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Monday, August 11, 2008

My Manly weekend!

Well manly in the sense I went out to do manly things but the acutall event never happened. I went fishing! Two days of fishing and did not bring home anything worth eating......again. It seems this is the norm for me, everytime I go fishing I return home with nothing more than stinky fingers and even stinker bait.

I went on a party boat Saturday with a co-worker, my oldest and my brother in law. It was a half tour for flounder. We went on the BlueStar that sailed out of Alantic Highlands NJ. I forget the exact price for kids and adults but it came down to 45$ per person, and that included bait, poles and a spot in the biggest fish pool. The winner got like 130$, not bad.

We sailed out around 0800hrs and had our pools geared up and on the bottom by 0830. Then the waitiing game began. I have never been big on the fishing but I think I will start, it is boring but so relaxing......if you like sitting for long periods of time with the hope of the actual act of catching a fish never coming to pass!

As time passed I was beginning to think there was something wrong with my man karma because I was not even getting a nibble. But then I looked around and saw that everyone was in the same that sounded a bit punny!

It was a nice and sunny day with great weather so it wasnt all bad, and to top it off no one got sick. Inculding my oldest that gets motion sickness from a rocking horse.

Meet Mr. I Vomit From Kiddie Rides @ BowCraft.

I spent most of the day casting, reeling and watching the people about me. I did learn how to tie the best fishermans knot. One key element to fishing: Knowing How To Tie A Good KNOT! If you do not tie a knot that will keep everything in place no amount of exspensive gear will help you.

I had more fun with the people arround me than I did with the actual fishing. There were several women here that seemed a little out of place. I was either guessing they were dragged out of there cheese puff laddened arm chairs or they came just to piss their husbands off. I love my wife with all my heart but a little time away does make the heart grow fonder. On guy even commented to me about them. He said, ' See; they are perfect examples of why we dont bring ours.'

I did finally catch something but it was not what I wanted. They called it a Sea Robbin, it looked rather interesting and it made barking noises when I grabbed it to get off the hook. And yes I did get my hands dirt, a little.

See I even have proof I touched one!

My coworker caught something I cannt remember what it was called but it looked like a small sting ray. LOOK OUT STEVE, ITS COMMING RIGHT FOR YOU!

This is what we were after but never caught. Meet Mr. Flounder, the biggest one caught that day was a 10 pounder! This isnt a picture of it, I could not get to him before they turned him into fish sticks. But trust me that was a big fish!

The fish had to be at least 18 inches to keep, that was the law. They said if they got caught keeping anything smaller they would hit with a rather large fine. Many people caught 17inchers but they were all thrown back.

Like any idiot that saw the movie......(and you know which one I am talking about) I had the urge numerous time to do "I am the king of world!" but I was a bit to sober for that.

At the end of our trip I got one fillet from my coworker's friend who caught a keeper but did not like to eat fish. Funny thing about his friend, he is a huge outdoors guy that loves fishing but does not like to eat fish. Am I the only one that finds that funny?

Sunday my neighbor invited me to go fishing on Staten Island at this peir that he used to go to. He said it was a great fishing spot that had rest rooms and even tables with water spouts to clean your fisht on.
We were up at 0400hrs, like real fisherman and had our pools in the water before the sun even touched the water. Total manliness!

But as the day wore on I was faced with the same problem, different location, different pole but same out look...........NO FISH!

Butt, again I had fun with the people around me. Here we have a 40 sum year old woman out with her husban fishing. She was not dressed like someone you might find out fishing but she knew her way around a pole.....*Insert Vulgar Stripper Reference here*

Now, I am beginning to believe that I am that guy you dont want to take hunting, fishing or gambling because everytime I go all the action just dies. I am great at parties and drinking functions but I seem to be the black ball when it comes to luck. Lady Luck sees me and takes for the high road, probably because she knows I will be trying to take pictures up her dress the moment she gets a little tipsy.
Again no one on the pier caught much of anything. The lady in the white cotton see through pants caught the only flounder of the day and it was no where near 18 inches. But that did not seem to stop them from quickly sticking it in a bag and burying it in a cooler. I saw nothing, honestly I never lie.
One guy did catch a crab so I had fun poking at it and pissing it off before I sent it sailing on back home. I bet he will have the best alien probing story of all his friends. The day the giant pink aliens pulled him out of his house, poked and proded him then sent him flying through the air on an invisible ship that transported him home.

Like I said earlier I had fun with the people around me. I was watching this one group that consisted of one young guy, one young girl and one older woman. I watched them all day and I was trying to figure out what the situation: Boy/girlfriend/mom.....or Husband/Wife/Motherinlaw....or what ever but the more I watched the more I got the felling of Brother/Daughter/Mom. But right before we left I saw the girl and guy getting a little close for brother and sister. At least in my book hugging with you hands in her back pocket is not a proper way to hug ones sister.
But reguardless of their relationship the girl and older woman had matching tattoos. Which in my book is cool and got me on the track that the older woman was her mom. Most people are probably thinking a rose, unicorn, rainbow or something girlie right???? No no no check out the tat that mom and daughter of the Soprano's sounding family shared:

You might have to inlarge it to see, but trust me it isnt one you would think you would see on a pretty Italina princes and her Stauten Auland pampered mom. *and yes that is how they pronounce Staten Island*


Carie said...

lol looks like it was alot of fun :)

We go fishing alot, Ashley and me catch all the fish lol...poor Ken, well he cleans them since he never catches them lol. He always says before we started going he was the best...I say yeah what ever. I am no girly girl so I am all about doing the cleaning and stuff kicks ass lol...and when we take the dogs they catch way more then us lol

Girl on the Run... said...

Haven't been fishing since I was a kid. I always like going with my Dad and brother. Mom would stay home and I imagine she was happy to be rid of us.

I love being by the water, on the water and in the water. It's the best as for the fishing, I don't bait a hook, I don't unhook the catch, I basically hold the pole.

Works for me!~M

Becky said...

I never would've been caught there... I am very much in touch with reality and in reality I am not that outdoorsy adventurous girl, who goes camping and likes to get dirty. That is just not me. I'd just ruin that kind of shit for my husband, plus time apart is usually a good thing. I think that is why our marriage is going so strong we know when to spend time apart!

Joe Tornatore said...

I flounder alot in life. lol

Tiffany said...

Damn I'm never going fishing with you. And if you're gonna fish you HAVE to be in the water before the sun comes up. And why do all the men, such as my dad and hubby, watch my damn line the whole time? I can see it. Thanks. Watch your own. And who always catches the most? ME! Thats because they're too busy watching MY line and not their own. Ah men! At least they're good for taking the stinky fish off my line. LOL

Prunella Jones said...

This post was so manly I found myself letting out a large belch. I had to go get a quick squirt of perfume to rebalance my estrogen levels.

I like the fish you caught. It looked like he had Micky Mouse ears.