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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


These past few moths I have been such a shit when it has come to eating right and exercising. But this past month I have gone way past anything I have ever done, I am on the road to becoming a fatty! Last night I took out our last apple pie, a big one we got from BlowJobs....oh I mean BJ's. The wife had one peice, the kids had a few bites but I ate the rest of the damn thing! I feel like such a shit today, and it wasnt like I sat down with a fork and went to town on it. No, I just picked on it as I did my Mr. Mom thing as the wife was at school.

(side note, she just finished all of her paper work and it is offical she will be graduating this...March, May?)

As I cleaned, did dishes and such I would walk by this lovely pie of death and take a nibble. Little here, little there and before I knew it I was bloated and unhappy. I have gained about 15 lbs since the summer and I feel like crap. I want to workout but my dirve is just about gone. I was doing the bike thing in the morning but that did not last. I am trying to formulate a plan, step one was to get ride of all the bad food in the house. CHECK, I ate it all. Step two; exercise more, I will have to get back to you on that one......

One of my escapes used to be working out but now it seems that Call of Duty4 has taken that over. So, with that I have to set aside my addiction before it gives me a bad case of 'Dickie-Do' That is a serious disorder that affects men only, it is where your gut becomes so large that it sticks out farther than your 'Dickie Do'.

And with that addiciton I can say I do understand those that are trapped by WoW, and I am here to offer some help with people that know someone or are dealing with the effects of WoW addictions. Here is a little commercial I found that might help.....WorldofHomoCraft.......I might even help me with my CoD4 addicitons.
I know I might sound a bit rude when I talk about WoW and its because of several things, one: I have known a few people to get sucked into its dirty clutches and two: I have watched someone play it and I have never wanted to leave a room so fast in my life. Not even a room full of beer filled frat boys eating white castle's could make me run that fast.
Normally when I am watching someone play a game I am anxious to play too. But after sitting behind a guy playing WoW for about 2 hours asking questions I had no desire to go anywhere near it. It was slow, meticulous, the fighting was childish and the game play was so overly drawn out. I swear if real life was like this we would grow old and die trying to get to work. We would stop ever 20 steps to find some creature that I cannt even pronounce, carry a trunk full of our weapons in the inventory and for the rest of the time standing in the same spot waiting for our friends to get back online. Because they had to talk to their mom, take a piss, eat dinner, do homework or whatever else might be going on at the time.
One guy I know was a real party monster that became a WoW whore. He now has about 40 cats, took out all of his pericings and only comes out of his house if we drag him out. This is a guy that used to drop E while working at Target just for fun! I am affarid someone might find him face down on his keyboard one day with his cats eating him.
Now I am not saying all that play WoW are like this, the guy I going to this concert with this weekend likes WoW and he is still cool. But he is a rare find in that Carpal Tunnel sydrome plauged world. I do not want the internet to ever crash it has to be one of the best toys known to man but sometimes I do day dream about the day it does. We would have to start reading books again, actually doing work at our jobs, going out to meet our friends, build leg muscles and even bring back up the stock in bicycles!
This one kid that lives next to the inlaws almost never goes outside, and he has the pale skin to prove it. This generation will have the lowest cases of skin cancer since the 1920's when people were always dressed up to their eyeballs in clothing! I love the outdoors and would have gone insane if I could not have gone out, back when I was a kid. I vividly remember getting on my bike when the sun came up and not getting off of it for more the a few momments of time until the sun went down. My friends thought I was some kind of reverse vampire, I always had to be home before the sun set, my parents were weird. And I had video games then too, I played them until I had blisters on my fingers but I still went out.
All I am saying is that it is ok to play games but I think it is time we all took stock on how much time we spend on them. Hell, we regulate our son's game time and I think it is time I regulate my own. It is getting too much, and I dont want to be a fat weak gamer freak that cannt fend off a real nazi zombie attack with my uranium powered chain saw. I want some real life fun again, the playstation is now on time out.
Oh, and about blogging....I do that at work so it seems and sounds like I am busy typing up, god-knows-what but it sure looks important to those who dont know what blogging is all about.


~Sheila~ said...

I'm right there with you on the whole getting fatter part. (I guess that is where my boob post came from).
I am going to start walking on the treadclimber again. Of course I have a million excuses lined up to postpone it until next week so lets just cut to the chase and say I am starting next week Monday. I will walk for one hour on the treadclimber EVERYNIGHT for the next 5 days. Then I take a break on the weekends and then another 5 days.

I just brought the XBOX out a few weeks ago cause it was put away for a year.

SaVanna said...

I have lots to say...however, I have to go to work....anxiously await my rant...


Finding my way said...

I could not agree with you more on the WoHC.

I think the South Park episode at it sums up my feelings.

Samantha said...

I hear the new expansion pack for WoW will come with a catheter :D

Martini said...

No More PIE??? If there's anything I love more than ice cream, it's pie. And now, all I want is pie. Frig. It's almost midnight.