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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The weekend in Pictures....

We had a fun filled weekend that anyone who enjoys white toast sandwiches with lots of mayo would have loved. We went to Alstede Farms out in Chester New Jersey to do some pumpkin picking. We took the kids out in the mommie transporter (mini-van) and the ATV Radio-Flyer to have a fun day out with the hicks and city folk.
Here you see the 2 little devils in the red wagon made for this type of outing.

And of course we had to do the the uber-white-tourist picture of the family acting like animals! Bring out the cider!

They had pigs, chickens, peacocks, goats and cows for all the farm deprived city folks to hem and haw at. Here we see what Seth (the one in grey) thinks about the smell of the pigs. He had one index finger up each nostril, man does bacon smell bad before its cooked!

They had this one chicken that had a horn growing out of its head. See unicorns do exist, they just missed the mark on which animal it was supposed to be. But hey, maybe back in the day those chickens were as big as horses and the stories just got changed around in time.

They had the store that sold all kinds of homemade and fresh items, which I believe were all organic. Even the red dye #3 for the candy apples was freshly squeezed!
Here we have me seconds before taking a beating from Lucas with his brand new farming truck. He is so lucky I am used to taking shots to the head from items rednecks use!

Say high to my oldest, Devon. He is 12 going on 13, and I am 32 going on that means I was 19 when he was born! Long story for another entry, if anyone is interested let me know if I should do a 'How I ended up a teen dad' blog.
Me, Lucas and the red wagon. Man I am like 4 feet taller than him, bigger does mean better lol! Jagger Bombs!
They had numerous things for wired up children to climb on; to burn some of that never ending supply of spaz juice kids seem to make. The tower of hay and the hay tunnel, I climbed the hay tower with no problem but I was not about to do the tunnel. I dont have many pairs of nice jeans so I wanted to try and keep these OldNavy ones as unstained as possible.
I saw this worm eaten wood and thought it look strange enough to take a picture of. As one can tell I have been in the city for way too long.

ThePistone-LedetFamily .......Yes I noticed I did not space those words out, making it that much harder to google or yahoo my ass.

There were tons of hot-soccer moms to go around here and some not so hot soccer-moms ass well. I walked right up on this one and had to do it!
And from one big ass to another I give you donkey! He wasnt as lively as the one in those movies and he did not sound like Eddie Murphy either. I kept asking him about Rick James and all I got out of him was a pile of poop. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.
All in all the kids had a blast and I got some apple cider. Does anyone know how to turn apple cider into apple cider booze?
The only thing i have against the farm, was that it was a bit expensive. They seem to know most of these corny ass honkeies were loaded and were going to rape them with these prices but come on. I did not go in the corn maze because it was too much money. $10 a person! We let the kids go in and run around like idiots but I just did not want to cough up the dough for the privilege to walk throw some corn. I will just wait until it comes out on dvd.
On Sunday we went to the in-laws house to do some closet clean up. We still have some crap in the closets and we needed to get out some of the kids winter cloths from storage. While there I took out this old Pioneer stereo system I have had sine 1993! I was one of those kind you hook up to an entertainment center. It has the receiver, the dual tape deck *gasp* and a 6 cd cartridge changer player. It has these things that look like an 8 track cassette that hold 6 CD's. I have about 5 of them, in different colors too. This was the stereo I used to pirate my CD's onto tapes back in the day when hand held cd players sucked ass and skipped if you so much as touched the damn thing.
It works just as good as it did back in the day, I am not sure how much I am going to sell it for. Hell I am not even sure anyone would want it. I still have all of the original operation instructions that came with it and all the wires too. All it needs is some speakers and its all set! Anyone interested?
While there I got this strange shot of the sister in law doing what everyone does on a Sunday afternoon that is allergic to fresh air......MYSPACE! Lets see; if I was single, had the day off and was pretty much free the last thing you would see in fornt of me would be a computer. But that is just me and to each their own. I mean there are lots of people out there that would find hiking, fishing, mall ratting, going to the beach, taking a bike ride to no where or taking a ride out to the middle of nowhere to kill chipmunks with their car a complete waist of a day. And then again I am sure those same people would all agree wasting 8 hours on WorldofWarCraft is not a waste at all.
Also while there the wife unit was horsing around with the oldest and bent her ring. Lets just say she wasnt thrilled, not one bit! But the little shiny rock that has driven many men to kill never fell out and I will be on my way to a jew-ler later today to get it fixed. Funny thing about the jewelers I go to none of them are Jewish.....what I am not stereotyping....hell by heritage I am a Jew too. But do you see me wearing one of those beanie things, dressing in black and having lots of money...noooooooo!
Happy Monday folks, hope I offended someone today and if not let me know how I can so I can the next time you come back.
Quote for the day:
"I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's."
-Mark Twain-


~Sheila~ said...

Hey! Looks like you guys had a good time. (even is it did cost a lot) Did you guys get a pumpkin?

My husband used to have one EXACTLY like it and then someone broke into our house when we went to my parents for Thanksgiving and stole it. He loved it to death.

You can send it to me.

binks said...

Looks like lots of family fun at the farm. We have nothing of the sort down this-a-way. Well, there is Disney but I don't think they have a pumpkin patch but you might see little animated creatures.

Umm.... did you really need to get that photo of me bending over to tie my kid's shoes?
Please, people NEED their retinas.

As for how you became a teenage father, well I think we all understand how those little buggers are made, but please expound away.

Becky said...

Fuck you're old, with a 12 year old and shit! lol

honkeie2 said...

sheila- whats your offer ;-)

binks- That was you bent over?? I should have gotten a closer shot lol!

Becky- careful when using the word 'fuck' around me......muahahahahah!