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Friday, March 06, 2009


Last night we opened a puzzle we got for the kids at my favorite store in the world: Target! It was a small kids puzzle of the movie 'Cars' Surprisingly Seth set to the task fast and was done in no time. He even took it apart several times and put it back together. Now Lucas only being 5 had no real interest in it but did have an interest in the box:

He had a blast with the bottom part of the box. I am not sure why he thought it was a hat but he was happy with it.

It is amazing how something so simple can keep the entertained for hours lol.
Now, changing gears a bit I want to address something that happened at work on Tuesday. At my job I am the 'Senior Supervisor' to my site, this place is my baby and I have control over many parts of it. One of the things that I have to deal with is phone calls at any given time about anything from burglar alarms to employee problems. On Tuesday I get a call around 1700hrs from on of my guys asking if i knew what happened to the head of HR? I had not, and even had several conversations with this person earlier in the day and I did not get any indication something was up.
WELL! As it turns out this person was not conducting themselves that was becoming of someone in their position. I wont go into what, who, why, or even when; mainly because I dont know; but what I got from the grapevine is that they were messing around with some low level employee and they got pissed about something and went running to upper management about it. At my job you have to sign a ' without cause' contract that states they can fire you with no give reason, I am not sure if the same applies to their job but I am sure they do.
No company wants bad press so any wind of anything a little funny that might make them look bad; they take action. What makes this a little funny is that this is not the first time I have seen something like this go down. Hell I see at least 2 of these a year, and it always makes me laugh! Dont you know never ever shit where you eat? I mean I did meet my wife at my job but we were both low level employees and if the shit hit the fan i would not really been out a whole lot. But people like this with 6 figure jobs and titles throw it away for just a little fun always make me laugh. This person of question was a jerk and just on Monday he did someone a little is a perfect example of their jerky nature:
A temp worker locked her keys in her car and asked us (sukuritie) if we could help. Company policy states we help NO-ONE with their cars on any level. Just because people have tried to sue in the past for damages that occurred during the rendering of help. So now we just shrug our shoulders and laugh at you. The cops wont help for the same reason and it would seem neither will anyone in maintenance. She went to the HR person, same person that got fired, and asked if there was anything anyone could do to help. In the end the only advise she was given was to call a locksmith. I have had to do this once, a pretty penny it was but I got my door opened and i was on my way. Now, another note here: this was the second time she had done this in 2 were are not dealing with the sharpest bowling ball here. Any way, after she spoke with the HR director she leaves to make a call and he tells us not to let her back in the building. Now we say ok because he is the director and all but WTF kind of dirty move is that? She needed help and the director kicks her out???!!! I felt this was a real dirty move, if they did not want her back in they should have addressed it with her and not tell sukurity to keep her out like she was a bum looking to bath in our restrooms!
I am not sure what came of her but I do know a day later he was told to leave, we deactivated his card and everyone give notice that this person is not to be allowed back on the property. Karma can be a real bitch HA! I do not feel sorry for them, we are all adults here and know what we have to do. Like i know I should not be blogging from work.....sssshhhh dont tell on me or i will hunt you down.....

Sometimes work can be fun! It is also the place i get all my free water. I drink almost a gallon a day now, and if I had to buy my water all the time I would be out about $10 a week! And the water is really helping me with my weight loss. It is a slow process but at least it is going in the direction I want. Remember this picture back in December:

Well here we are now in March and here is what I see today: (ps....that is my new awesome scale i also bought at Target!)

I know its only 5.2 lbs lost but hell at least its a loss and not a gain! And as we speak I and going for my 1.5L of water, water helps to keep that evil monster I have living in me. Its like a tapeworm that never seems to be full, I often wonder if there is something wrong with me. Why am I always hungry? It never seems to go away, I want to eat all the time. One of the things that seems to help me is I stop eating after dinner. As soon as dinner is done I am done eating until the next day, lately we have been done around 1900hrs. So that is almost 14 hours of no food, I get up around 0500hrs but dont usually get to eat until 0700 hrs.
This week:
1) Seth turns 6, which means avoiding that wondrous gift......CAKE!
2) We have an appointment to see my tattoo artist to talk about my up coming work of art and the wife's first TATTOO!
3) I plan on drinking more absinthe and might even try for an absinthe party...who wants in?
4) Working out is on the menu but lets see what happens.
5) This will be my wife's 3 weekend on her shake diet. She doesnt eat anything but shakes and milk all weekend, I give her credit I might even try it as well but I am not sure I can do it. It has helped her lose weight, not sure how much but it enough to keep her doing it.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

congrats on the weight loss!

That's just fd up that they just locked the chick out. Even if she was dumb.

Becky said...

What cowards, locking someone out like that. Sounds like they fire people late on friday afternoon too, that's what one place I worked did to people. I don't know how that caught on so quickly with all these corporations, it's so callow!

Happy Birthday Seth!


Too much water can do damage to your kidneys as they become over worked. Also, you deplete your salt levels which is dangerous .
1 gallon is too much.

Anonymous said...

phil.. its doug... i agree with ubermouth.. 1 gallon is too much. th0se kind of quantities are reserved for dry desert summers. you can die of water poisoning if you deplete your sodium levels too much. 64 to 70 oz is a good number for an active person. also..i thought lucas was only 2 not 5!? Ps are you talking about mike? see you in a little more than a month

~Sheila~ said...

Alright! Congrats on the weight loss and posting a scale pic. (bout time)...kidding.

That is really f'd up that they locked that chick out.

What?!? It's your son't B-Day!!
EAT CAKE!! (mild sabotage going on here)


Tell your wife to keep on her shakes. If it's working for her then she should stick with it. She has also been included in the competition

*New Rule* If you mention anyone trying to lose weight..they are automatically entered..whether they like it or not!!

Maybe listen to Ubermouth and Doug.
Cut down on the water and Eat food...
What?! isn't that what they mean?

~Sheila~ said...

P.S.Happy Birthday Seth..FEED DADDY CAKE!!

Ranger Tom said...

I used to see all of that in my previous live as a cop... People are morons, and the higher up they are, the stoopider they are! Check out the book "The Peter Principle" sometime. You'll piss yourself laughing.

honkeie2 said...

MomT: Yeah it isnt nice to be mean to dumb ppl.

becky: Tanks and yeah Friday is usually the day they do it but I think some shit went down and he had to go.

uber: yeah I think you might be right. I am not going to stop with the water just cut it back a bit.

DOUG!: Yeah I did not kill myself as of yet with water so I will just have to cut it back. Lucas is 2, I think I might have made a booboo there. See ya soon!

Sheila: if you ever come up to NJ we will totally have a cake and absinthe party!

RangerT: I will have to check that out, I love stories of the dumb and stupid!