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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monday again....(but its really Tuesday)

It was a very good weekend- laid out in the sun, went to a lazer light show set to the music of Led Zepplin, had a cook out and got drunk. AAAHHH life can be good at times haha.
The light show was at this college in west bumble fuck NJ (Raritan Valley College to be exact). I have never been to one so I was not sure what to exspect.
We got there a little early because I had no idea how long it was going to take us to get there. They had a little musem to the stars so we wander around there for a few to waist some time.

Here we have my oldest showing us what being high on space looks like. Now we were the only ones here so we just ran amuch all over the place. I have a funny HNT for you all so come back Thursday to see what I did with the help of my son. I am teaching him well in the ways of redneck humor lol.

Here we have the device that makes the light and lazers for the show. I looks really strange, I am not sure what it looks like by my oldest told me it looks like he is missing a nut just like Hitler. Now I have no idea where he got that from but I did ask and he told me that on the Discovery channel he was watching a special on WWII and they said Hitler was rumored to only having one tesicle. Just in case I have never mentioned it, this boy loves war stuff and guns. I am not suprised but it does un-nerve the little woman a bit. But I have no fear, I was the same way and besides he is a gentle little guy.

Here I got a picture of Your-Anus. I wanted to touch Your-Anus but they would not let me, they said it was to far away and even if I could the tempature and gasses would kill me. Lucky for me it was behind glass.

Here we have the tunnel that lead to the light show. Not sure what they were going for, it need something more to give it more of a space feel. Maybe some ligths that went around the tube, maybe some mirrors, or maybe some portals with little aliens in it. Something, it needed something.

Of course I could not take pictures during the show so this is the last one I took before it began. The show was actually done very well. I was wondering where all the stoners were, then in they stumbled. 4 or 5 college guys bombed out of their minds. They did make any trouble but they did smell really bad and during the whole show all they said was "Woooo, ah man this is cool wooooh" I must admit if I was not driving and had the little monsters with me I probably would have love to join them.
It was strange listening to this music in such a white washed venue. This was music that (I believe) came about during the great acid wave of the 70's. I have known a few die hard Zepplin fans and they are very much burned out as in Cheech and Chong burn out. And here we all are, a bunch of (the ugliest i have ever seen) soccer moms, den leader fathers and boyscout kiddies watching a light show set to this music. And hell Robert Plant and the guys were a wild buch once apon a time, they even bought the haunted masion of Aleister Crowley. I if you dont know who he was click on the link and go have a fun read. To make a long story short on his life he was a rich brat who rebled agaist his parents by going into the occult and became known as some kinda of leader in Magic and Witchcraft.**cough cough** bullshit**cough cough** Sorry I think I swallowed something.
Led Zepplin was and will always be great party and stoner music. But maybe this is a great way to introduce the next generation to the olden days when mom and dad were still cool and willing to have sex with each other.

I know it is now Tuesday and this is my Monday post, I have a cold and work is busy. So fuck me for being lazy hahahahahaha. I am not sure if I have shared this pic or not, the medicine I am on keeps me from thinking to straight but this is how I feel about my old Dodge:


Cherry said...

I love laser shows!!! At least I think I do. I went to a show about 12 years ago, but I was stoned out of my mind. lol :)

I need to go again without being under the influence of anything. haha

normiekins said...

get out of the sun or you will look like a piece of luggage by the time you are 40........!!!!!!

morbid misanthrope said...

I'll stick to blatantly satanic music like Vital Remains, thanks. Lasers, however, kick ass. And I'm not even a stoner.

I've actually been to the Crowley house that Jimmy Page owned for a time. I was in the neighborhood (Inverness, Scotland) and figured maybe I could see some demons and the Loch Ness Monster...yeah, and then get abducted by aliens. I did get thoroughly destroyed at the whiskey shop.

Ranger Tom said...

I went to one of those laser shows done to Pink Floyd one at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

It was a blast.

honkeie2 said...

cherry: nooooo always go stoned!

normie: suntan lotion on the face got to keep the face young haha

morbid: vital remains ahahahahaha wow u must be a little darker than I thought haha. How about a little Dismember or Demiricous ;-P.
And you have gone to the top of my cool list, you have been to the Crowley house! I wanted to go to Antion Levays house but I heard they tore it down. Is the Crowley house still standing?

Tom: were u sober?????

the_mrs said...

You're always doing fun stuff! I haven't seen a laser light show in years. Must get out more =)

steph said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE Music Lazer shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We used to have a place here in my city that would show em every weekend.
Ive been to ALL of em!!!
They closed the place down. I miss it.

morbid misanthrope said...

I have a few Dismember CDs. They're pretty good.

I guess the Crowley house is still there. When I was there (1999), it was privately owned by some rich couple. I assume it's still there. LaVey and Crowley were both rather, well, fey; but they were still historical figures of interest. Last I heard, LaVey's house was still standing in SF, being used much as it was when he was alive.

I do know, however, the house where the Heaven's Gate Cult all killed themselves has since been torn down. I know because the police told me when they busted me trying to break onto the property on Friday 13th a few years ago.