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Monday, June 15, 2009

Can I go back to bed?

I could not fall asleep last night...not at all. I finally feel asleep an hour before the alarm clock went off so that meant I slept right through it! I was about 30 minutes late to work, man what a sucky way to start the week. But I am taking off Friday so that is a plus. I am so tired right now that not even my usual 2 cups of coffee has done much. So this post might be a bit shorter and poorer in quality than originally hoped.

This was a shitty weekend in the sense that I got the asshole bug. I think we all get it from time to time but this weekend I had a full blown case of it. And what is sad is I can see myself being like this and I was almost helpless to stop. Saturday was the worst, the wife worked that morning and I cleaned all morning. And boy oh boy was I in a shitty mood by the time she got home. I mean it was just to the point I took a nap and she did not bother me. We did go over to the neighbors house for Sangria night and I did get a bit drunk but nothing alone the lines of my usual. I am not a mean drunk but I was in a foul mood before and the booze just made me not care. We ended up going to bed on a rather sour note.

Was the day of running to my moms house, then to her moms house and getting some shopping in for our trip on Friday. The asshole bug had given way to an overall feeling of shittiness. I cannt even begin to describe what I felt, this was not normal for me. I just did not feel like me, I felt disconnected with everything, unhappy and some what pissy. I kept it in check for the most part and even talked to the wife unit about. I did apologized for my behavior and tried with all my might to keep the asshole bug locked away. For the most part I was successful and even ended the night on a good note. We watched True Blood, which was good but she kept pointing out how this or that was not in the book. And since I have no desire to ever read them, the fact this character did this or that has no meaning to me. I liked it and just left it at that.

I wish I knew what was going on with me, the wife asked all the usual questions as to why this was going on and I had no honest answer. She wanted to know if I wanted to split? And that was NOT even close to what I thought I might need, hell that would make it worse! I need something I just dont know what as of yet. It might just be from the lack of sleep, like last night. I just cannt seem to get to sleep these days, I just wont shut off at night. I am dozing off as I post this, so I am going to cut this ramble short. Let me just through in some pictures and call it a day:

1) Friday at work I was losing my mind so I thought I would document it and show all how bad I was getting.

2) On Saturday I put on Nightmare Before Christmass for Lucas and I found out that the opening song scares the piss out of him. Thank goodness for those leak guard diapers! And its just the opening song, he is fine with the rest of the movie.

3) Once that song was over he came out, with his movie snack in hand as happy as can be!

4) I mean come on now, does this look scary at all?

5) Or this?

Well I guess for a 3 year old it is, and what is funny is that he will ask to watch it over and over again and hide his eyes for the first song every time. Kids are too cutie sometimes!
I am now done, put a fork in me and call me pie....hmmmm pie.....hope everyone elses weekend was better and I hope this up coming one is better.


Danielle said...

Wow sounds like a busy weekend. Whats up with Asshole SATURDAY? LOL. Poor wifey had to deal with you lol. You look great in a suit!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

So THAT'S what Scott had yesterday. Assholitis..

That movie scares me and I'm 35...

~Sheila~ said...

It happens. We all get like that sometimes. Just make sure you make up for it somehow because you probably huet some feelings and Father's Day is coming up. You don't want resentful presents!

Miah totallly LOVES that movie! She also loves The Corpse Bride and we are waiting for Coraline to come out.
It is a creepy movie though but she's dark like that.

Ranger Tom said...

About once or twice a year I get the same asshole bug.

I just really angry at the whole world and just about anything can set me off. I don't get violent or combative, I'm just in a really shitty mood for a few days and I don't know what to do about it.

I think a lot of times it's lack of sleep and being overworked, since it happens most of the times during the surgar harvest season when I'm working my ass off 80 hours a week.