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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Philly out of order...

I loaded up all of my pictures we took while we were at the Benjamin Franklin museum and they came out all out of order. I am not sure why and really to busy and lazy to go through them all and reorganize them. If it was not for dis-order I would have no order to my life.

So if you notice that I seem to jump around alot in my time line just keep in mind this is how my brian works on a regular basis anyway.

So lets begin!:

1) This was some random side of the road advertisment for something, I just liked the paint job.

2) While in the 'Famliy Restroom' I noticed that there seems to be a rodent problem here in Philly, nothing much has change in 200 years I see.

3) While we were leaving we saw a whole buch of news vans and these guys. Man did I have the urge to run up and punch a hippie, and then scream "Get a hair cut hippie!" Wow, was I born during the wrong time lol.

4) Random Tourist picture....

5) He seemed a little young to have a monkey on his back.

6) Hot soccer mom again.....water + White Tee-shirt, alllllright!

7) More soccer moms....oh wait that one's mine!

8) Soccer mom's with ink!

9) Greek resutrant with good pizza and Philly Cheese steaks!

10) Old fashioned shit remover. I love old towns that still have some of the old world flavor to it.

11) Mr. NoNo's is standing in the old world treasure map.....Dar be gold in dem hills!

12) I have nooooo Idea!

13) The will of the baby vs the will of the mommy......It is hard to say who really wins in those battles.

14) I dont smoke anymore but I have alway wanted one of these. Along with a pool table, a pin ball machine, a junk box, a fully stocked bar, poker tables and a 3 lane bowling alley. Man I need to play the lottery!

15) I can see my brain!

16) I was waiting for her to bust out with some Chuck Norris karate on her kids! At least I know I am not alone in being driven insane by my kids!

17) One Big fucking train!

18) The scrap yard would have a field day with this one!

19) One a little smaller and easier to fit in one shot lol.

20) Chil-lax-in in the shade

21) Not happy, not happy at all.

22) Future tank commander

23) Lets see, a mohawk, a Rancid teeshirt and military power....yep we have it all

24) A rare happy very rare!

25) I wonder if this is the same face fighter pilots make when they drop bombs on people? I know I would!

26) Name that plane.....

27) 'Pilot to co-pilot I just crapped my pants where is the auto cleaner button?'

28) Again pissed at the air

29) the mother ship has landed

30) Push, pull, push, pull....he could have done that alllll day!

31) Who needs bombs when you have the 'Rebel Yell' to take out your enemies.

32) Small butt, bigger butt is the better butt!

33) See, all you have to do is trick people into thinking exercise is a game and then everyone will love it.

34) This picture came out rather well, typical tourist picture by I like it.

All in all everyone had a blast at the museum. I remeber it being bigger but then again it was 20 years ago.....wait did I just say 20 years AGO!!!!!!!! Holy fuckinghellsayitaintsoo!
I turned 32 last week and if anyone says anything about birthdays I will hunt you down and take pictures of you in the shower and post them here! If you want send me a Happy 12th birthday card with a gift certificate to is an all nude strip joint not far from my house....feel free, just email me and I will provide you with my address.
I swear I am not that old!


The Real Kidd said...

Great pics man. I love the little baby mohawks.

And man don't feel bad about getting older. It just means you are that much wiser.

ROFLMAO! Yeah I almost did that with a straight face.

Becky said...

Fucking hippies! I would have not been able to hold my tongue, I'd have screamed it at them and embarrassed my husband!

honkeie2 said...

TherealKidd: As I get old I try to never have a straight face about anything!

Becky: I was going to but it was to damn hot to roll down the window!

Girl on the Run... said...

Love this post and soooooooooooooo glad you like the bigger butt! lol

Very cute I was there last summer for the King Tut exhibit!

By the way.. I'm older and never ever repeat that... ever!!!!


honkeie2 said...

Girl: I am always a fan of the bigger butt! And I am a collector of pictures of said butts ;-)