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Friday, August 15, 2008

Did I ever mention.....

That I love my job? There are times it sucks and is just a down right pain but for the most part I do like my job. The pay is decent and the over time gives me time to catch up on my PSP and reading.
Well yesterday I got some over time that consisted of sitting in a van for 4.5 hours. Now, for most people this sounds like torture but if you know how to play with yourself effectively this can be some of the best spent alone time.
I bought the book 'Fight Club' and had my PSP with my new game 'Ghost Recon 2 Advanced Warfighter'. The book is so much more fucked up than the movie and how can getting paid to play violent war video games be bad?
The only draw back to this site is that it is a bit of a drive from my house, but other than that it is pretty sweet. And just in case you are wondering why I am getting paid to sit in a van and do much of nothing well you see :
There is this fair they are having to raise money to cure death. Or to put it in nicer terms, Breast Cancer. And I know it is a serious illness and millions of people die from it but lets be honest. After all the walks, fund raisers and tax right offs how much closer are we to curing anything but some pharmacies lack of funds? There is more money in easing the symptoms than removing the cause. I am sorry for all those who have lost someone dear to them because of any illness that was not of their get lung cancer from smoking you brought that on yourself.
And maybe there will be a cure someday but in all honesty I do not think that is in the cards for any of us. Maybe prevention has some hope but a cure.....nope cancer is cancer. If you get it in you nut sack or if you get it in your gums it is all just cancer and it will kill you. We are all dieing the moment we are born, some of us just have a better out look on our timeline than others.

My job -which will remain nameless- has this dogfundraiserthing they do every year and it brings in buckets of money for their cause. It is cool and dog lovers have a blast, so in the name of fun I guess its cool. I am not much for charity events and i see dogs as nothing more than a possible meal with times get tough. I mean hell, the pounds give away free meat all the time; all you have to do is go down and 'adopt' your barbq!
That is just how I see it, and I know someday I will be a proud dog owner as well. I have boys and they want one, but to me they will just be expensive names for General Chews Chicken and KungPoo with hot sauce. Speaking of that I wonder if the people on the Olympic teams can have dog brought up for room service?

Ok Ok I will are some quick pictures I took while in a van down by the river......

1) How nice they gave the giant gay dogs instructions on where to go.

2) Directions for all but no parking as far as the eye can see left or right.

3) Signs that make me go soft and limp.

But in the same breath I am all for saving the tatas.....there is nothing more beautiful that a nice rack! And what red blooded man would ever want them to go away?
And since I have not done a TiTs FrIdAy in a while I will shoot some quickies in before I run to the gym to oggle women in tight spandex doing jumping jacks and pouring bottles of Poland Spring on themselves.

1) I goggled top heavy and this is what I found!

2) I found her on photobucket while looking up pictures titled 'revenge' Not really sure what that has to do with revenge but I will take a guess she isnt a virgin!

3) Here is another picture I found while looking up 'top heavy' on photobucket. This one could have also been named......'Helpless and about to be violated'

I am now off, my office chair has 2 functions. One: my office chair and Two: a laxative. I dont know about you but every time I sit down to type I have to run after a few minutes to violate the tiddy bowl man!
Have a great weekend, I hope more people in blogsphere post pictures on Monday!

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