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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy HNT

It has been a while since I have done a proper HNT post so this morning I took a few pics to share with the world. The first one came to me while standing in the shower. I was looking down and wondering what I should take a picture that would make a 'long' lasting impression. It was 'hard' to decide on what I was going to put 'up' on the blog. But after scratching my 'head' for a few seconds I 'came' up with what I was going to 'stick in' my blog. It is something I find fascinating, and love seeing on a woman..........(hahahahaha I bet you were thinking of something else, I love ppl with filthy minds)
It is a great place of exploration and fun, everyday I come home I find a present in it. I wonder if I kept every little lint ball would I be able to make a quilt?
If you have not figured out what it is a hint-My bellybutton. I even like saying it....bellybutton. Say it a few times, and keep repeating....bellybutton, it just rolls off your tongue in a funny manner. lol.....and yes I find it sexy when women show a little bellybutton. Unless she is too skinny then it looks more like an air valve than a button. My wife thinks I am weird but whenever is see a plump woman with her bellybutton poking out I will say 'Dats hot'. Which will follow with a slap to the back of the head and a 'WTF is wrong with u...thats nasty!' But I likem a little round...what can I say?
This is mine:

The second HNT pic is just me holding something the motherinlaw gave me. She knows I am nut when it comes to knives. I like them, another weird thing about me. I dont like the decorative kind, I like the ones that look like they could really hold up in a fight or have/had a purpose-other than collecting dust in a display. I have a few knives that are just to look at but I dont treasure them as much.
This blade has the look of a real hand made workmanship.....

In the handle it has a Uruguayan coin dating back to 1981. Did I mention she bought it in Uruguay??? As I look back, I didn't haha.

It has a name stamped on the blade itself, I can't for the life of me remember the name(nor can I read it on the pic here lol) But it is a famous German steel company, I am not sure if they are saying that is the type of steel they used or that it was made there. I am more inclined to believe the steel came from Germany. Like I said it was hand made.

Now onto my celebrity HNT, while I was at the wax museum I took several pics that will be used for HNT post. Here is the one of my favorite celebrity skank. Even though she has been fouled by one of the nastiest and least talented humans in Hollywood I would still hit that!
Its Britnay......on the pole! I took all of my being to to tea bag this dummy!

But if you are looking for something that has more of a pulse here a little peak a boo of the coveted jewel of the Nile. (I took this pic from someone else's post, I forget whose....if its yours let me know where credit is due)

Man oh man!!!!!! I would love to hear what her parents think about her. Because you know they are the reason she is so fuck up. If they had left her alone she probably would have ended up with that Timerlake guy and been much happier. Let this be a lesson to everyone, love and protect your children.....but dont try to run their lives as 'you' see fit. Especially if its their money that keeps you in your manson with the 20 foot high walls.

Have a great day ppl and remember to play along with HNT, I want to see more women bearing tit all......well maybe just a peek would be nice :-D


Anonymous said...

I am sending over a razor, right now! lol

Poor Britney...that's all I have to say about that.


prunella jones said...

Nice knife. I believe the steel company you are thinking of is called Ginsu? My mom has a set, they can cut through an aluminum can you know.

Of course I could be mistaken.

morbid misanthrope said...

That knife is sweet. I had a neighbor with a similar knife with the same words on the blade: Franz Wenk Solingen. He said someone owed him money and gave him the knife instead.

I'm a knife nut as well. Well, weapons nut, really. I recently got a big machete. Even dulled from whatever war in which it was used, that sumbitch is dangerously functional. None of the people on my block have hedges or standing plantlife anymore.

~QZ~ said...

the bellybutton fuzz is simply titillating. i'd have to create an entire new profile and go undercover in order to do any hnt stuff....not sure if i am up for that. getting old and tired.

honkeie2 said...

cinderella: I shave during the summer :-P....

jones: Ginsu is a brand what I was talking about is a type of metal used to make them.....but who care a knife is a knife. Only I could get anal about a topic like that :D

Morbid: we need to hand out, and compair knives. I used this crappy sword my ex wife bought me once to cut down a bunch of sunflowers my mom grew. Crappy or not it took them all out in one shot lol.

qz: Yes do it! Hell I would pay to see it :-D