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Friday, June 12, 2009

Warning, I feel a rant coming.......

Yes today is Friday and I am going to address something I saw in someone else's blog. Cario Typo mentioned about going to a opera while out in Egypt and seeing some of the actors come out in what is known as 'Blackface'. I am not going to go into the history of this, if you want just click on the link and you can learn all about it. But her post got me thinking about how around the globe it is still used to this day, and it should. People have gotten so hung up on themselves about what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' that so many have gotten lost in the sauce.

No we should not revert back to the olden days of racial bigotry, those are the assholes who got us in this mess. And before someone starts some shit about me being a racist, just stop. I am not in any way shape or form that. I believe in true equality for all, not just some. And believe me I have met many that said the same but only believe in it for their own kind at the expense of other....and that goes for all races, religions, sexual orientations and whatever else people are hung up about.

This is a post about how somethings in this world are what they are.....face value, nothing more. Life isnt fair and at some point in your life you will be the fuckie....not the fucker. If someone offends you the best thing you can do is ignore them, you find something offensive let it go. This isnt the bad old days, people are overly saturated with pc values and FCC regulations. And if for one minute you think I dont know that you have laughed at a joke at someone else's short comings; then you are sadly mistaken. I laugh at retard, redneck, black, jewish, gay, and even dead baby jokes. And so does everyone else. You have no right to complain about the jester's finger pointing at you if you have every laughed at a joke at someone elses expense.

I hate to rant and rave about crap like this but her post got me thinking about how Americans are still hung up about race. To the point it is almost crippling. I am white and people say white people can not relate, but screw that! I have not lead a life of privilege on any level, I did not get any financial aide for school, I cannt get government aide and I dont qualify for housing assistance. So where is my George Bush tax break? I grew up poor and came out of it only because my mom worked a full time job and went to school for nursing. We moved out of the south for better jobs and better pay so by the time I was a teenager we were no longer poor. We weren't rich but we were well off. So dont go there with me on that one, I have gone without and know all about mayo lettuce sandwich's and Kmart cloths.

What also got me thinking about this was this:

My wife bought this at a local market that carries lots of south America products. And numerous product have pictures like this on them. And how could something like this fly under the UCLA's radar? Well because 90% of the people that shop here are not up to speed on what is racist in America and what isnt. Now I am sure they would be well aware of it if it was some cartoon of some little brown man swimming over the Rio Grandee jumping a fence....but it isnt. And yes I found that funny as well. It is a cartoon drawing of someone in black face. Are they trying to be mean, probably not. I hate being heavy on a day that isnt supposed to be heavy but this was on my mind and I had to get it out. If this offends you, let me know I will keep it up. And thanks for smoking.
To be honest I do not mean to offend here, I dont not think anyone has the right to single a person out and belittle them. But on the other hand what one person might find offensive another may not. I find it offensive that I still have to place my hand on a bible when I have to go to court. Even though it is spelled out in black and white that there is a spereation of church and state. But you know what? I swear in like everyone else and got over it. Your magical god of fire and brim stone has no bearing on me, I have my own and he doesnt judge me the way man does.


Ranger Tom said...

Amen brother!

The one thing that really pises me off that we've gone so far in our culture of political correctness that we're so afraid of offending someone that we've lost touch with our humanity.

Danielle said...

Preach it!

Cairo Typ0 said...

Very interesting post. Political correctness is everywhere now often to the detriment of the people and ideals it is supposed to be protecting.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm so sensitive to that shit. I took a speech class and we had to watch the "I had a dream" speech and I just cried and cried.
The funny thing is...I don't feel offended by any of it.
We're all cracking jokes at each other.
Don't start gettin mad now, people.

honkeie2 said...

rangerT: Lost touch...that is an understatement!

D: where is my pulput?

Cairo: Protection has gone beyond what it was ment to do. Create laws to protect you from your self is the governments ways of letting you know how stupid they think we are.

Sheila: the ability to laugh and let it go is a great ability.