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Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Round Up....

Ahhhh it is finally Monday so now I can get some rest. I have taken about 3 naps today at my desk, I am so happy I work by myself sometimes. But even though I am tired and sore it was well worth it all!

We had a birthday party to go to at the same roller skating rink we went to last time. Roller Rink Take One. The kids had a ball, just this time I did not put on skates. I wanted to but our little monster was acting up more than usual. And then we got skates on the little monster and he was off. I was suprised at how well he did on them!

He did need a little help but for the most part he was on his own.

Later that night was the MSI (Mindless Self Indulgnence) concert @ the Starland Ballroom. We left a little late and missed the opening act TubRing, no biggie. We did get to see Leathermouth play, I have never heard of them but they did a pretty good set. The sound at the Starland is amazing. Most places like this have the shittest sound, loud and louder. But some how here they were able to keep it loud but still keep the quality clear.

I had the plan to drink a few on the way but being that we were running late I just left it alone. I do regret that decision first two drinks were redbull and vodka, guess how much they were?!?!

$10 each!!!!!!!!! I almost sent them back....almost. So from then on out it was Bud Light, which was still a bit much but at $5 a glass sure beat 10!!!!!!! That killed my buzz a little but I kind of knew that was going to happen so it wasnt to bad. The second down side was that I left my camera in the car thinking that they would not allow them in, and upon entering I saw tons of people with cameras. I was bummed about that but then I thought about the idea of it getting smashed in what was to be the 'Punk Press for the Front'

You see there were no seats, only an open floor from the back of the room to the stage. And if anyone has ever been to a concert like that you will know the joy of having the shit pressed out of you by some dude behind you and some dude in front of you. But with a little bit of luck you might get a chick or two, to squish you instead.

As the second act came on we went to the 'Parents Play Pen' aka, the bar. To drink you had to show ID and they gave you a green braclet. This braclet got you into the drinking area, which to my mirth was full of old people. I knew that MSI has a large fan base but I never imagined they would have been this old. But after hanging around there while getting my drink on; I started to notice that they were not even looking at the stage. They seemed to be looking over the crowd all the time. Then it hit me! I am surrounded by moms and dads that brought their kids to the show. And from the looks of them jr. will be driving home with his learners permit.

After Leathermouth did there thing and the set up for MSI started I dove head first into the Sea of Sweat and Human Flesh.

Please for the love of all that is not stinky, if you are going to a concert put on deodorant; two layers thick!

I am 6'1 and as most of you know now, I weigh in at 221 lbs. And as much as I dislike the idea of weighing that much it sure comes in handy when parting the sea of young punks and posers alike. And the fact my beer muscles were in full tilt, no one was safe. The funniest part was the moment I stepped onto the floor I knew where I was going and I had my 18 hole miliarty shit kickers on to get me there. And as I made my way through I over heard some guys say, 'How the hell are we going to get through this? Oh wait never mind follow that guy!' Meaning me, I am not sure where they ended up but I got one body away from the stage.

The moment they stepped out on the stage until the lights came on, it wasnt about dancing or moshing, it was about survival! I was hoping to a black eye but all I got was a foot to the back of the head, numerous elbow shots to the ribs and some skinny blonde chick landing right on my head. Being this close to the stage one must be a little resonsible for those who are smaller and weaker than oneself. There were numerous times when we had to lift people out that could no longer hack it. There were a few moments that I thought I was going to give in as well but I wanted to see them up close so I fought on.

As the show worn on the pressing got tighter and the bouncing got faster. One would think having chicks bodies pressed onto would have been a huge turn on....but when you are fighting to stay on your feet, military pressing crowd surfers to the security and trying to inch that much closer to the stage the sexual aspect of it all kind of takes a back seat. Now I am not saying I didnt enjoy having some strange girls boobs pressed into my back or the one blonde crowd surfer's rear on my head enjoyable, it would have been more appriciated if I wasnt using every muscle to keep my space clear.

I know most people reading this think I am some dirty pervet with no principles but you are wrong.....well not on the dirty pervet part but on the principles part you are! As I jumped and grinded along with the crowd I noticed a tuft of hair poking out from about nipple hieght. The show was about 2 songs away from the end when I noticed this, so put my right fist in my left palm and locked my elbows out and gave a huge shove. And to my amazement there was this little girl right in front of me! I have no idea how long she had been there and in honesty I never even looked down until then. But even though she was being crushed to almost death she showed no signs of distress, so I did my best at keeping her from the cluster fuck of humans we were facing. I did the same thing with my arms but this time left the middle open for her, now she could see the show and even take some pictures without having someones crotch or knee in her face. I kind of wish I gave her my email addrress for some pictures. I am still pissed about not having my camera but I know if I had my camera it would have probably gotten fucked up some how.

After the show was over she did thank me, and I swear she was about 14!!!!!And she could not have weighed more the 100lbs soaking wet. I tip my hat to her for fighting her way up there and never asking to be lifted out! And even with all the pushing and the shoving I saw no fights, no one was arrested, hell I did not seen see any cops there. No one pulled a gun, no weeves got pulled out and fighting that did happen was done with a smile; and this is why I love punks. You have to love a person that can take a boot to the face and be happy about it!
I took this pictur of me at the end of the night. I was sore all over, I wish there was an exercise itmachine called the 'Mosh Pit' It works every single muscle in shot!

These are my punk/goth pants that I got at Hot Topic at Trash Gardens mall, aka Jersey gardens. The pink hankie was something I beat a bunch of skinny, limp wristed want to Emo punks for. I am not sure if it belonged to the singer but he did through it out to the crowd.

Sunday: Was our day of rest. We bought our 24' family pie from Big Apple Pizza in Kenilworth, NJ. They also feature world famous Cluck-U Chicken! They used to have Fire Atomic Nuclear sauce that to get you had to sign a waver! I always wanted to try it but now its too late, they no longer offer it.

We also tried to get the kids in a Xmass themed picture but as you can see these were the best, we got.

Try #1:

Try # 2:

This is not the end of that battle. I think next time we will tie candy to a string and dangle it over the camera. Candy always makes children smile!


Savanna said...

I've never heard of Mindless Self Indulgence...but it totally sounds like something that'd be up my alley *Mental Note to DL it!*. Glad to see that your weekend was good! And, I like that you saved the tiny girl. Girls like being saved!

Becky said...

Those are terrible chrismas pictures! No really don't your kids know how to ham it up, I mean they are your kids aren't they?!

~Sheila~ said...

I've never heard of the band either but I'm sure Dom has!

Good luck getting come good Christmas Pictures.

Carie said...

Ashley was a kick ass skater at that age...not afraid of anything...then one day she fell and it hurt and something in her mind clicked and now she will never skate on blades or rollar skates again, but she will go for it on her board no matter how hard she bites it lol...I love watching the tiny ones skate its so darn cute...

I am with the others, I have never heard of the band, but I will look them up...I have never been to a rock concert, but I want to lol...been to B.B. King like 10 times now and tons of rap and country saw plain white tees and the like, but no hard core yet...hmm I think I am missing out on something...

Bribe them for the pic lol, I used to give ash her favorite candy for a good picture lol...she hated the camera, now at 14 she is forever taking pics of herself lol geez

honkeie2 said...

savanna: Yes they do ;)

becky: yes they are; this just shows what I am working with!

sheila:did you ask him?

Carie: go out right now and find a concert, most of the punk bands play at small cheap venues. You have to get in there!

~Sheila~ said...

no, but I will today.