a white, heterosexual, tall, skinny, red headed, blue eyed woman!

morbid misanthrope said...

A college professor once called me xenophobic based on some of my political views, so I think today I'll prove him wrong. I will drink beer on my lunch break like they do in many other countries around the world. Shit, that's practically embracing multiculturalism...

Ok, fine; I just really want to drink beer today. I probably won't even get a lunch break anyway. I finally got a chair last week, so asking for a lunch break today might be pushing it. Friday evening never comes quickly enough.

Anonymous said...

I would love to enjoy your blog, your topics are entertaining however, please spell check.

Thanks Dian

Lisa said...

I am denjoying my 5th Coors Light Sam I AM!!

Yes, the girl is a cutie!


Cherry! said...

I only used to go gay clubs in Sydney because all of my friends were gay men. I was often refused entry to some places because I was a firstly female and secondly not a lesbian. Oh yes, strive for equality and then discriminate against the people you want equality with. Makes sense.

Okay, so now I'm going to search for some happiness in a bottle.

And I agree with Lisa re the Dian comment. If you don't like the spelling 'Step off biatch!'

honkeie2 said...

lolo: I am openminded, I will try anythang once....except gay sex haha.

becky:I know gwad it must be hard being sexy

morbid: u just got a chair...what the fuck??? And there is nothing wrong with ONE beer with lunch haha

dian: thank u for da props but I blog at work and my boss poops in from time to time so I am blogging on the fly. I try to re-read wat i rite but I still miss alot of stuff. But no matter how bads I be wif my riting anyone whose speks engrish will know twat I mean :-D

Lisa: Got to love a speel check drunk gall hahah

cherrie: gay ppl are just as narrow minded as straight ppl. But staright ppl will let u know right off the bat they dont like u. Gay ppl hide it and pretend to excepting.

and its always nice to know ppl got ya back thanks !

Shannon said...

I don't judge women.. LOL

She is adorable thou.. I would hang out with her..

Stop looking at pics, lol..Photo bucket?? What is that??

Happy Hump Day.. or HNT.. whatever lol

Anonymous said...

And your a gentleman too! I appreciate your response and will continue to enjoy your column.


Anonymous said...

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