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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Yeah Monday....

I want to wish every mother out there a Be-lated Happy Mothers day. I hope all of you MILF had a good day and everyone got themselves a little something special ;-).
I will now go through my weekend in reverse, got to build it up to Saturday. The big news in my life occured here goes:

We went to my moms house for a Happy Mothers Day breakfast, and my grand mom was up from Alabama as well. We had egss, blue berry pancakes, bacon flavored sauges, and coffee. I love breakfast food! We had a good morning there and the baby found a new hidding place.

I just thought it was a foot rest, the little man was sitting on it watching tv and then all of a sudden I hear " Dadda, Dadda". I look around and did not see anything but I heard him, then I look over the couch and there he was laughing his little head off. What a clown.
From there we went to get some free water from the spring they have out there, then we took a wander into the rose garden. It was not in bloom yet but it was still a nice walk in the park. Here we have the wife unit and little man looking at the fish and frogs in this little pond they had out there. He kept calling out to the frog and I swear it sounded like he was say, " Oh look, at the fuck!" But it was "frog" and not "fuck" lol.

Now from there we went to Home Depo and picked up her moms day present. She wanted plants and flowers. We bought 2 bags of stinky dirt and a bunch of flowers whose names I dont remeber or ever knew. Remeber I am not as fruity as one would think. But I did cringe at the idea of getting dirty under my nails. I must have washed my hands 40 times by the time we finished.

It is kinda hard to see it becasue the plants are so small right now but give them a few weeks and I think we will have some full bush on our lawn. HaHa, I just noticed I said ' hard' and 'full bush' all in one sentence and it had nothing to do with sex HaHa!

Close up of where these ugly ass pine tree things used to be. Now thanks to the wife units efforts we now look landscaped as a motherfucker!

This was the day of days for this redneck! I am now the proud owner of my first NEW, NEW car! It is a Toyota Matrix. I got it in manual , you know stick haha. The little woman is a little put off by this but I think she will do fine learning how to do it. Hell she will probably be better at it than me in the end. But it is something new to her and she is a bit nervous about it.
But I love it. We spent about 5 hours at the dealer on Saturday. I test drove 3 cars and the moment I drove this one I knew I wanted this one. In the end it came to a little over 17 G's, not bad. Now that wil translate into 72 months at $343, I love how they use months and not years. Months seem to make it feel better.......72 months not bad verses......6 years! Fuck me! But it is still the same amount of time, it just doesnt seem to hurt as much.
So after signing my soul and a couple of organs away I drove home with my FIRST NEW CAR. I am soo excited I am at half salute most of the day. And yes I have stalled out so many times it is embarasing lol. I am a bit rusty but I will be a pro in no time. I did not get any of the fancy options because I hate putting things on a car that are just pointless. A rear is that for anyway? Downdraft?? Well last I looked I am not in NASSCAR and could careless about that, leather seat.....Leather looks nice but it is not very practical; in the summer you give your balls first degree burns everytime you sit down and in the winter its frost bite. Body kit for the more sporty look; again I am not interested in racing my car. With gas at 3$ a gallon, you want to race-go fuck yourself and leave me alone. These guys were really pushing the bigger and faster engine. I am guessing the younger crowd really likes that they have the 0-60 in 4 seconds engine. Just in case they have to show the other guys out there just how fast they can fuck up thier cars.
" Hey (insert local slang greeting to your boy) I bet I can rap my car around the telephone pole down there faster than you can!"
But hey, if that makes u happy more power to you. But for my needs, I need space for 2 little ones and one older kid. That is what I got, and I am very happy with it.
So here you have the first pic of many to come. Its my new car so I think I will be washing, cleaning and babing it for about 3 months until it get its first stratch and dent then it will be just my car. No biggie lol. We all know how it goes with anything new, so for now this is my new toy and I want to play with it everyday I can :-D

(Notice the evil dodge infront of it, its dead still but I hope to get it fixed up enuff to unload it for at least some cash. Got to put some money back in my saving. haha)

And just one more time HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Here is the MILF I wished a happy one on this happy day. I hope yalls was as nice or better.


The Real Kidd said...

Oh wow! Congrats on the new car hon! Very nice. I sure would like something a little bigger. I have about a year left on the car I'm driving now and I'm not about to jump off into another car payment once that thing is paid for. The kids will just have to stop growing. And that is all I have to say about that.

normiekins said...

Nice ride......hope you and the fam had fun........honk has a green thumb!!! hahahahaha

steph said...

The new car ROCKS!! :)

morbid misanthrope said...

Nice car. Congrats on that. It was a lovely mother's day. I lived through another kidney/liver failure long enough to wish my mother a happy mother's day. Take that, Doctor! I could live through a bullet to the head at this point.

honkeie2 said...

Kid: Yeah make them stop growing...thats the ticket haha.

normie: naw, if I touched it they would have died right away hahah


morbid: You always have the strangest comments and i lovem all lol

Lisa said...

I love that new car smell. Great choice. I have an 05 Camry and I really want a new Toyota Hybrid. Hubby says NO to this request. Although, I am sure if he were to go thru a DRY SPELL he would change his mind quickly!

Hope all is well and tell the Little Mrs. Happy Mothers Day!

Cherry said...

Ok, that care is awesome!!! bet you'll get good mileage on that!!

Your landscaping looks good too!

And Honk, you have such a nice family!! Your little one is too funny hiding in the foot rest, and the wife unit is just too cute. :)

Becky said...

Little man was so cute finding that compartment! I used to find cool hiding spots like that when I was little.

the_mrs said...

Nice car!

A little tip I read somewhere: when doing yard work, first rake your fingernails across a bar of soap. You'll get a bunch of soap under your nails (obviously) tat will keep the dirt out, then it washed away easil when you're done.

Man, I am so full of knowledge... =P

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