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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time off....

Today is my last day of work until next Wednesday, which means lots of stress in a short amount of time. I swear I have forgotten to remember soo many things in the past few hours I am about to just stop thinking! So I am going to bullshit for a minute on my blog to help clear my head. And to make a little list of the things I need to do before 3pm today:

  1. Put my away message on my computer and phone.

  2. Clean off my desk

  3. Do payroll for this coming Friday, I want to get paid yah know lol

  4. Clean off my desk

  5. Do all the paper work that has been piling up in my in box.......clean desk(ps....done!)

  6. Make sure all shifts are covered....I still need to get coverage for Monday and Tuesday

  7. Clean my desk

  8. and last but not least, turn my computer off!

And if you have not guessed it my desk is rather...messy ha! I am trying to remember what I have to do and I am coming up blank.....I hate the last day before vacation and the last day of vacation, but then again who doesn't :-)

But, to just unwind for a second I want to post a few pictures we took over the Easter Sunday. Its that time we ingest large quantities of chocolate to remember that the Easter bunny died.....oh wait that isn't how the story goes......Once upon a time there was a gardener named.....oh wait that isn't it either.....Jesus H. Christmas walks into a no, damn it to hell I cannot remember how that fable goes.....

And if you cannot take a joke about religion and laugh a little then you are not allowed to laugh at a joke that is aimed at anyone else. And besides: All religions think they are the true religion which actually just means they are all wrong. Mathematically if one of them is a positive then one has to be a negative for the equation to equal out!

And if you are really trying to figure that one out, then I hope you pull something thinking about it!

I hope everyone had a happy weekend regardless of what you did or believe! Here we have Lucas wearing his rubbers....I have no idea why he wanted to wear this but he would not go out without it!

Seth and his find......feed me chocolate daddy and see what happens!

Mommy and Seth---side note---I just found out that the actor, Seth Green, is 34! And yes he was the person I had in mind when we named him. I wanted to name him Ozzy but the wife said HELL NO! So his middle name is Osbourne.....close enough lol!

Up close of Lucas....chocolate and boogers no better way!


~Sheila~ said...

I say..Let the kids wear what they want. I like Seth Green too!

Have a good time away from the office!!

Becky said...

I disagree, the first day back from vacation is actually the worst. Good luck with that.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Vacation whoohoo almost worth cleaning the desk off for!

Martini said...

There's a dude at work who was told by the health & safety committee that his desk was so messy it was declared a workplace hazard and he was forced to clean it up. He had mountains of paperwork that were sliding off the desk onto the floor. Isn't that just awesome?

Angel said...

Seth Green is 34!?!?!?! Sheesh. The guy will be forever 21 in my mind.

My son is Gavin Reece- from Gavin Rossdale and Reece from Malcom in the Middle. Pop culture rocks. lol

Have fun!

Ranger Tom said...

Have fun Dude! I've got the whole summer off, so if you want to get out of The People's Republic Of New Jersey for a while come on down!

Prunella Jones said...

I love that your kids middle name is Ozbourne. My first born shall be named Ozzie Danzig, girl or boy.