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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekend round up...

I will have pictures up later, i forgot my camera today :(. But I will be back later today to update that, so until them let me paint a pretty picture with my awesome typing skillz....buwahahahahaha!

Ok, Ok Firday:
I had to work late so on the way home the wife ordered the monster 24 inch pie from Big Apple Pizza and an order of buffalo wings at AppleBee's. Each one of them is on the way home so there was not much of a detour so I made great time. But after AppleBee's I stopped at the happy store, Buy Rite Liquors in Union, NJ. And guess what they now have?!?!?!----Absinthe!!!!!!! They had 4 different kinds one that was 138 proof, which was a bit more than I was willing to pay for but they had a nice one from France that had a really cool bottle. Soooooo I grabbed the one from France and made my way home. I wasnt in the door for 2 seconds when the wife said....'They forgot the blue cheese!' She did not want me to go to the store that was a block away to get some; she wanted the one from AppleBee's! So being the loving husband I am I got back in my car and drove all they way back, exercising my Gear-Fu arts to get there and back in record timing. No big deal really, but I was irritated I was going to have to wait a little longer to get drunk.
Ok, home at last and on with the green fairy! They said back in the day only real fiends drank it straight, so take a wild guess how I was drinking it......STRAIGHT! I did do the old sugar cube and water thing which did make it taste a lot better but the shot helped things more faster haha. And if you know a little about drinking you will know there is a different kinds of drunk for every type of booze. A beer drunk makes me sleepy and hungry, a Jagger drunk will send me into an Irish fit of the punchies, Burbon will make me smile like a retard and rum will make me think I am a pirate extra in those Johnny Depp movies lol.
This drunk was way different; I was alert, no munchies, hyper and capable of playing video games. Now, normally when I drink there are many things I dont do just because I cannt. Sex, driving, speaking clearly and video games. But that night my speech was only slightly slurred, my gaming skills were on point and the sex.....well the wife fell asleep and the only sex that was available was the solo kind. But lets not go there hahahhahaaha!

Saturday: the wife had to work so I spent the whole morning cleaning because that night we where going out to Barnes and Nobel and then I had an appointment with a tattoo artist at Tattooville. That is the same place I have gotten all 3 of my tattoos done, but by three different people. It has the same owner, who is an awesome artist, but I can never get him for some reason. But this guy, Rev. James has come with high praise. And yes he is an ordained minister to the church of I have no idea. But i guess I will have time to get to know him as he does BOTH of my sleeves. I put down a deposit to commission him for this big job. It is going to take a lot of time and money to get this thing done but it something I have always wanted, even back when I was a kid I wanted a complete saturation sleeve! The wife is now looking to get one as well, and I find that SO FING HOT! She has got the be the best match for me, no one could ever take her place!
So we have a little chat with him, he takes some measurements, my money and says he will call me in about a month to set another appointment to go over what he has drawn up. We are going to see him again this coming Wednesday to see about the little woman's ink. She is terrified of it hurting but in all honesty once they finish it you want another! It might hurt but the end result is so worth it, well at least to me it is!

I had to work 7-3, which in all was not bad. It gave me a chance to print out my monthly reports with little to no distractions. On Sunday there isnt anyone around so I cranked up the music and went to work. And as I spun around in my chair Micheal J Fox style A lady comes to the window to sign in saying she is going to one of the building for a moment, no biggie. But then she asks if I was ready for the storm? I dont watch much TV so I was at a lost to what she was talking about. would seem that a HUGE winter storm was heading our way and i had no idea! I mean nothing was going to change in my world other than getting up earlier than usual to clean snow.
Well nothing happened all day but later that night as we watched the movie 'Death Race' it started to snow, and HARD! But I was really too into watching this crap Hollywood remake to even notice. The movie was shitty at best but had me glued to my seat. The action was great, the cars awesome, the realistic factor superb, the so and the story line as transparent as G.W.'s lie 'We are looking for weapons of mass destruction!' Well, maybe not that bad but you knew what was going to happen and who wasnt going to make it. But I did make a bad call, I thought the one geeky guy was going to get smoked but didn't. But over all I would call this a 'Fun Movie' dont think about it too much and dont analyse it to death. But it was missing at least one good titty shot, that alone might have raised the likable factor up a notch.

I wake up to hear my son's school is closed, there is a little bit of snow out there but nothing bad. So I get up and.....fall back to sleep! Luckily one of my coworkers called out and woke my ass up. Giving me just enough time to get dressed, clean off my car and the wife's......(see another example of how great of a husband I am!) and get my ass to work. I was 10 minutes late because none of the side streets were cleared and my car sucks nasty balls in these conditions! I made it though with out fish tailing or hitting anyone. It is now 1030 am and it has started snowing again....going home today should be fun. I think I will stay in and drink my green liquid of happiness and watch the madness.

Oh I missed this one from last Friday:


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I've been a Drunken Pirate all weekend. Yo ho yo ho

~Sheila~ said...

LOL@ Mom Taxi Julie

That you wrote line...

"She is terrified of it hurting but in all honesty once they finish it you want another!"

...could apply to soooo many situations...

Just saying.

honkeie2 said...

MomT: You should have come over and we could have role played lol

sheila: yes it can, ohhhh yes it can!

Martini said...

Never had Absinthe... I hear it tastes like hobo-ass. Do you recommend it? I'm a bourbon/rum/vodka kind of guy, but as long as there's no coconut in it, I'll go for almost anything.

honkeie2 said...

martini: if you drink it straight up it is rough but not that bad. If you take the time to do the traditional drip it actually taste good.