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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Been getting Busy.....

Well, been busy too but for the sake of some relatives that come here from time to time I wont get into that part of my week! But I do have to go back in time for a second and do a little recap of what has happened since T-day and Black Friday.

Slow day, even got to go a little road trip to a satellite office. And while on the road I spotted the coolest drag racer:

Instead of having the big slicks in the front it had them in the back. I have heard of the front wheel drive drag racers but this was the first time I had seen on up close. So I had to bust out the camera phone while going almost 80 and driving with my knees. I am a Professional Idiot, please do not try that yourself.

I had to work but that was cool; I was alone to sleep at my desk and fight with my printer. I had the end of the month reports to do and of course when there is no one to ask; I had technical problems! But work was simple and no problems.
While I was working the wife unit finished up the side dishes that she had cooked to take to her moms. She made these awesome stuff peppers and this bacon and green bean thing that I love. You see this year we were smart about our feasting and had Boston Market cook for us. All we had to do was heat and serve, well except the turkey that had to be cooked a little. The mother in law did make a roast beef and a few other things, in all we ate too much, drank to much and vowed off food for at least 2 days. The sangria was flowing and the food was almost endless. I had to work the next day so I did not over do it with the drinking, which I had no plan on really getting hammered anyway-Way Too Much Food!

After I almost feel into a food coma my neighbor asked if I was up for some adventure. And in the words of Flapp Jack- ADVENTURE! And if you have no idea who Flapp Jack is, well that just means I am that much cooler than you; now go youtube him and find out for yourself!
He asked me if I was up for getting out of bed and heading over to Walmart at 0300hrs! I was cool with that, so we went home, I took a nap and got up at 0230 and went out.
We were out in line for 2 hours waiting for Walmart to open, Rt 22 in Union NJ. The crowd was not on their best behavior to say the least and the momment the doors were unlocked, the screaming and yelling began. People were in a feeding frenzy to get to those flat screen tvs and basement bargain deals.
I wasnt really there to get anything, I was there...for... THE ADVENTURE! I got my ankles bruised by crazed women, witnessed a bitch fight between two women that were arguing over being bumped.....I had this crazed lady just about walk right through me to get into an isle, but size was on my side and she ended up being the one pushed out of the way. To me this was all amusing and never once lost my cool. Even after the 6th or 7th cart smashed into my ankle! It was madness in any direction, I could not began to understand how those news broadcasters could claim that shoppers were not buying as much. From the cluster fuck that I came out of; everyone was there to buy and almost everyone walked out with more than thier fare share of Xmass on Credit! Who needs cash when you got plastic!?!


Went to work following my ordeal at Walmart and was greeted with this-

Some asshole kids thought it would be fun to rip up a bunch of little trees that were planted in the back of one of our buildings. This was not the first time they did it but this was the worst, 6 uprooted plants. At first we thought someone was trying to steal them because apparently these things are $$$$$$$ but after a closer look it was obvious there was nothing missing. I can see spray painting the side of the building, breaking a few windows, or even stealing a few signs but why harass the damn shrubs??? Well, at least they are outside doing something and not inside play WorldofHomoCraft.

It really has not been all that cold here in the land of Jersey so this is about the most I have had to cover up as of late.

Jagger Bombs!

The weekend went pretty quietly, ate left overs and cleaned. But by Saturday night I was sick of left overs and wanted pizza. So we went to Big Apple Pizza, they have the famous 24' pie. I should have taken a picture of the this beast but I did not even think about it until it was all gone. Now when I say beast, I mean it takes 2 people to get it through the door some times big! I also got a Gyro, I love Gyros! Lamb; no beef or chicken I want mine with that cutie little bleating animal in mine! Animals, just cutie meat sticks one step away from yummies in my tummies. I feel the same way about house pets too, so if you think its funny to have your little shit machine of a dog crap on my yard dont be surprised if you see me roasting fido on a spicket this summer! Hmmmm taste of chicken with a hint of Alpo!

Other things of note-
  • We had a repo guy at our job the other day looking for someone that was fired 2 years ago, she did not live at her last known place of residency and no one knows where she is. Hmmmm maybe she drove it Mexico, she was from there after all....well at least I think she was.
  • The gold fish are still alive and growing. I swear these have to be the toughest fish I have ever seen.
  • 4 more days until I go and see Mindless Self Indulgence.
  • My wife found what porn site her little brother likes to beat off to....if you are interested are interested check out moc.nropuoy. I spelled it backwards so no one will goggle the site and get linked back here. I have enough people finding there way here from 'midget porn' searches and 'dirty Sanchez' or the best yet 'chick w/dix' I never know what I will find when I look into my web tracker these days!
  • The wife and I are strongly thinking of getting each others names tattooed on our ring fingers. I know it sounds crazy but no matter what happens in life this will be the woman that will forever be on the highest pedestal in my life.
  • And lastly, the plant my wife brought home about a month ago is still alive and growing! If you knew me at all you will note that I will kill anything plant wise.

I am now off to look up a new interest of mine. Its called hardstyle, go to youtube and look up 'Moonboy hardstyle original' and you will see what I mean. I know it is not 'new' but its new to me!
Peace out, word to your mother, whiter than mayo beeeeeeeooootcch!


SaVanna said...

So, after read ending someone you decided to drive with your knees and take pix? Sweet...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I love me some sangria!

Worldofhomocraft? I'm slightly offended...and slightly thinking you're SOOOO right!

Awwww! I love the tattoo hubbster would NEVER go for that...then again, my newfound fear of needles (see the bruises) might not let me get another tattoo...I was young and fearless...

honkeie2 said...

Savanna: I am an expert knee-driver! and dont get me wrong i love online games but majority of people I know on WoW are rather limp wristed and fraile. If they ever had to run into a battle with a sword they would probably fall and hit themselves.
I am not getting younger but I still remain fearless......

SaVanna said...

I'm a terrible knee driver! I run into things when using my hands...much less my thanks!

WoW is takes a special breed of person to play. And i'm just as special as they come!

I would probably fall on the sword too. BUT, not in a OMG let me be all samurai code on myself...but I'd be running with the full intent of stabbing the bastard, and would trip over the gigantic rock that i couldn't see because I was running and my big feet and would fall ONTO the sword. Soooo not the same thing...


SaVanna said...

Holy cow....I'm actually online at the same time as someone....explain THAT one?

Japan throws me off...

SaVanna said...

it's 10PM now. Do you have gtalk or any type of messenger? This back and forth blog thing is giving me whiplash! :)

SaVanna said...

Bummer....I have a smart office too...I work for the government...they always limit my fun!

Email me!

And yes...whiplash...or bobbing head syndrome...WOW...that sounded bad...

Finding my way said...

LMAO worldofhomocraft.

So true

Samantha said...

I'm actually a fan of that porn site, found it about a year or so ago, lovely.

LMAO at WorldofHomocraft

Finding my way said...

exactly, I couldn't agree more.

Worldofhomocraft is stupid anyway

~Sheila~ said...

How funny.

Of course, it's not funny about the shrubs. Set up a camera and catch the little fuckers.

I keep telling Angel that he should get my name tattooed on his ring finger because he ALWAYS loses his rings. (yes, notice I said RINGS). But then he always brings me back to reality by mentioning that he has my name tattooed on his arm already in BLUE. So then I go on to mention that he needs to get it retouched cause it's fading a little.

Hammy said...

I recommend the Canon IXUS 60 or later model. It allows you to take photos using one hand only and that allows you to at least drive a little better at 80mph with less chance of an accident. Can't be too safe you know Honkeie.