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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am back to blogging again.....

I was in a serious blogging rut for a time. Many factors played into why I was not playing with myself more, but most of the blame fell in the 'I am a lazy asshat' category. For a while I wondered why I was even bothering with it still. And then I went back to when I first started in 2005 and reread some of my old stuff. I realized that I suck as a writer but it is a great timeline for my memories. I got a real chuckle at my blogging beginnings and also noticed that I need to go back and remove of the shit post I made that the pictures have been lost or the links are now bad.
At first I used to blog every damn day, and even sometimes twice in one day. I had a whole community of blogs i read and even had a good number of people that used to read mine in return. Most of the people I used to blog with have all left blogsphere, I still chat with some of them from time to time (cherry and D) but it has been a while since I have heard from them. It seemed I meet most of them as their interest in blogging was on the down ward spiral. But in their defense many of them were being harassed via their own blog and had to leave or go underground because of it. I often prayed someone would try to start some bullshit on my blog just so I could have someone to argue with. Call me stupid, call me a jerk but I still am waiting for the day someone comes over here thinking I give a crap that their opinion is better than my own. I wont realistically try to make them see the error of their ways, I just want to piss them off to the point I give them a stroke and they die face down on their keyboard.
But on the same topic I never really understood why people started crap on someone else's blog. I have come across some real narrow minded fuck-tards in my blogging travels, AKA the 'Next Blog' button. And every time I find one like that I just leave. I am not here to make them think differently or see how much smarter I am than them. I do not agree and no matter what your imaginary friend says they Earth is alot older that 6 thousand years old! That was one of the religious blogs I came across that I had to just run away from, I almost sent him a "WTF Are You Talking About" comment but I knew better.
To each his or her own. Who am I to judge, I like midget porn for fuk sakes!
In the same token of the 'Next Blog' button, I have seemed to have made a few new friends that came back after I went trolling and left tons of comments all over the place. I started with some of the people I know and then started looking for some new friends. A couple have come and visited me in the same day ( GirlonTheRun and MJ *warning mj is not work safe! and that is why I like her.....I hope its a girl anyway lol*)
I have to go through my blog roll and remove a few links of those who have gone away. Hell, it seems like half of them have to be deleted! And also add a few, so that will be my next chore on here as I am trying to bring my blogging ways back. I refuse to let this die! It is a hobby that I really enjoy and it is one of the thing I do at work that makes me look like I am really busy when I want to be left alone for a minute.

Also one of the things I used to do with my blog, that I miss, is post funny pictures I find on Photobucket or other photo housing web sites. Today I looked up the word 'blog' and 'fist' in photobucket. The first one I posted at the top was what I found under blog. The next two can be found under the title of 'fist'

1) There is a Ronald clown like this at a local Wal-Mart, the next time I go there I am going to try and get someone to take my picture like this!

2) This sums up how I feel sometimes when driving in NJ!

I will have more to come and hopefully I can keep this steam up. I used to have a TGIF post where I would post 8-10 funny things like this. If everything goes to plan I might just bring it back. And hell if no one reads it at least I can come back here years from now and get a good laugh.
Oh, yeah a big thanks to anyone that returns the favor of reading and commenting on my blog after I left my stain on theirs.


Nikky said...

Now that you mention it, when I first started reading your blog, you did the whole half nekkid thursdays... wth happened to that?

That's my vote for bringing something back! LOL

Girl on the Run... said...

Well I am so very happy you visited and hope you come again
! Love the Ronald Mcdonald picture! I have been blooging for quite some time and recently deleted the old and started all new. Sometimes you just need to clear some space!

All the best!
PS< What's up with half naked Thursdays? HMMMMMM!!! lol

Desi said...

HEY! I so can second almost all you said. i had some horrible stuff happen from my blog and I had some horrible people learn to much about me and use it against me. But i did slow down a good bit, but I never full on stopped. And I am glad. For many reasons. But mostly I can just say f em. Here or in the Real World, etc, there are assholes. SO you just have to deal and keep being who you are. And I refuse to le some asshole change me when I am amasing! I am also super glad to see you back. And I so missed the pics. And I lve that ronald one, being an ex manager of mcds, lol that is classic!!! HUGS !!!

honkeie2 said...

Nikky: I think you have reopened a can of worms on that HNT post. Lets see what happens this Thursday!

Girl: cum back and see ;-)

desi: dont let anyone on the internet stop you from saying what you want to say. I have seen so many people stop because a few assholes. the internet is a great place for spineless jackoffs because they can hide behind a computer and spout out bullshit. The internet is one place that no one can touch me in. Say what you like about me, I know me better than anyone and I know who I am.

prettykitty said...

i'm still here! wanna fight?

Hammy said...

You're always good for a laugh, Honk.