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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

People who can work with their hands....

Today at work I was informed by one of my many minions that there was a screw in the front tire of the company truck. Upon my inspection I concluded that yes, it was a screw and it was in the tire. From past experiences I knew not to remove the object. I called around to see who would not rape me sideways while running to plug it. The Good-year wanted freakin 30$ and the local Exxon garage only wanted 10$. Hmmmmm, guess where I went.
If you guessed Good-year not only are you stoopid you deserved to be tea bagged by an unwashed gorilla. I went to the local garage and got the better deal.
Now, I love watching people work with their hands because I am such a spaz when it comes to stuff like this. Bob Veal-la fascinates me with his ability to walk about home improvement projects without actually doing anything and he is the star. Hell I could do that lol. Back to Exxon, I pulled up and the garage man told me to park it and turn the wheel as far to the left as possible and get out. Then he proceeded to pull out the screw, a long hissing noise of escaping air followed. He stuck a tool into the hole that probably has some cool gearhead name but being a car retard like me I'll call it a thing-a-ma-bobber. He did this several times, it looked like he was trying to make the hole bigger! And guess what, he was. He then pulled out another tool, this one kinda looked like a push dagger with a huge sewing needle as the blade. He threaded a rubber something-or-rather through it, put some glue looking stuff on it. He then proceeded to pull out that unknown tool from the hole and shoved his giant man needle into the hissing whole. He then pulled out his greasy tool leaving the rubber what-cha-ma-call it protruding from the whole. The run away air hole was plugged and all that was left to do was cut the excess from the rubber thingy that was now jutting out of the tire.
10$ and ten minutes later I was a pulged man with a worry. Now why in the hell did Good-year wanted soo much I have no idea. I am thinking of buying a tire plug kit for myself. That plus a can of Fix-A-Flat just in case I muff it up. The odds are the can of Fix-A-Flat will be empty before I am a tire plugging expert.

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honkeie2 said...

By the way the giant man needle is called a "reamer tool"...tooo funny!