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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday:I went to the driving range with my oldest on Friday. It was rainy, cold and we were all by ourselves! Which was cool because when we ran out of balls we ran out into the rain and grabbed another bucket or so of balls for free. The oldest does not have the form but he can hit the ball better than most ppl I have seen. While we were making asses out of ourselves one guy did come in. And boy could he hit that ball harder than Ron Jeremy on a barely legal teen booty. But, his form was really strange. I am not going to knock it, he could hit the ball starighter and farther than me BY FAR but he looked like he was chopping wood. He had the strangest stance and if you were to judge him by the way he swung you would swear he has never hit the ball in his life. But everytime the swung he hit that ball out of the freakin field! I dont know how well his short game is, chipping, but he can do the distance. But me, well the farthest I got was about 150 yards and half the time I sliced it to the right. Several times I sliced it so far over it hit the divider and bounced right back at me. This is funny as hell, as long as you are not the one taking an evil white dimpled ball to the thigh. But all in all I think I am ready for the green. I am better than half of the hacks that call themselves golfers but far worse than 90% of all who play the game. Go figure!

Close your eyes and minds for a second and try to picture this.....complete and utter chaos, set to a multi colored back ground, coated in sugar and over loaded with noises so loud that even the most hardened rock concert go-er would shoutter and cry. And this would come close to the events that be-fell my seneses on Saturday.

We were all invited to a birthday party of one of my wife's coworkers daughter. She turned.....3 I think. It was held at SpaceOdyssey.

I kick myself for forgetting the camera but troll about the web page to get a feel of what we saw. The kids loved it, of course, but there was a serious lack of adult beverages. No adult should be asked to take this trip on any sober level. Children, in large groups, have this ablitiy to make even the most level headed person fall off thier rocker. The place was a little smaller than I imagined but it was enough for the little ones. I think my mind made all the places I went to as a kid seem alot bigger: Chuckee Cheese, ShowBoat and Razzmataz. They always seemed like gigantic stadium sized places, but in reality they were probably about this size. Things always look bigger through the eyes of little ones. They host all kinds of parties, not just kiddie events. As one can see from their Halloween party of 2006~~~>FreaksOnALeash. It was a little far but I might want to take a run up there for the next Halloween party haha. I love some of those outfits but I am a little reserved on saying who I want to see naked, some of them dont look all lady---if you get my drift.

Sunday: We did some more Barbq-ing. The wife unit has invinted a sauce that we use on the meat and it is fucking great. Well, actually I am not sure if she is the first but I have never tasted anything like it before. I would share how she made it but I have no idea what is in it. That is her area, I am sure she would not understand the complex world of turning on a gas grill and flipping meat! Come on, that is to manly for her womanly mind to the way I am just kidding about that part!

A man in his element!

WeeMan and Cheese roughing it in the great outdoors.

We have had some rain in the past few days so his car was a little water logged.

We went to our Weight Watchers meeting on Sunday and I lost another pound! I am now at 205 and still have 5 more pounds to go. I really do not want to go any lower than 200lbs. They had my goal weight at 185lbs, I really do not want to be that skinny. I might want to bulk up a little but I think I will just stay my course as of now for cuts, it is almsot beach time. I am almost to where I want to be, more sit ups and more cardio! I hate running but so far it has really helped with my goal.

It has not been a bad Monday so far.......3 cups of coffe and 2 expressos....and its only 12:00pm!


morbid misanthrope said...

Do you think you ran into the ghost of Happy Gilmore at the driving range?

The facts: Spooky, rainy day conducive to ghosts of the damned wandering about and inspiring more terrible M. Night Shyamalan movies; a mysterious golfer able to hit the ball extraordinarily far despite his awkward stance; and we know that Adam Sandler's ability to make funny movies died after finishing Happy Gilmore.

Perhaps Sandler's dead sense of humor chose to manifest itself as Happy Gilmore to wander the country's driving ranges, reminding everyone how great Sandler's funny movies were. In this way, perhaps, this tormented spirit might find some peace.

guttergirl said...

I had the same thought. I could just imagine Adam Sandler taking a swing.

Happy Monday

BTW, nice haircut. I like it much better than the headband look from last week

K said...

Congrats on the weight loss....and very fun pics! :)

Nikky said...

Nice haircut!
You look like a guy at the grill, compared to a...hhmmm... (dont wanna say you looked like a chick, but come on, lovely locks and a headband...) anyway, much improved over the swingset picture!

Martini said...

I want to go to that Halloween party! I think. Do I? I'm not too sure about a couple of those chicks. Their chins were kinda strong. Maybe a little stubbly too. Can't quite tell.