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Monday, August 22, 2005

Saturday at Fridays...

On the way to one of our favorite eateries we noticed the Hooters in Springfield(rt22) was having a fire problem. There were 2 fire trucks and all the Hooter's guest and Girls were outside wandering about. I am curious to what happened but to hungry to go over and ask.

On we went to TGIF with the mother in law and the baby. No real reason, just for shits and giggles. It was not too crowded as of yet but it was still early. I hate going to resturants when its dead, because the food comes out too damn slow. And that is when you probably will end up with a trainee without a clue on how to place your order. I also hate going when its too busy. Then you will probably get the food cooked wrong and with a bit of luck you could get the angry waitress who has been there all day and she is about to kill someone.

Here we are right before I went into a food comma. I had not eaten anything that day and by the time I left all plates were cleaned of food. We had about a 10 minute wait nothing to bitch about....except this....The kid at the table nest to us decided to vomit all over the table as he was leaving. Yummy, looks about the same digested too! Thank god for iron clad stomaches!

The baby is a true fan to the sippy cups they give out. May outfits have been saved by these locked and sealed tops. God I love the man who invented plastic! And also have to give props to the man who came up with the non-toxic cryaon. Man, it was hard when all kiddie toys were toxic back in the day.

This burger looks sooo nasty but they have got to have some of the best burgers around. I love any and all meats with the TGIF's Jack Daniells sauce! Looking at this pic now I am salavating like dog! Sorry...another day with little food at work lol.

Now as I said before, I cleaned all the plates. I had the chips and dips, which I LOVE the chesse dip that comes with two other dips. Next time I am going to as for all three to be cheese. For the main entree I had the 2 enchillads and chicken, which is one of my favorites. The mother in law had a beer on tap but I stayed beer free. Mainly because for the price of 2 beers here I can get 12 at my local happy store. What can I say, I am a cheap drunk!

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