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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Weekend Recap 2 Days Late......

It is Tuesday and I am finally getting around to doing "What I Did This Weekend"! Work has been a bit crazy and Call Of Duty 4 has been cock blocking me from my blog. But hey it is all cool, now lets see if my weekend was cooler than yours:

As usual we went over to our nieghbors house for some fun in the sun. Here we have the wife unit and Leno (dude in the back) grilling up some dead animal flesh. If you look really closely, in the back you can see his 4 year old daughter in her time out chair. She spent most of the day there, she was Miss Frosty Pants that day!

And it was on this day that I mentioned to him in passing that my mom has a 1976 Corvette Stingray she has been trying to sell. He said he would pay 10 thousand for it. So I called my mom and we are off to see if he wants it, the car is in mint condition, all the numbers match and it only has 52,000 origianl miles on it. This is a picture of the car, not hers but it looks just like this one.

While the men were drinking beer and surfing youtube for brunouts the kids played in the community piss collector. Also known as a 'kiddie pool'

Neighboor number 2, Pete, got some new ink earlier that day. He is part Polish and part Irish. He went with the celtic cross and that other Irish symbol thingie with his kids names on a banner on the bottom. His wife is getting one soon as well......I am soooo jonesing for another one!

Now, on to what really brought the weekend to a head. My wife has become a real book worm in the past year and took to Stephenie Meyer books. And Saturday night was the big book release for Breaking Dawn, the latest instalment to her vampire series. The movie Twilight is based off of the first book of this series.

Barnes and Knoble held a book release party with prom dress costume contest, games and goodies for all the teeni-boopers that seem to flock to these books. Mind you my wife is long out of her high school years but the young girl spirit is still there.
One of the funnest parts of being around all of these pre-teen squielling girls is that I felt like a damn giant! I am 6'2 and all but one or two were no where near that. I have been this tall since I was 14, did they stop putting steroids in the chicken or something? He is my view of the people around us, this was taken right at my eye level:

There was a chick infront of us that I could legally eye hump without getting a membership JailBait Eyes Monthly. She wasnt the prettiest thing there but she had some cool ink.

I tried for her Califorina Liscense plate but I did not want to seem anymore like the creepy old guy that I already was.

Another view of tat...

The store was still being haunted by the usually lonely dorky souls that would most likely rather be humping someone hot and sexy if themselves were hot and sexy. But what is the next best thing to a good shag? Reading stories about other people shagging. Hell I thought the book 'Breaking Dawn' was a porno title at first!

Most of the employees were in dress as well. This lady had a long red prom dress on, she was not quit high school age but, like I have said a million times: I love hot moms!

The other thing you will find here is students coming here to do research for school. Which is fine if this was a libray and not a book store! If it was not for the fact Barnes and Knoble has the college book store racket all wrapped up I would swear it would be in bankruptcy court soon.

Here we have the wife unit looking over some books on a test she will have to take to get her certifiacte to teach in NJ. She is less than a year away from graduating from Kean College. I think she was on the 7 year plan, I am personally one the 10 year one. Two more years and I am all done as well.......god i hate college.

I tried to get a picture of this girl with her goth prom dress without looking like the guy you see at Chucky Cheese in those short jogging shorts and no child of his own. It is a bit father than I wanted but I will take what I can get.
I will not go into any dirty thought I had but about some of the people there but........ If you are in a short black skirt, black thigh highs and you have your sweater puppies pooping out; dont be suprised with men of my age punch themselves in the face to just pretend they did not just see/think what they just did.

But I did get me a copy of the book Fight Club and yes it was a book long before it was movie, I just finally found it. And I finally got my own copy of Trainspotting, I have been looking all over for this movie. I have found it a few times but they always wanted a crap load of money for it. They had it for 20 bucks and since one of those frequent flyer cards I got 20% off. We buy lots of coffee from Starbucks there and many books so this little card saves us some pretty change. I would advise anyone that shops there to get it.


Becky said...

Are tattoos addictive, I've heard once you get one, you want more... Lucky for me, I won't get the first one to want more. I think my fair skin is hot enough, I need not trash it with ink. Maybe tattoos are more acceptable on men, in my opinion at least.

I'd have been near your height even at 14, I've been five ten since I was like 12.

Martini said...

Beautiful car! I can't believe your mom would want to sell a car like that.

And, I just wanted to add that (cooked) dead animals are my favourite thing to chew on, so thumbs up for BBQ's!

Carie said...

I am so glad we were not the only ones out there at midnight to get the book lol...Ashley has us there at it was a long long 2 hours, then she finished the book in 4 hours before she would go to sleep lol...

Ken is in the process of getting a tat, trying to cover up an old ugly brother is a tat artist so its free wooohooo

Prunella Jones said...

The picture with the girl in the time out chair made me laugh. Ah, memories from my childhood!

Looks like a nice weekend. I hated that Twilight book though. Come on, vegetarian vampires? WTF?

Girl on the Run... said...

Love the tattoos on that girl! How incredible! I want a tattoo desperately but am soooooo afraid of the pain. I have no tolerance... I am a wimp!

I loved this book! I am a huge Twilight fan and I too was at the Midnight book party but no one was dressed up at mine! :( bummer. Plus I was the oldest person there too... not happy about that! lol


Tiffany said...

Haha You're such a perv! You dirty bastard!