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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend round up....

We went out to eat at one of our favorite places: AppleBees. I am a real sucker for the all American chain restaurant. And hell the food is always at least good and the service is usually fast and friendly. We had the usual stuff, I got the sampler.....5 million calories of happiness with a diet water. and the kids had....I cannot remember but it probably was chicken fingers or mac and cheese ha! But in all the kids were somewhat behaved and I did not leave with the hat of shame. You know, that hat you see the dad's wearing after an outing of screaming, death threats and flung food.
Here we have the wife unit beating the pants off of Seth in a war of Tic-Tac-Toe....he never had a chance!

Here we have have Lucas giving us his big cheese face. But the flash might have shocked him a bit too much:

We had our servants come out and sing Happy Birthday to Seth the only way restaurants like this know how to....Loud and Fast. It scared the crap out of Lucas and had Seth hiding behind mommy. While we were there we heard about 4 or 5 other people having birthdays. And every time Lucas would spin around in his seat to see where they were going with his spoon tightly clutched in his fist. I swear I heard the voice of Stewie Griffin come out of him....."Come a little close so that I may kill you with my utensils!"

The wife unit has now been inked! We went to Tattoville in Linden to see Rev. James, my future tattoo artist to see about getting her one as well. He showed us the drawing and gave us a price, moments later she is being inked. She was terrified about the whole thing but once he got going she was doing fine with it. And it came out freaking awesome, after he did the first part he said he wanted to add a little bit of character to it so she said ok. And the shading he did really brought it to life. I am so glad I found this guy to do my future double sleeves!
I will have more pictures of the actual even later, i have to get them off her phone first.

Saturday night:
It was such a nice night we went out with the kids over to the neighbors back yard to burned some stuff, drink booze, eat pizza and let the kids burn off some of those winter blues. I hope the next few days are nice, the kids really need to get out of the house, this being stuck inside stuff is driving me to do this:

And this:
I really like the color of this stuff.

HA HA not really, I do that because I like to no real NEED for it. But I did run out and decided to go get some more. I decided to try a different brand, this one is a Swiss Absinthe Kubler. It isnt green and has a different taste. Not bad but I think I like the other one better.

And no I did not smoke at all, and usually when I drink I do. Just as of late I really have not wanted to smoke, which is odd for me. I think I might finally have gotten it out of my system....only 10 years later haha.

We cleaned the house, cleaned out her van, played video games and had a cook out. Fired up the old grill and cooked some chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. MEAT! Nothing all that earth shattering....well except for the fact I laid like 3 times this weekend....once Sunday morning! Top that! That tattoo really has me turned on big time....sorry Doug she isn't my sister hahahaha!

-Oh and on that idea, Sharon the other sister has lost he job at Zumies. It's a store in the mall that sells skater/snow boarder type stuff. She has been there for a while and doing pretty good with it. She even won a trip with the company because of sales, to going skiing just recently. But.....the inventory to the store has been rather poor and they were told to shape up for the next audit or else. Well to make a short story long....they did not and EVERYONE got fired. It seems their inabilities to keep sticky fingers at bay cost everyone their job. Now, i don't agree with that 100% but it sure is a sure fire way to clean house. The fault of this falls in many areas not, just with the employees. The way the store is set up, lack of security and the slacker mentality that seems to rule the store itself. Every time I have been in that store everyone seems to either stoned or stupid. No one really paying too much attention to the floor itself and I am sure a seasoned shoplifter could see that.
Now I asked her if she was going to look for a new job and she said no, she was going to concentrate on school and not worry about getting a job. Hmmmmmmm now mind you this is someone who likes to go out, drive her car, buy stuff and just a general normal consumer. She said her mom will help her out and her boyfriend as well. I am all for putting school above all things, but she has already preset herself to be a scrub. I hope things do work out for her but this wont last, either her or the mother will soon tire of asking or being asked for money. The car will soon become an issues and when she wants more money than she is given she will find being a scrub isnt all that its cracked up to be.
She was over the house this weekend and I made a mental note not to mention it or even ask about it, I know whats coming and all i am going to do is watch. I said my peice about it now I am not going to beat a dead horse over it. And hell I might be proven wrong, and if I keep up the noise about her being a scrub I will look more like an ass than I usually do. So I have dropped it like a used up hooker and wont bother with it again. I do not see good things coming out of this, she does not want to get a job unless it is her 'career' job. Which is in the nursing field, that is all fine and dandy but in this market you sometimes take what you can get. That perfect job does not exists, and i think she thinks it does. Yes finding a career in nursing can be a good way to make money but it has some real fucked up issues as well.......I have heard my mom's stories and i have read some fun ones in blogsphere. All jobs have their ups and downs, I just feel she has her hopes set on Magical Ponies and Rainbows in the job department lol.
( all joking aside I dont really think that, I just put that there to see if she reads my blog, because I know it would turn her purple to read this....)
Sharon good luck with school, I hope you find candy mountain and they dont steal your kidneys:


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Dude where do you find that shit lol.

I'm watching Gunther and all his videos now lol.

~Sheila~ said...


First: I took Dominique to Applebees for his birthday one time and he sat there looking mad as they sang happy birthday to him. I'm sure he still remembers it.
Second:Your wifes tattoo is Awesome! She's brave. I still can't bring myself to get any tattoos. Angel has a few as well as my name in bright blue on his right arm.
Third: I drank this weekend and the thought of alcohol is making me want to puke.(even though I didn't puke at all)
Last: That video cracked me up and almost made me choke on my rice!

honkeie2 said...

MomT: i am just that good!

Sheila: you totally have to come and party with us sometime! We can get some boons, some absinthe and sit around watching crazy vids on youtube that will make you laugh and puke all at the same time!

~Sheila~ said...

That sounds like a plan. I have a brother that lives in Long Island, NY next time I visit...we will all chill.

Ranger Tom said...

I wanna go to Candy Mountain!!!

Becky said...

Applebees is my favorite too! I love the maple nut blondie (the dessert). There boneless wings are purty good too.