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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What dreams may come......

I am not a big believer in the whole dream analysis stuff. What a dream meant or why you are dreaming about it, never concerned me. For me dreams have always been like my brain taking a big old crap and the looking in the bowl right before it flushed. They usually make no sense what so ever and almost never have anything to do with what has been on my mind. And last night was no different. I have not gotten much sleep for the past few day but last night was make up time for that. A bomb could have gone off and I would not have heard it. But my brain was at it again, but for only a few moments.
I had two short but very vivid dreams last night, the first one I shall call-
I Woke up Pissed Off:
It start with me being in a car full of old high school friends, still at their high school weight ;-). We were just driving around and then we stopped at a store/restaurant because another one wanted to come with us but we had to wait until they got off from work. It did not seem like a long wait but the moment she got off (I am not sure who she was but I knew she was an old friend) she came to the car got in the drivers side passenger door slid over and got out on the other side. Then ran to another car and drove away with someone else. I remember standing there with my mouth open saying, "What the Fuck was that? Did she just take off with someone else after we waited for her ass!" That was when I woke up, I woke up pissed off as hell. I was fuming like it actually happened. I could hear my heart in my ears I was so pissed. And the funny thing is I think I woke up because I was so irate ha! I did fall back to sleep after a few minutes and had another I will call:
The Freak at the Fair:
In this one I was walking around at this town fair. You know the ones you see in local towns, sometimes they are called sidewalk sales where they have the fried Oreo guy and funnel cake? There I was walking around looking for someone. I knew it was someone that I was meeting there but I could not find them. For some reason I knew that they were supposed to be at one of the stands but was not sure which one. After looking around I finally found them, and of course it was a woman but funny thing about her, the face was of no one I have ever seen before. She had on this weird hippie green face paint and was tall as me, I am 6'2 and she had long blonde hair. I acted like she was a friend I have not seen in years and we seemed to know each other. Right when we meet I woke up again, this time it was the alarm clock and it was time to face reality. This time I woke up in a much better mood but I was very confused. I know my wife would have smacked me in the back of the head for having dreams about other women but none of it was naughty. Hell I think I have had 2 sexual dreams in my whole life and they were more bizarre than sexy lol.
And almost always I can never really make out the faces. And even if I do have dreams about people I know I can never really make out the faces, if I were to see people like that in real life I think I would freak out. But as with this tall blonde chick I could not really make out her face but some how I knew her and she was the reason I was there.
Now, like I said I really do not go into the whole notion of dream therapy and would not put even the effort it would take to goggle it but those were some strange dreams. I often get them when I go long stretches of time with little to no sleep and then one night BAM out cold and into Tim Burtons nightmare!
Well, I am now off to face reality. Work, family and bills its the American way!


Martini said...

I used to remember all my dreams - but not any more. It's weird. Maybe I'm turning robotic, or growing up, I have no idea.

honkeie2 said...

Martini: Dont grow up man!
The 80's are still alive! Hell you own a part of that dream for chirs-sakes!