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Friday, May 05, 2006

Its a black Friday

Well this is my farewell to a good car:

On wendsday my car just died on me a block away from my job. I called the ghetto boys garage that I used and trust to come pick up the car. Willy Towing came and took it away, Thursday afternoon I get the call. Julio asked me to sit down, which is always a bad thing to hear from your mechanic. He told me the timing chain broke and took out several valves as it went. He gave me a few options to what I could do and I think droping a grenade in the gas tank and running like hell would have been the best choice. The only real life option was a new engine with a 3 year warrenty but it would cost me $4,8oo! The little woman took this news harder than me. You see we were almost out of debt, and everytime we are almost there something like this happens. I think this is about the 3rd time we were almost there and bam! I guess it just isnt in the cards for us to be out of the grip of creditors. But hey, it is the American way and I have learned to just roll with it. I am by no way happy about this but I know it will blow over. There are a million of things that could have happened that would have been worse than a dead car. Shit happens.

So needless to say this isnt a Friday Funny kinda day but I do want to rant about something I cannt help but laugh about. I am conveniced money makes ppl stoopid and here is a perfect example. If you are into the out doors and respect nature as a force not to fuck with you will get a total kick out of this movie:

What happened here is some self proclaimed grizzly bear expert shows his life with the bears in the Alaskan wilderness. Now he is as much of an expert as I am. He spent 13 summers out with these things and learned nothing. His name WAS Timothy Treadwell, and his girlfriends name WAS Amie Huguenard. Their dead and partially eaten bodies were found in Katmai National Park. One of the bears he soo loved had done what came natural to them, kill and eat retarted humans that think they are soft and cuddily stuffed animals. This guy, in my view, is a first class imbecile. He was out there with a good heart but to bad he was made retarded. His parents are this hippy dippy burnouts and it seemed to have rubbed of on him. He went out there with good intentious but that is what the road to hell is always paved with. And to be honest I am not sure what he thought he was doing but these animals are not to be fucked with. I have never seen one in person but I know from seeing them on tv not to go near one. We have brown bears here in NJ and we all know not to mess with them and they are ALLOT smaller that a grizzly. Now he was advised by the rangers at the park that he would be asked to leave if he did not stop what he was doing. They knew what he was up to and was asked him to no longer approach, stress, or harass the bears. He agreed but kept on what he was doing and in the end he pissed of the wrong bear. Hell he probably did not do anything but set his camp in a hungry bears territory. The rangers believed it was his aim to be known as a "Bear Whisperer" . I think this guy was really out to lunch and was a sandwich short of a full pale. He even wrote a letter to his sponsors weeks before he became human jerky for Yogi da killer bear "My transformation is complete-a fully accepted wild animal-brother to these bears." What the fuck, he must have been either really stupid or just another asshole activist who had dreams of gradure that never came through. He claimed to have identified 21 vocalizations and body languages in the bears. But to bad he missed one very important sign," Fuck off or I will eat you" I think if he spent more time in reality he might have seen it and then the both of them would probably still be alive.

The lesson here: Stupidy can be letal at times.

Tim and Amie, a portart of nonsensical Americans putting their noses where they were not wanted.


The Real Kidd said...

Sorry about the car man. That totally sucks.

Now Tim and Amie. Dude, that movie totally freaked me out. Hubby had bad dreams days after we watched it. I even posted about it on my blog. Not in as much detail as you have. It’s not a movie I recommend, but I guess I had some gross curiosity and I just had to see it.

morbid misanthrope said...

Sorry about your car. I still miss my dead 1984 Ford Thunderbird.

Fuckin' hippies. That's an example of nature doing what I'd go to jail for doing: killing hippies. Lucky bears.

Carie said...

I watched that special a few months ago lol...that man was so wierd, the fox's in the show cracked me up...he was ummm very ummmm unique I guess you could I had seen him on talk shows and such...he was just a realy wierd dude

Ranger Tom said...

You have BLACK bears in NJ... Brown bears ARE Grizzlies.

Anyway, I second your opinion about these morons.

Justin said...

That sucks about the car. If you are almost out of debt, I'd consider just buying an el-cheapo out of the newspaper for $750 or so... better than a new car, could help you save for debt repayment in the short while.

honkeie2 said...

Kidd: nightmares are fun for me. I hope for some too.

morbid: i want a 1984 monte carlo! And did u know hippies hate water?

carie: u can say it here....he is as queer as a 3 doolar bill

tom: that little bit of info is so funny . boy is there egg on my ass......i mean face hahahhahahah. black and brown big difference

Becky said...

Sorry bout your car, that blows major cock! I'm sure there is a underlying bright side, will you get a new car now....

steph said...

That sucks about the car:(

Lisa said...

I'm feeling your pain for you!

Stupid people don't know they're stupid!! Your helping me prove this!

normiekins said...

re: it never fails

i saw that documentary.....what a total ass.....

Danielle said...

wow its been a while, u changed your entire blog look!

awaterpixie said...

awww... I think the bear looks cute and fluffy!