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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Its Firday, ithink.....ihope....

Thursday and Friday I am working for some serious blood money. I started my day on Thursday at 0330 in the morning, I woke up wide awake unable to go back to sleep. So I got up and went for a jog, my first in a long while so I went easy but did a good number of pull ups and leg lifts. Feeling that workout today ha!
Got to work at 0600hrs, left there at 1400hrs and ran home really fast and headed out to the other site where I would stay until 2330 hrs! And all i had to do was make sure no one messed with any of the things they had set up for the fair for this coming Saturday. It is some thing they do for dogs and breast cancer fund raisers.

One of the cool parts about it is that I was all alone to do just about anything I wanted, like run in the grass with no shoes on!

And chase after frogs!

I do not see many frogs around where we live so when I find one I harass the shit out of them. i sure hope I didnt give this poor guy a heart attack.

Also in my barefooting adventures i came across this huge moth that would not move, and yes it was alive. I thought about getting the frog and putting it in front of the moth to see if he would eat it, but I did not want to get frog pee on me again. The last time I found a frog we where in Va visiting NavyMan and I picked it up and it peed on me. Not sure but that doesnt sound sanitary.

I have plans to go out golfing for the first time tomorrow morning, a bit nervous because i still suck and it will be my first time off the driving range. I plan on have lots of balls and lots of pictures to document my epic failure!
And speaking of failure I was trolling through photobucket the other day and typed in the word 'sexy' I am shocked and appalled at what some people call sexy, but what really got me was that one picture that really did not fit at all. I saw tons of myspace head shots, in my thong lost in the sauce pictures, millions of douche bags with the' I suck dick puck face' look and the occasional hot chick that was so hot she might have given Steven Hawkins the ability to walk. But please tell me what is sexy about this, i mean I know its a cute pussy and all but nothing all that sexy really.......
Have a fun weekend, take pictures, drink booze (before the Obama God tries to take that away) and share the ride with all of use here. If you have no plans, make some and if you still do nothing....lie! Make up some wild ass story so on Monday I have something to read lol!


Ranger Tom said...

You should se some of the frogs down here. I swear they're as big as my head!

Martini said...

Isn't photobucket great - except when an offending picture has violated their rule and is removed!

I saw a frog last summer, but mostly we have big brown toads around our place. They pee too. It sucks.

Danielle said...

lol that kitty is so cute! nice pic of u to!

~Sheila~ said...

I don't know why you can't see that cat picture is sexy. Wierdo.
Frogs are gross. I like to look at them (in picture books) but I don't like that spontaneous jumping that they do.