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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Ahhh its Friday!

Yes tit is! I must say last night I went to bed early and it made all the difference in the world! I was so assed out yesterday I could hardly stand it. We went to the doc to go over the results of Seth's sleep apnea test. Well, it seems he does not have it so we are now looking to see if its allergies. The doc said it might be an allergic reaction to something in his room. He said we might want to invest in allergy slips for the bed and pillows. Oh well, at least he wont be going under the knife, but I might be going to the doc to see if I might have it next. From the stuff he went over with us about Seth I am beginning to think I might have it lol.

After that we decided to go to Fake Italian Food Garden, aka Olive Garden. We had those 2 free kids meals to use from the last time we where there. We waited over 2 hours last time, got 20% off our meal and got 2 coupons for free kids meals the next time we came in. So it was time to cash in lol. But what I saw there was well worth the trip.........

We walk in and the first person I see is this huge woman wearing a pink dress that was way too short for her. Thanks lady for the moose knuckle shot!

-Moose Knuckle (adj): It is the unattractive version of camel toe...and also used when guys have pants on soo tight you can see their balls, the left and the right.

Well we get in and wife orders a Toasted Almond drink from the bar. She said it was a little strong for her it tasted fine to me lol. I did not get one, hers cost $7.30 and I have booze at home if the need arises :-P

Well, as we sat there Moose Knuckle and her dad or whom ever was was called to go to their table. But after a few seconds they came back and sat down. I was curious as to what just happened so I put my ear to the grown to hunt this allusive moose!

As it turns out moose here was too big for even Olive Gardens chairs! And this is the very restaurant that mandated the chairs they all use made bigger because they were sued for this very reason. Some fat ass tried to sue because he was embarrassed by the fact he got stuck in one of their earlier chairs. But not wanting another law suit or lose the money from fatty here they got the chairs they have set aside for such an emergency. These were the chairs with no arm rest on them. I mean if that wasnt a wake up call there is no hope for her!

I have gained some weight as the years have come and gone but we all know I battle that war on a daily basis. To this day I keep track of my food intake and deal with hunger pains in my attempts to stay thin. And yes most of my reasons are for vanity and to say I dont look my age but the end result is always health reasons. I see people I knew 100lbs ago my own age and they look soo much older than me. I am not saying it makes me feel good that they have done this to themselves but it re-confirms why I am doing it. I have been skipping the midnight snacking and passing over the office donuts. And yes there are tons of them where I work! But dont get me wrong I do have one here and there, but the number of times I do it are far and between.

I want to eat until I cannt stand, but I dont. I want to eat bacon egg and cheese for breakfast everyday, but I wont. I want to drink beer until it's coming out of my nose.....but I cannt. I have passed up the beer for now, it isnt my friend for the time being. And even as we speak I am calling the gym to see if the day care is open to go tonight with the wife. We have been going now almost every other day now. It has become rather regular and I have even got her doing my circuit training routine. We are on again for tonight, I love the gym lol.

Anything worth having is worth suffering for and I suffer on a regular basis for what I have. I currently weight in at 213lbs. I want to get down to 200 at some point in my life lol. I have been trying for so long to see that number, it has been alluding me. I swear i will have it! Pardon me while I go and get some more water to drown out the growing sounds of my growling stomache!

And what Firday would be complete with out some funnies!?!

1) What I like boobies!

2) I totally spit up on myself when i saw this one!

3) I bet she's Japanese!


Ranger Tom said...

This made me really laugh... The other day I was at the Tiki Bar here in town for lunch and a 400lb woman and her 100 lb husband came it for lunch... The both sat at a table and got stuck on one of the plastic lawn chairs they use here... The bright pink mumu she had on was so large it could have been used as a mizzen sail on a schooner...

As for the snacking, I still do, but I've changed from chips & cheezy poofs to fruits like grapes and strawberries. I've also been eating a lot of yogurt lately too. I'm 6'2" and I'm right at 200lbs and I'm trying in my idle time here in the summer to stay right there, which is a good wieght for me.

And the Japanese Aname is chock-full of sick shit...

~Sheila~ said...

I've seen plenty of my patients that are overweight and I have to teach them how to get out of the chairs again.
It's really ridiculous!

I've been constantly watching what I eat too. I'm just not advertising it anymore like I used to because I seemed to be the only one!!!!
Anyway, I am down to 160 and I'm struggling cause it's summer and Dom has smoothies made when I get home.
His own little concoction of course!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

People that are that bit have a food addiction. It's really sad. I seriously think that food is the hardest "drug" for people to kick because you can't just stop eating. You have to learn to trade the food for a healthy habit. And it takes a lot of work to do that!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

exchange "bit" for big lol

Mimi said...

That totally looks like a giant Q-tip in her ass.

Danielle said...

your nuts!!!!!! lol!!!! those pictures are great.

Angel said...

Mimi that is what I thought too. It took a long time of studying to realize it wasn't. Luckily no one caught me staring hard core lol

Martini said...

LOL! I love that baby! HAHAHA! I'm glad my parents were not that stupid. Man, I was allowed to slide all over the smooth vinyl back seat!