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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

USS Theodore Roosevelt Tiger Cruise 2009

The wife unit, her brother and sister flew down to FL to attend the Tiger Cruise on the USS Theodore Roosevelt with their brother Doug. It was like bring your family to work day, but lasted 3 days and 2 nights up on the cruiser. America Fuck Yeah!
These are the pictures I got off of the wife's camera, her sister has a SHIT load more than I am willing to go through but these are just a few that will give everyone an idea of what it was like.

Day one was spent in FL waiting for the boat to pull into port. They all under estimated the power of the FL sun and got really funny sun burns. I do not have pictures of it but I will try to sneak a picture of the wife's bib when I can.

This thing is fuck huge! Up close and in person it is almost over whelming, but it sure does make ones pride in the US military swell!

This is the very place the said sun burns where tan should be changed to stupid tourist tan lol.

Here we have the wife unit, Doug and Alan......arent they cutie!

Doug being his usual self, and I swear when I first saw this I thought it was someone else!

From the looks of this he looks like he is getting reamed out for something, but odds are she is playing the game....'Guess what my fingers smell like and where they have been'

White pants on a naval cruiser...who wears white pants on a naval cruiser?!?

Not sure what the name of this is but lets call it the big opening on the side of a ship made of metal that actually floats.

Death from above.....we have no intelligence, I repeat we have no intelligence!

Speak softly and carry a big stick....or have someone follow behind you with a gigantic boom stick that floats!

Like I said before this thing is huge, this picture does not do the actual size justice. 'What size are you sir.......ACTUAL.' and if you get this joke then your name might be Doug!

Hold hands for safety, never know what these crazy semen might do!

It is a Kodak bad Kodak makes shitty cameras!

These semen really know how to have fun. One of the many thing they did while on cruise is sing karaoke. Here we have the wife, the SIL and 3 semen belting their hearts out. It is to note this is not the first time I have seen my wife sandwiched between two dudes and I am not sure if the guy in brown is grabbing the guy in blue junk. I am trying to find out as we type!

I said, 'Back the fuck up this is my flight deck, I am in charge and know what I am talking about!'

A little rest and relaxation in a tight quarters. And yes they are as dirty as they look, water can never was that off!

He is available if anyone is looking for some semen love......

They said it was fun but the odds of them doing it again are slim. The quarters were tight, the beds like coffins and the showers....well the showers where a bit to open for their civilian liking. The wife said she saw lots of free range bush on the boat. It seems the idea of modesty goes out the port-hole after a few weeks of living so close to one another.
I might put some more pictures up here and there after I sort through the SIL 500+ pictures she took. That might take a while but hey I am not going anywhere.

ps....I know that I have been saying SEMEN instead of SEAMEN....really I do know the difference..... 8======D~


Recently I have been going to the gym and loving it. The wife has finally gotten on the band wagon and actually wants to go too. We started up last week and kept it going last night. The first week soreness has worn off somewhat. I did back and bicep last night and hope to keep up the pace to go Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday. I know I will never be super buff but by god that is not going to stop me from trying!

It has been really hot here in NJ for the past few days, and we have yet to go up to the attic to get our air conditioners. So that has meant fans and hot showers. But on Sunday night the little one was having a hell of time with the heat. Crying and whining his little heart out. I went to go check on him around midnight and this is what I saw:

Poor sweaty baby all passed out on the floor. But I love how the spoon is just about under him. I have no idea where he got the spoon but it was his!

More randomness from my world:
Here we have some local Newark art work. I stopped and asked the guy doing this if he was asked to do this. Since I have never seen a graffiti artist in action, they are like urban art ninjas! And he said the owner of the restaurant paid him to do this. Know your customers and get more business I guess.

It isn't done yet, and I hope to stop by when there are no cars, or locals around and get a better shot. Some of the people that frequent this place would scare off even the bravest of white people ha!

And yes I only live blocks from this place and have never been in there, lets just say I saw my first real hooker right around the corner from here and see active drug selling going on as if it was Mary Kay!


The Teenage Years said...

lol that is funny and i kinda got those jokes

you are full of ..........................
randomness lolzz

Sassy Mama said...

Hi Honkeie2, thought I'd come check you out and see your little one with the Mohawk! I love it. I told teenage years to get one but he went blonde instead! funny stuff, & I do believe that guy is grabbing the other one's junk! How do I get front row seats to that show!

~Sheila~ said...

Those are some great pics. I'm with Sassy Mama, One dude is grabbing someone else's bags...all there is to it!

I knew you were writing semen on purpose!!

I like the finger joke, that made me crack up big time.

Can't wait to see the wall finished!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

You need to get that poor baby a fan lol.

Martini said...

Awesome pics and sweet F-18! I would have loved to been there. And sweaty spoon baby? Well that was so funny I nearly choked on my peanut butter cups.