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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rant one....

I like to ramble about much of nothing most of the time. It keeps me entertained as I mull about at work. Pondering anything, everything and half the time much of nothing. Today's thoughts have landed on writing and how one could turn it into a career and money. I am not looking to becoming a staving artist who cares about keeping real journalism alive or change the world through my words. Fuck that, if I can make money writing bullshit about celebrities I would do it. The idea of truth in journalism has been dead and it was burned and buried when Bush took office. Made up propaganda to scar you into allowing all your freedoms to be taken. "Yes, I think letting the president do whatever he thinks is the right way to protect me is ok." Anyone who thinks this, will change their tune when the powers that be turn their ever watchful eye on to you. Everyone is a multiple felon that has yet to be caught. Ever run a red light, buy a faux pocket book, know someone who has fake documents to stay in the USA, drive without insurance(in NJ) or known a drug dealer/user and turn them in? These are some of the small things that could cause you much grief if the great eye in the sky ever knew about you.
So yes please put cameras everywhere so you can send my tax paying ass to jail on infractions on the law and keep those who need a bullet to the head running free. They are not here to protect us, just to watch the video after the fact and write up reports on your sorry ass. How often is a crime stopped before it happens? Protect yourself and stop waiting to be saved. Even God Himself will not help those who don't at least try to help themselves.
I am just tired of reading the news about the government and their pathetic attempts at our safety. Its like giving aspirin to cancer patients, it is too little too late. We are in this war for the long hall and the terrorist can strike us anywhere at anytime with anything. The press releases form the whitehouse gave us a list of all the possible ways they can attack and with what. This way if they do all the whitehouse has to say is, " Look we told you so." Well thanks, don't close the borders and tighten REAL security but let us have press conferences and point fingers. And let us not forget to cateer these events with champage and lobsters.
Its is soo frustrating not being able to do anything but write pointless emails to senators that could careless. All they want to hear is when it is time to vote themselves a raise and cry the price of living as a reason. That is another can of monkey shit I don't care to go into.
But what can one true blooded American do to change the snow balling events that are only getting worse? Cannot vote him out, he is on his last term. He has been on vacation the first 4 why not just stay the same course? Maybe I could just turn off the TV and not read the paper for a few years. Then maybe just maybe when I come out of my cave it will all be better, like back in the days when the government lied to us and we believed it all."9 out of 10 doctors prefer Camel smokes over any other brand!" Smoke to your health :-D

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