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Monday, August 18, 2008

Moday all ready!?!

Well its monday again and work is off with a bag! I just got wind that one of my bosses has left and that they are now in the process of finding his replacement. Which I fear will not be good, there are a lot of new upper managment people in here and that is usually a bad sign for the little guy. They always try to stake out there territory by injecting in their own people, who mind you have no idea how the office works and will dump all of their work on others to do. But what is funny about all of this is that the people you viewed as your enemy are now your commrades in the battle off the office. Amazing how one common enemy can bring two sides together.

Oh well, such is life and work; and since I do not define myself by my job let me tell you about my weekend. This weekend was a nice with the exception I cracked a tooth on Saturday, not sure how but it sucks non the less.
Then Saturday night me and the missus went out to our old watering hole with a friend. And everytime I go I realize that I really wished I knew how to dance or that I could just let go and not be so stiff. I am whiter than sour cream and do not have a rythmical bone in me but I like dance/techno/electronica music. I see some people that dont seem to have a clue either but I was not drinking so I did not get the courage up to step out on the dance floor. I know no one cares what I look like and hell I know I can do better than some of those flailing retards but I just cannt seem to get into it. Anyone know how to get over the white man dance stage fright let me know.

Here is the front door to QXT's in Newark New Jersey. Good times have been had here many times over.

Here is our friend Raymond and the wife unit. If you inlarge the picture look to your left and you will see something that commanded the attention of most of the drunken men in the club. And yes she only looked good from ah-far.....far far away.

I was able to snap a closer one......I told Raymond that her outfit distracted from the fact that her face was not the prettiest, and he said, 'Face...she has a face!?!'

Here we have one of the few people on the dace floor that really seemed to know how to dance. For women it is easy to dance, do a two step and bounce your boobies and all the men will swear you are the best dancer out there. But this tattoed princes really had some rythem. I was so jealous. Also take note of the Living Dead Doll girl in the back, very nice; and the belly button ring of the club attention whore. She was not bad but she thought she was smoking aces or something hahahaha! I was going to take a picture of her but I did not want to give her more attention than she was already getting.

It turned out it was some kind of video game theme night and they had a game system set up down stairs. As you can see Raymond is consintrating on what he is doing!

This is the only picture I got of the two of us, it is a crappy picture which did not show my awesome shit kicker army boots I had on. My wife said I was only one goose-step away from a white supremisit and the chick Ray was with said I looked like an angry skin head. I am not angry and not a skin head, I beleive in egauality for all and hey we are all pink in the middle right?

This is a painting that was done my the imfomous 'Vamp' he is a ledgend here who disappeared a few years back. He is this old guy that always had the best outfits on, I mean he looked like an extra right out of 'An Interview With A Vampire'! The funny thing no one really knows what happened to him, he was a regular fixture in this place back in my eye-liner days and now he is just a memory.

Ray and .......damn I can not remember her name......fishnests will do that to many men. But the funny thing is I did not notice them until i took this picture, she was rather short ha!

Here they are again down in the Dungeon with Luna in the DJ booth.

Random crowd shot, see that blode in the back? She had no rythem but she did have a really short skirt on.

Here we have one of the many Cougars one can find in a poorly lit place full of drunk young men. I go nothing agaist them and hell she had on one hell of an outfit, but she was a bit older than what I would want to bring home to mom. But hey if I did they probably would have a lot in common, with being the same age and all.

Here is a little spray paint with some of the history of the club. My wife has been coming here for almost 14 years, it was called The Edge back then but same club. I would have loved to have seen this place back in the 80's!

Outside in the smoking area, NJ has a no smoking rule so all self lung mutilation has to be done out doors.

More outside pictures....

The guy in the chicken suit had a batman style utility belt on with the orginal Nintendo game system. The system was the main housing and the controlers and gun where accessories, I gave him 2 thumbs up for creativity. But I have no idea what chickens have to do with video games.....other than they are the things most video games geeks choke on a regular basis.

I was trying to get a better picture of the dj but his chicken wire provided to be a pain for the flash.

Basement bar with candles, crappy picture but still worth the upload.

In all we had a blast and even though I did not carry on the tradition of getting wasted, vomiting on the couch, getting up on the speakers and dancing, dry humping my wife, dry heaving the toliet and let us not forget the "I love you man" banter. But we did stay to 0200hrs and did go to the diner afterwards. I was freaking starving but the time we got there.
We plan on going again next weekend with the Brother-In-Law, so Doug if you are reading this give me a call you are coming out to get Tow Up Till You Frow Up with us next weekend!

Oh, and Sunday we stayed in and did laundry and we are too cool for this blog even! We live the rock star life to the the max!


Tiffany said...

HAHA I suck at dancing too but once I drink, I'm fucking awesome! And even when you're sober you can at least do the robot. And yall sure have an interesting group at that bar. I'll bet titty queen got lots of attention. LOL

Becky said...

Rock out with your cock out, or your tits in that one girl's case.

Prunella Jones said...

Looks like a fun time. I like the nightlife, I love to boogie.

Hammy said...

What's with pic 4 and the midget in black with a sporran and no pupils? Weird.