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Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh yeah, its Monday....

And I get to sit down for a minute! It seems the weekends are more hectic than the week days. Friday was the only real night I got to just sit back, drink and do nothing! I did buy some kick ass DVD's at the mall. I have seen this stand in the mall forever and finally decided to buy something. They were selling those rare, hard to find, wacky martial arts movies from over seas. You know those ones with really bad dialog, or voice overs, but the best damn fight scenes ever! I got two, The IP Man and .....the other one I cannt remember the name of it....but I have yet to even watch that one!

Well Friday night we had to run to the mall to get our son his tee ball uniform for the Saturday morning parade. And of course they did not have everything we needed. So we got what we could and got out, but on the way out I was hypnotized by the movie that was running at this guys stand. I have seen the clips before and I had to have it! He also showed me another movie and said it was just as good. I watched The IP Man while I drank my Rockstar and Vodka and had a blast! I loved it, the dialog was a little weird but the action was on point. I mean I would swear the extras were taking a real beating!

(This isnt my picture and lay no claim or copy write to it so please dont sue)

If you are a fan of martial art movies.....go see this one!

Now after all that drinking I had to get up nice and early to get everyone ready for the Teeball parade. Which was nothing more than a really long walk in the freezing wind to get our schedules and hear a whole lot of ass kissing at the podium. I would have sworn each speaker had more shit on their nose than the last! Now, i am an assistant coach and love all that everyone has done for the kids but in all honesty I personally dont care. It was cold and there was no coffee! Hell if someone had asked for someone to supply it I would have volunteered it! If we are still in Elizabeth and my son is still playing I think I will do just that!

As you can see we are the Mets, I am not a sports fan in any sense of the word so I could have cared less, but personally I would have preferred to have come up with our own names. Like 'The all over the field and spaz out while at bat all the while picking my nose' I am just calling it like I see it. Trying to teach teeball is actually a lot of fun, and the kids have a good time.

Here we can see how the parade went for about....6 blocks or so.

This is my team, Albert the head coach, his daughter Jennifer the assistant coach, along with me (not pictured for obvious reasons).

Here is the mayor of Elizabeth, NJ. I know nothing about his politics but from the sound of all the brown nosers his is the very reason we have a field to play on. So I guess it was not all bad, hell maybe if one of the moms could 'takes one for the team' we might get an indoor gym for rainy day practices......couldnt hurt to try.....

On the way back I had my oldest pose with a very cool car we saw. The Lotus is an very very cool car, is small! I mean come son is shorter than me and he dwarfs it! I am not saying I would not take it for a spin; But: If I ever run into money I might get something a little bigger than the actual model the people at Matchbook use to create the toy version.

Sunday: Teeball practise was set for 1600hrs that day so we had to get the kids hair cuts to show the coming of the warmer days. So it was mohawk day in the house! I think Lucas's came out a lot better this year. His hair is a little thicker so it will stand up better than last summers.

And as usual Seth has the thickest one! We plan on keeping this hair style on them all summer, lets see if it will get as big as last summer.

This was summer 2008's mohawk:

Have a wonderful Monday....I am offically signing off my computer to get some real work done now!


Ranger Tom said...

What no coffee!!! What kind of organization is that? Run by Al Qieda no doubt!

~Sheila~ said...

You should have just brought your own coffee even if it was initially for selfish reasons.

The kid's mohawks look pretty cool. I have a post around here somewhere where Devyn has a mohawk.

Get to work!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I so don't miss opening day for rec ball. Same bag of bullshit that no one cares about! Loved the year it rained so they had to cancel it.

Anonymous said...

DOUG>>>> Fathers hide your daughters! because its time to button down the hatches and finnaly head for home. anchors aweigh and over the seas, lets go men.. we are shoving right off for home.

digging the mohawk, but i think it looks better once a little of the hair starts to grow in, ike the summer 08 pic of seth. see you shortly bro!

Becky said...

You should have posed next to the Lotus like it was yours. I'm surprised you didn't actually. Sounds like some cheesy thing that you'd think of, lol.

Big Daddy said...

I agree with Ranger... No coffee!!!!

honkeie2 said...

Tom: cheap ass bastards....I know!

Sheila: I usually do but that day I was on my own and running!

MomT: it is such a waist of time!

Doug: So, whoes daughter is getting violated first? and there had better be pictures of it lol

becky: you are so right, next time I will!

BigD: I know is coffee really that$$$ these days?