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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Weekend round up....a bit late...

Another busy weekend gone by, so lets start with Saturday:

We stopped over to see our neighbors to see them trying to put a swing they have just bought together. And while there I caught an amazing shot.....a man using instructions! Well not really, he is only looking at them after he realizes that something was wrong. lol
But not to knock him too much, I would not have gotten that far without them hehe.

And as usual with any large item the box became an instant kids toy!

As the playing continued Seth tried to sit in a lawn chair that actually doubles as a boobie trap. Note, he was not hurt he was actually laughing about it. This picture was actually taken after about 5 minutes of him lieing there waiting for someone to help him.

And with the day comes the night, we stayed out shooting the shit well into the night. And with that comes the part of the summer I hate.....bugs. We have a bug net in on part of the yard and tiki bug torches in the other. The bugs were not too crazy so we sat out under the grape vines with these bad boys burning.

The following day the wife had to work at a both handing out flyer's during the Portuguese Day Parade, in Elizabeth NJ. It was an all day event, she got there at 0900 hrs to set up and was supposed to stay to almost 1800hrs. But got to leave early and spend some down time with the family.
Here we have her and the coworkers:

Now, most of the pictures I uploaded came out in some crazy ass order and I am in no mood to fix them all so here are the pictures of what went on and my 2 cents.....

1) Sweaty hot moms and smashed boobage were every where!

2) And so was the douchie bag factor. You could smell the hair gel and spray on tan hours before they got there.

3) This float was advertising some Dj of some sort and had a guy blowing a whistle and waving flags. I could swear I have seen that same guy at another parade doing the same thing but waving rainbow flags never knows.

4) If there was ever a Portuguese Princess she had to be it. I am not even sure it is legal to think about her in any way fun wise ;-) ;-) but if it dresses like a slut and walks like a slut....I bet she isnt a worthy of wearing white on her wedding day!

5) I love these guys, they were all over the place. I swear these guys must spend more time in the bathroom getting ready to impress each other than a drag queen does!

6) She was cutie but I was more interested in his car to be honest, a quick press of the gas would have equaled a nice panty shot though lol.

7) Here we have a line up of coworkers butt. Guess which one belongs to me?

8) Say HI to Monica, she is Portuguese but says she cannt stand Portuguese people. I dont know they are kind of growing on me. The men like to eat and drink, the women are attention whores that wear cloths 3 sizes to small and they make some awesome food. And yes not all Portuguese people are alike I am just stereotyping and trying to piss someone off.....did I piss anyone off yet?

9) Say cheese if you like the food!

10) Here we have something I have only seen at a Portuguese festival....grilled sardines. They are good....up to the heads anyway lol.

11) Here we have me sneaking a picture of a coworkers rear end....I hope she never finds my blog, I would be soooo dead lol.

12) People watching is a sport I love to participate in. To bad my batteries died right about here. And yes RangerT, I now have rechargeable. 2 in the charger 2 in the camera!

13) One more of the stand, here we have Marta, Lilian, and Rosa (Marta is the owner of the rear you saw earlier sssshhhhh)

Now I am off to finish up 6 hours worth of work in 20 minutes, I am amazed at what I can do when I HAVE TO!


Danielle said...

LMFAO!!!!!!!! Your a riot!!!!!! God I love your blog....which ass is mine! Ha!

~Sheila~ said...

That is one hot whistle blower, now..if he were waving rainbow flags...well, he'd still be hot but more men might think so too.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Most of the "natives" here are Portuguese (including my step mom). Not that that means anything lol.

Mimi said...

The only festival we have in Findlay, is the Wall-eye festival. I don't know for sure which country they originally come from, but they are a fugly I'll have to update my blog I have some nice weekend pics that a man would appreciate,lol. Later 2nite, I'll do it.

Martini said...

"he is only looking at them after he realizes that something was wrong" LOL! That was awesome. We'd never let anyone catching us reading instructions.

honkeie2 said...

D: Glad to have you back!

Sheila: I agree, sadly I agree....

MomT: Not really we are all pink in the middle!

Mimi: It does matter where it comes from just as long as it comes.....ooohh that sounded dirty!

Martini: I know! I had to hide behind a bird blind and stay very still for like 6 hours to catch that shot!