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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What do you mean you are all out.....

Well, last night after a heart pounding time at the gym me and the wife unit stop at Target to get some hand sanitizer. One she works at a bank and handles nasty money all day and two the swine flu thingie. I have never been one to use this stuff, and still don't, but it seems to be all the rage these days.
To the point Target was completely sold out! The people that make this shit are making a killing of this paranoia! And yes Americans thrive on paranoia! It is almost like we need something to be scared of to get us to do anything. Even to the point of seeing things at my job I have never this:

and this:

I see these type of things in restaurants all the time....and for good reason. But I work in an office and luckily it is away from everyone else. I only come in contact with people if I want to, or I get bored and want to go for a walk.
They also sent out this email about how to wash your hands. And I swear this shows just how retarded they must think we are. It told us to wash our hands for 20 seconds of for the length of a 'Happy Birthday'......WTF is this mickey mouse bullshit.....a happy birthday! Come on, I can handle counting to 20 thank you very much! But telling retards about how long to do and actually getting them to do it is a whole different story.
If you go potty and either dont wash your hands or just rinse them off with a quick spurt of water, guess what? I notice, and I know who's hand to shake and who's to use Puerile right after. I know my hands are not always the cleanest but I do wash them after putting them near my nether areas!

Ok that is all I got to say about that.....but why oh why would something so tasty cause everyone such a horrible problem. I love pigs.....bacon, ham, pork rinds, pork chops, pickled pigs feet, fat back.......oh why oh why have you done this to us!?!

Now for something completely different:
I love motivational posters and I would like to share a few I just found.

(again if you get this odds are you know me pretty well)

I take a piece of that! Rare please, I dont want any burnt areas, make it pink the middle and juicy all around.

I am all over the place today because of my workout. I have all kinds of energy today, I did 3 sets of reports, blogged, read the paper and took had a movement that Amadeus would have been proud of! Thank you Metamucil! I have been upping my protein in take, got some joint health stuff and been downing water like a frat boy does beer! WOOOOHOOOO I am loving being back at the gym.
Last night we took the kids to the day care thing they have and surprisingly they liked being there. Not one cry or peep out of them. We set them down and they were off! We are going again tonight, and we made sure we put in reservation for the child care. Yes you have to call in advance to tell them you are coming in with kids....weird but it does make sense. And I just noticed I still have on that little bracelet thingie they give you......uh oh time to ingest fuel and hydrate!
Ahhh much better. I add peanut butter to my shakes to bring the protein content up to 36 grams a shake. If you are working out you have to feed that muscle or it will not grow at the rate it should. And yes even if you are looking to lose weight you still have to eat. Nothing will get you on the right trace better than your diet. No amount of crunches or dead lifts will get you where you want to be like proper nutrition.

Ok enough.....I am now off to do another set of reports, push some paper around to make it look like I was working all this time and then go take a nap in the makes a great pillow when piled and folded just right.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I can't wait to feel that good again!

I'm sure the people that never washed their hands aren't just going to start all of a sudden. That's what is so dumb about all that.

Mimi said...

I used to pack lids that ended up at all sorts of different fast food places. There was one nasty hag that did not wash her hands after using the potty, my friends and I tried to get her to do it by dropping hints, when she walked out without washing, we went straight to our supervisor, that shit is gross. I work with 3,4, and 5 yrs olds and they all know to wash their hands after potty time.

~Sheila~ said...

I hear ya on the sanitizer. I've stocked up from work. I have one on me at all times and one in each of our cars.

That "steak" picture cracked me up AND then you had to go on and describe exactly how you wanted it and it set me up for a whole different mental picture...not good.

Thanks. A. Lot.

P.S. Thanks for the health tip.
I guess I'm going to have to start eating....again.

Becky said...

I hate how sticky sanitizer makes my hands after I use it, they never really feel clean with that stuff.

Phat Mama said...

LOL! Not only is your blog hysterical but educational too! Score!

Thanks for visiting mine, leaving comments - I think you're my new friend. :)

Ranger Tom said...

One hasn't lived until he's taken a nap in a restroom stall...

Been there, done that.

Big Daddy said...

Black Anus steakhouse! I love it!!!!

honkeie2 said...

MomT: You cannt fix stupid!

Mimi: The ex-HR director here used to do that too....he got fired for having sex with his employees...I am sooo glad I never shook his hand!

sheila: if I was a nurse i would probably buy stock in it! ANd you are very welcumed, I love painting pictures with my words.

becky: woman with sticky hands can sometimes be found in back alleys....I am just saying...

Mama: I love new FWENDS!

RangerT: ....or seen a glory whole!

BigD: Most men would lol

Ranger Tom said...

Believe me... I'm from Philadelphia... I've seen a glory hole... The last guy wasn't impresses when I was trying to do my business in a local watering hole beckoned me through one, only to see the muzzle of my 45through it looking back at him!

Nothing says "gofuckyerself!" like 230 grains of semi-jacketed hollowpoint!