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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its Monday.....wait no it isnt!

Yeah I missed Monday but oh well, no one likes Monday's any way lol. But it is now time to do my weekend round up. Starting with Friday:
I worked again for some much needed over time. And even thought I was going to play golf on Saturday morning and I had not gotten any real sleep since Wednesday I still worked. I had to babysit the doggie day festival that my job has every year. They have every kind of vendor for everything dog, the slogan....'Because Your Dog is Worth it Too.' Let see if anyone can guess which product line uses a slogan like that one.....

Here we have the pool they set up for the air dogs, they throw a ball in the water the dog runs in and gets it. A real no brainer, I think it would have been more entertaining to take a bunch of crack heads and do the same. Throw some crack in the pool and watch them run in for it. I bet the could jump farther too.

It was f-ing hot that night and I was tempted to jump in until I noticed a thin layer of dog hair all over this pool. Nasty! So I went to one of the ones that had yet to be fouled by any human or dog. And since I was all alone I changed into my own cloths and spent the night with my feet in the water reading H.P. Lovecraft stories. Man, sitting in a remote location in the dark all alone sure does add to the spooky factor when reading his stuff lol.

Saturday I went out for my first golf outing. I forgot my camera and my wallet! Luckily my friend Pete spotted me the money for the round, I was a bit off due to lack of sleep. I did suck ALOT, so it was a good thing I forgot my camera, no need for evidence of that! But I did not lose any balls and hell i even came home with a few extras. I spent alot of time in the trees and mud so I actually found other peoples lost balls ha! And anyone who ever said golf was an easy sport has never played, by the time I got home I was done! But then there was a call out at work and I was up for some more abuse/overtime.
Now, after the golf my feet hurt, I just chalked that up to my feet getting wet and all the walking I did. But no, it turned out I had; not one but two splinters in my feet. I am not sure if they where wood splinters or some type of woodland barb. Whatever the case they hurt like hell and did not get the second one out until last night. The wife unit dug one out on Sunday when I finally was able to see them. For some odd reason I could not find them but after a hot shower and much foot scrubbing I was able to see them. This is the first one that came out on Sunday, how does something this small hurt soooo much?

But after that things were much better lol. Now, I am not sure if I mentioned it but we moved both boys into one room. They have been this way for almost 2 weeks and so far it has not been a big deal. But in doing so we had to make room and get rid of some things. One of them was this old toy chest, this thing is as old as I am. My mom has kept this with us for some odd reason, and even after the bottom broke out she nailed the top to the bottom and added wheels to it. I am not sure why but she wants to keep it. I told her we where cleaning out the kids stuff and asked if she wanted it back. She said yes, its a relic to our childhood years so i am guessing that is why she is holding on to it.

People are weird sometime.....and other times they are just down right assholes. Like this guy below. For a while we thought he was gone. You see we have this white trash family that lives down the street from us. And their kids run rampant, the parents are either drunk, lazy or stupid .....or maybe a combination of all of the above. But about a week ago I saw the mother outside on the front steps raising hell about something. All i know is that there was a huge TV face down in the drive way and the 2nd floor window was busted out. And then the next day he was nowhere to be seen and the mother had a large grey box truck hauling away tons of I dont know what. He was nowhere to be seen for about 4 days........
But then our hero shows up again riding up and down the street doing wheelies on this dirt bike. We have called the cops on him before but it has done nothing. So we sit outside and hope he crashes and breaks all the bones in his body. I wanted to get a picture of him so if and when it happens I can do a before and after shot, I am just hoping I am there when it happens!

I am thinking of buying a high powered air soft gun and shooting him from the 3 floor window, but I think that would be illegal lol.....just kidding I am not going to shot anyone.....:-P

We are now 4 days away from going to Virgina Beach.....I cannt f-ing wait! I have my base tan, I could probably lose a few pounds by then if I try but if not fuk it, i am still going to be half naked for the whole week!


Martini said...

You had to scrub your feet in order to see the splinter? Man, you gotta start wearing socks and shoes and stop walking in the dirt!

So maybe shooting that dude is illegal, but what about ramming a hockey stick between his spokes? That's a classic prank here in Canada.

Danielle said...

i hate splinters; man that pool looks good right about now!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Icky splinter!

Funny how mom's get attached to things the kids could care less about. I think half the stuff I'm "saving" will go to the grandkids and bypass the kids all together lol.

~Sheila~ said...

You should paint the toy chest really pretty and give it back to her that way. Maybe even reinforce it a little more so that it will last FOR-EV-ER!

I think she might like that.