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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tee ball is over......

I have been the assistant coach for my son's tee ball team but now its over. Next season they go to what is called soft pitch so this summer I am going to have to work on helping him with hitting the ball with out the tee. He has a lot of work to do with his catching and throwing but that is what practise is for.

Last weekend we had our last game and all the kids go trophies. They where all so cutie and excited about their little achievement. It might have been made out of plastic but it was gold in his eyes!
Look mom eyes gots me a toofie!

...and look over over here here HERE!

That is the head coach, one sucky part of being the only one there is I never get in the pictures.

The whole team.....each one was awarded different things. Like the most boogers picked in a single game, the biggest pitchers mound sand castle built in one inning and for one of the kids from the other team....the most miles run in one game. I swear the whole time they had the field that kid ran and ran and ran. From one end of the field to the next, around the bases and back. I wish I had that energy! And just in case you didnt figure it out, I was just kidding.

One part of the coaching experience I will miss will be the hot teeball moms. And since many of the people here were of the stock that loves to show....even the ones no one realllly wanted to see ...there was never a dull moment. Nothing wrong with a little eye candy as we try to mold the body and minds of a future leaders; and the people that will be deciding on which nursing home to stick your broke ass in! So remember that before you go all ape shit on your kid because they didnt make that catch or got struck out. Those are the memories that will fuel that fire!

Happy last day of June people, the summer is coming fast and furious get outside and play. Keep the blogs short of word and plentiful of pictures!


Ranger Tom said...

Nice eye candy!

And I think I still have my booger-picking trophy from little league! Great achievement!

Danielle said...

i knew there had to be an ass shot in there somewhere!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ah you crack me up! What the hell is Jesus Juice?

T Ball is the most excruciating of all the softball/baseballs to watch.

Unless of course there is some nice eye candy.

honkeie2 said...

rangerT: I was the booger flicker!

D: yep you know me down with OPP....woh, my brain just farted!

MomT: Jesus Juice was what MJ told the kids they were drinking on one of his many famous sleep/grop overs.
And if you think it is hard to watch try coaching it!
Yes eye candy is always my favorite form of low calorie snacking!

Martini said...

I suspect Hot t-ball moms must be distracting you too much to ever move up to the HEAD coach position!

~Sheila~ said...

Devyn's baseball ended a while back and he didn't even get picked for the all-stars. OF COURSE, the coach's son was on the team but..whateva!
I didn't have any eye candy at Devyn's game. All the coaches looked like your coaches.