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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ong Bak 2

Remember how I said that I bought 2 movies; IP Man and another who's name I could not remember? Well to help me remember it I took a picture of me holding it. And in the awards for best over seas martial arts movie I would totally give it to this one! Ong Bak 2 is probably one of the best martial arts movies I have seen in a while. The camera work is great, the fight scenes are over the top, the story is worked through and the acting is very believable. But.......
The only thing I had against these kinds of movies is that they do not seem to know how to end a movie.....or so I thought.
I am not going to give away the movie, but lets just say almost all the movies I have seen of this nature always end on a very strange note. And some don't really end at all! The Kung Fu Hustle just sort of ended with no closure, Flying Tiger Hidden Snatch same thing and now this one. At first I thought:
Why do they end movies like this, why was there no closure?
And then, as I was washing myself down below in the shower with a bar of Irish Spring soap for about 5 minutes, it hit me!
They are giving it a realistic ending!
Unlike every fucking movie we have ever seen in the USA! Think about every movie you have ever seen in the US:
The guy gets/saves the girl, the under dogs make the last minute goal to win the game, the bad guys loose and all the main characters live happily ever after.
I mean how real is that? In real life the bad guys do win sometimes, the hero does not get back up after taking the 100th punch to the face, it was the green wire not the blue wire or there is no closure. Chinese and Japanese movie makers have got it right:
Leave the movie a little open ended to make us think a little and even write our own ending in our heads.
The only movie that comes to mind that really threw me for a loop was 'When Mars Attacks'. Yes it was reallllllly stupid but almost all of the main characters die and the ending was so far off it was laughable. Yes we beat the aliens but come on, Americans alway win when it come to aliens!
I have a new appreciation for how our Chinese counterparts in the movie world, end their movies. And hell I root for the bad guy many times.....probably why I loved 'American Psycho' so much ha! Now there is a fucked up movie that still has me thinking to this day....I find myself pondering this movie on a regular basis, I really need to get that book!

Does anyone else know of a movie that really ended in a way that they personally did not see coming?


Angel said...

I've been reading you forever, but rarely comment. So hi, hello, and all that jazz. :P
Anyway, Moulin Rogue wasn't the fairy tale ending and neither was Brokeback Mountain.

If you haven't seen them, one has an absintine scene (told you I read your blog!) and the other has a lusty sex scene..I might be failing to mention a few key details, but ya know... lol

Becky said...

I loved Mars Attacks! My favorite part was when Sarah Jessica Parker's head was on a chihuahua. I always root for the bad guy too, American Psycho was awesome!

The only martial arts movie I ever really got into was "the legend of drunken master."

honkeie2 said...

Angel: come back soon, i love comments like crack heads love peanut butter!

becky: we sooo need to hang if you ever come out to NJ!