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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The upward spiral...

We all have our strong points and we all have our weak points, one of my weak points has always been art. Or the ability to create art; I can not draw, paint, sculpt, or even make half way decent looking crafts from pipe cleaners. I have taken many art classes and I still do not seem to have that ability in me. This also falls in the art of music as well, I cannt carry a tune even if it was glued to the tip of my.....nose. But that does not stop me from liking any of it or appreciating it. I like trans and techno music but by no means can I dance or rave lol!

This leds me into this set of pictures the wife unit has sent to me from her brother who is now on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. He is out some where getting ready to bomb some strange land we dont own or owe money to yet. You see NavyMan is very skilled in many art forms; from drawing to music. He might even be a DJ or a starving artist someday. But till then he does what he does for the fun of it. Well, he might charge people for it; hell he should!

So without any more of my poor grammar and useless drivel I give you the 'Up Ward Spiral' by D.Pistone, aka THeNavyMan.





5) The finished product!

6) The original picture he was working from.

No also keep in mind he is working with hydrolic fluid, navy blue and camo green as a meduim. The military does not supply high grade crayons while on tour. The are affraid the enemy might get a hold of one of those boxes that has 15 different shades of red and learn how retarded we really are.

I wish I had 10% or that ability, but with what I lack in pen I make up with camera:
I took every fruit I could find in the house, the left over bit of ice cream and some low fat milk and made one hell of a smoothie! Hows it taste Mudder Facker Hows it taste!?! Taste pretty damn good too, the question isnt 'Will it Blend' the question should be 'How Will it Taste Once it is Blended'


~Sheila~ said...

That's some TALENT right there. I love it.

You on the other hand are cracking me up with these "OPEN FACED" pictures you are taking.

Also, the blending.

How's it taste? What'd you put in it? cause I could go for a smoothie right about now.

honkeie2 said...

Lets see:
1) Bannana
2) Peach
3) kiwi
4) strawberries
5) Low fat milk
6) One scoop of vanilla icecream
Blend and drink....and tasted great! I think it needed some rum but other than that it was a good drink.

Carie said...

wow, he can draw for sure...that look so good...

My brother and all my cousins are amazing artists, they can draw crazy mad stuff they make a living at it to lol tattoo artists, me, alls I can draw is flowers lol

Perky said...

TheNavyMan has got some serious talent! That's amazing. I can't draw to save my life so I'm pretty much in the same boat as you.

Except I'm not as skilled with the camera as you are ;) Lol! That's a pretty funny pic!

~Sheila~ said...

Sounds good.
I need to get some ingredients and make this at night when the kids are asleep...with rum.


binks said...

That is some serious talent fo sho.
My dad used to do the same thing (well with regular art crap). That talent must have skipped a generation cuz I can't draw crap, but my kid has some crazy talent.

I'll make sure my fat a$$ doesn't ruin your photos in the future.