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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Well happy mid week hump day, 2 more days until FRIDAY!
So far so good with me bring back the old days of blogging everyday, and you know what I really did miss doing this. The thinking about what to blog about, the searching for random pictures of non-worksafe things to shock myself with. Much like the picture I have above, I almost pissed mysefl when i found that one HA! And even the looking over my shoulders to see if anyone can see what I am typing about. Oh the thrill of it all! I have been trolling about and leaving comments all over the place as well to see if I can find some new people to play with. I have some old and some new, so keep coming back I will have more.

In my trolling I was reading on Nikky's blog about a We Fest that she is going to. Well it seems to be some country music festival with a pretty big line up, even though I have noooo idea who most of those people are I started thinking about my own concert going ways.....or lack of. I used to love going to concerts, here is a list of bands and/or people I have seen: (and a scale of 1-10 of how they were)
  • System of a Down- 9
  • Powerman 5000- 9
  • Ozzy- 10
  • Black Sabbath- 5 They only get a 5 because ozzy was there
  • White/Rob Zombie- White Zombie was a 9 but Rob Zombie was a 5!
  • Maryln Manson- 10 always the showman!
  • Guns and Roses- 8 I was too young for the original but they were a 10!
  • Tool- 7
  • Joan Jet and the Heart Breakers- 3 So sad so very very sad
  • Pantera- 8
  • limp Biskit- 8 Like him or not he puts on a show
  • Emmene (sp)- 8 Just not his opening acts, they always suck
  • Korn- 9
  • Slayer old and new- Old slayer- 9 / New slayer- 6
  • Godsmack- 5

There are a few others but its 0220 in the morning and I cannt seem to get my brain in 3rd gear yet. But what I have noticed about my concert going is that I have lost my drive to want to go to them anymore. Especially ones at big venues, its all about getting your money and screwing the fans. I can not stand how the music/movie industry treats the everyday consumer. It makes me sick to see these people making stupid money and still asking for more. I know musicians probably have to work harder for it but come on, I cannt bring a camera to the show because .........I might try and sell it to some ass tart that does not have a computer and has no idea how to google photis and then 'save as' the picture and print it out at home? Or I cannt bring my own lawncahir to an outdoors show but I can rent one of theirs!?! The whole idea behind going to shows no longer has the feel of you and the band, hell if i want to see a band now all I do is go to youtube and look them up and watch all their live stuff from someone camera phone. I used to go to the box office of the show and wait in line and get my tickets. I even got front row tickets once for Ozzfest by doing this. But every year they would try to do some under handed bullshit to screw with you. The last year I went to Ozzfest I called the box office and asked if they were selling them at the window like the do every year and 3 different people told me no. My wife told me to go anyway and see, I was being a stubborn ass and did not want to go but did anyway. I get there and what do I see, people in line at the window! But the real kicker was that you had to be there the day before to get a braclet to insure you get first picks. I was so disgusted with this and not to mention most of the people that had the braclets were obviously scalpers. And how do pick a team of scalpers? Here let me tell you:

First you will see a buch of people that look like they are in line for the wrong concert, here we had about 50-60 little brown men that did not look like that could say more than '8 tickets please' in english. It was an 8 ticket per person limit, and then you will have one or two white guys with a shit load of cash giving each person there aloted money for the tickets.

It is really simple to spot these roaches and to top it off I found out that the box office was selling all tickets for all shows for the whole summer that day! That was the last time I went to the box office, and really the last time I really tried to get any tickets. I try from time to time to win them from radio stations, and yes I have won many times. I dont feel so bad about the bullshit if i win them. And please tell me how ticketslave(master) is allowed to resell tickets for soo much more than what you would have paid at the door? Screw them all, I am done with this rant. I am now off to steal some music, pirate a few pictures of Metallika (spelled wrong on purpose so screw off about pointing it out) and photoshoping pictures of my balls in Larz's mouth, watch bootlegged movies of Batman on the internet (and yes it is out there!) and fill my zip drive with 'save as' copywritten porn pictures.

Nothing was proof read and nothing was fixed because I am just gangsta like dat beeotch!


prettykitty said...

dude, it's been awhile!! i missed your posts. your raucous sense of humor. pix of your family. and most of all tits friday!

looking forward to more good stuff.

The Real Kidd said...

Yeah man there has been a lot of ranting and belly aching over scalpers the last couple days here. The new BOK arena will open in September & the first show is The Eagles. Tickets went on sale Monday. They sold out in 45 minutes. People waiting in line over night at the window were unable to buy tickets. We all know that scalpers bought them & will resale them for double, triple or more.

I have no want to see the Eagles. But I guess some folks are highly upset.

honkeie2 said...

Pretty: There will be more!

kidd: And thanks to the internet and craigslist things like concert tickets have shot way up

Girl on the Run... said...

What you SAID!


It's crazy sick how expensive it all is and than making it all worse when the show sucks!

Not good.

Not worth the money either!



honkeie2 said...

girl: I once went to a free concert at the Pier and it wasnt even worth it the effort to get there. It was some werid hippie dude that my friend dragged me out to. The best part was looking at all the left over burnt outs from a time long forgotten with little kids.
"Yeah, fight the power go spank your kid for biting my leg!"