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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I going to Korn!

I get email updates from the Starland Ballroom every week about up coming shows and this weeks had me calling up the wife unit! May 19, 2009 Korn is doing a gig there, for sale only on line and today was the pre-sale buy only on line. Sooooo not wanting to be the guy in the parking lot looking for tickets the night of the show, I paid the little bit extra and got them....NOW! And if you remember it is the same place I went to, to see Mindless Self Indulgence a few months back. It is a small venue that allows the everyday concert goer to get a up close look at their idols. Here we have the very tickets I will be using to gain access to the place of wonder:

And yes they have been expertly altered to prevent assholes from trying to hitch a free ride on my dime! It has been a while since I have seen Korn live but they almost always put on a good show. And if you have been under a dead goose for the past....oh...11 years here is a link to one of there best vidoes~~~~~~~> KORN

Oh.....and speaking of dead geese....while I was doing my rounds at work I came across something that made me laugh, vomit, and laugh some more.....warning these next pictures are a bit graphic!

I had to work late on Tuesday so that meant I was on patrol, no biggie its about 8 hours of walking about so it was major cadio day for me. Now, while I was heading to one of the building I see a lane used to enter the parking lot coned off....sort of. I pull up to see this:

Not really sure what to make of it I get out, with my camera! Dead goose, I personally hate these things with a passion so it was no real lose on my part. Hell I would gladly go around blasting this things until I MADE become migratory again! Fly to Florida for the winter and fly to Canada for the arent called Guido Jersey Geese, you are Canadian Geese! They are shit machines that make a royal mess everywhere they go. Hell a guy made a killing charging people to have his dog chase them off their cool is that!?! Now, as I look down at this nasty bird of deification I notice something strange about the way it looked a little deflated.

And here is why:

Can anyone tell me which organs got squeezed out like a ketsup pack and are now baking on the street? I think that might be a liver....stomach or maybe even its heart?!?! Which ever the case maybe I was fascinated by this! I mean it shit out its guts! WTF hit this thing?!?! As I ponder this I was reminded I had not eaten lunch yet so I took a drive to get me some Chinese food:

Yep that about sums it up for me!

Man doesnt that look familiar....didnt I just see something just like this....oh well, dig in!

Now after my guilt loaded meal I did the rest of my tours all on foot. I am not sure if I did enough to burn off that roasted mystery meat but my feet where killing me by the time I got home at around 2330 hrs!
And along the lines of exercise I am a huge exercise equipment guy, I will buy/try just about anything I see on tv. The Ab Lounge, great seat not so great machine for abs; The Ab Belt, great for shocking the shit out of your drunken friends, but not so good for the abs; The Ab Roller, great for throwing your back out, not so good for the abs, The Workout Stretchy Belt thingies, great over all just watch out when they get worn and finally snap-you thought a rubber band on the wrist hurt.......yeah ok! Then there was the Totally Body gym, freaking awesome only real draw back is that it is heavy and really should come with a hand truck. And now I give you The Iron Gym:

It was super simple to assemble and even easier to take apart.....once I found it does not fit in ANY of the door frames of my apartment. I mean not one, the one I was almost able to use did not seem sturdy enough to hold my whooping 215 lbs! I really want a place to do pulls in my house but I guess I will be forced to go out and deal with the public at the park. I will be returning vit ery soon, I can not really say that I was disappointed in the product, I just think the makers should have foreseen this problem and made one to fit doors with HUGE fucking molding from back in the days when people used their feet to power their cars.

I was also going to go into a rant about The New World Order of Obama but I would like to direct you to RangerTom for that. Please if you value your freedoms as an American you will click on the wise words, below, from a wise man than have been ignored for far toooo long. Bush was bad, but things can always get worse:

I think he did it just and the Give Act need to be GIVEN back to Obama-a-Bum Rectum-Rooter style!
Sorry for the jumpiness of this post, I kept getting interrupted and was at a lost where I left off by the time I got back. So is the life of the 'Work Blogger'


Becky said...

Korn is awesome! I swear yall are the most happening couple around. You go to concerts, bars, and all kinds of parties. Chris and I are homebodies. We go out occasionally, but its usually just to go shoot pool or something of that nature.

Your post is all over the place, hazards of multitasking.

~Sheila~ said...

I'm not a HUGE fan of Korn but I do like some of their stuff.
Have a good time at the concert.
I don't usually go out and I've never been to a concert before.

I was totally driving to one of my patient's house and I saw a poor dead squirrel laid out in the middle of the road. It looked like it was sleeping because it wasn't smushed yet.
Then a few feet further...I see a poor dead dog in the road but it was a goner cause it's skull was completely smashed.
(I was thinking about taking a pic of it but I thought it would be too crude and then I'd get that damn warning about the content of my blog crap)
You beat me to it!!!!

Ranger Tom said...

Thanks for the plug, buddy!

And the funny thing about that home workout thingie... I damn near got one tonight at Wally World... But somthing told me not to...

I'll just get a new curl bar and leave it at that.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

The goose is totally disgusting! GROSS!!

Don't listen to Korn.

I was thinking I doubt our molding could hold us up lol.