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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

yeah yeah yeah, its late.....

(caution this post has balls and illegal drugs)

But I have been busy...same old song and dance but this time with a little twist. I will get to the twist in a minute. Lets start from thanksgiving and work our way up.

Thanksgiving was held at our new apartment, which isnt all that new anymore but it was our first on our own. I have pics but I just relaized they are on the wife's camera, we have the exact same camera and I grabbed mine this morning. Sorry the mind is too fuzzy these days. But all went well, no burnt food or any big problems. Too much food, too much drink.....does anyone else still need a nap?

The next night was a continuation of celerbrations. Navy man came up with his 'friend' and we all went out to the club-QXT's. The funny thing about that night was the fact that I did not drink much; but still ened up dancing like a spaztic white guy with some neurological disorder. But then again if anyone were to look around they would have seen that maybe one person there had any rythm! It was weird, i was on my 3rd beer and all of a sudden i felt like throwing up.....I know all the signs of the 'I have had 3 too many and I am about to blow' feelings and they were all there. But what I could not figure was WHY? I guess it was my body revolting agaist anything else going in.

Well, I took the cue and stopped drinking. But Navy-man and his friend did not seem to share my probelm. Lets just say she ended up on the floor several times and did not remeber much the next day.....I love drunk chicks! I am waiting for some pics of that night from the Navy-man...Doug if you are reading this email the tooo me. I promise to keep the ones of you getting tea bagged off the internet ;-P

And just incase you are one of the few who have no idea what getting 'TeaBagged' means, here is a visual.......your welcumed!

But one thing of interest happened while we were about to leave. And we actually staid to 0200, I feel I had to mention that lol. But what happened was this. I am a huge troll when it come to finding things that ppl leave behind; Scarves, hats, wallets, tips on the bar left untaken, lighters and any other random items. And it gets worse as I drink. I have stolen soooo many things from ppl's houses it isnt even funny. But this night I did not steal, vandalize or molest anything/one but I did find something. At first I just thought it was a cool little bag with the Toyota sign on it, but upon inspection I found this inside:

Yes it is what it looks like. It was a freak big old bud, ripe for the smokin, or so I thought. I was torn on smoking it/telling the wife. I really wanted to but because of the stigma of our society about it I did not. I was just going to throw it out but I had to open it and have a little smell. It was just as I remebered, but what I found out about this wonderous little baggie was that who ever bought this got burned. It was nothing but stems and seeds. There was hardly any bud on this thing, it sure looked good from the outside but taking a closer look anyone could see this was some yardie ass shit.

Yardie: (n) Any type of MJ that is more sticks and seeds than smokable fun. Crappy Tobaccy that has more grass clippings than herb.
-And for the record I have been clean for some time now, still drinking but that is still legal-

The rest of the weekend was pretty calm and normal. The wife unit put up our tree, and yes it isnt real. But then again neither is Santa or Christianity.



Ohhhhh I bet that pissed someone off....I was just joking about that last part, I just wanted to see if anyone was really reading this. I am not agaist christianity or any religion, if it makes you happy and I dont find some wacko knocking on my door in a white shirt and a blue tie trying to sell me on their ideas of fantasy island and the world of make-believe I am ok with it.

I am all for xmass and all the wonderous things it stands for. Peace on earth, good will towards men/women and all that jazz. But this doe remind me of a sign I saw on this uber christian house on Halloween. It read: We are Christians and do not celebrate Halloween. Please respect our believes.
I was soooo tempted to put a little stick-it note that said: I am not Christian but I celebrate Christmass, Easter and any ohter day set aside for the christian faith. Please respect my belief in egging your house for not giving out candy you tight ass.

But enough of the negative stuff, here are some festive pics of our fake little twee:

During the dressing:

After the dress:

Now the tree is a few balls short of what it started with. We have a toddler who loves shiney objects and thinks everything can bounce. I told the wife unit that the bottom of the tree will be bare by the time Santa comes around to doing his usual breaking and entering routine.

Now to put into why my busy life has a bit of a twist: i am leaving this Sunday to go for training for my job in Dallas, Texsas. I could have sworn I had another week but as I found out on Monday, I am leaving this weekend! I have done more work in these past few days than I have done all month. I did a weeks worth of skool work in 2 days, I printed out over 100 pages of reports, I have set the scheduel up for the next week and I have done almost all of the laundry. I have been busy as a beaver.......what they hell does that mean? The last beaver I saw just sat there looking at me from the couch, it really never looks all that busy?!?! I am currently looking up internet cafes in the area I will be staying at just in case they do not have an internet connection at my hotel. I hope they do I will have to look up on that as well.

But I am now off to do more shit in the short days I have left before I head off to the land I was born to. And the funny thing, I have not been back since lol.


Rocketstar said...

Good luck on the jaunt to the big D.

That bud looks good. I saw that battery video on youtube as well, but you have tried uit and it is BS? Damn, I was hoping it was true and was going to try it.

I hear ya on the Bejebus. Nice tree, it is a great pagan symbol after all.

Becky said...

I was in the same predicament not long ago, I found some weed on someone's car seat... I took a picture and posted it, not sure if you saw that post. It was a whole quarter bag though, but I didn't smoke it, just like with you that is all behind me.

My cat has been stealing christmas tree ornaments much like a toddler would, lol. I put up our christmas pics.

ADW said...

Ugh. Thank goodness the little one is now three. I just have to worry about the cat now.

Desirea Madison said...

Were you impatient to get married? Did you persuade her to give you a chance after she said she didn't want a relationship? That's the boat I'm in. Email me: desireamadison[at]

honkeie2 said...

rocketsar: I cannt wait to go but then again it isnt for fun....but they do have internet connections in the room!

becky:If I ever get ahold of some again, I am going to eat it. Hey I did not smoke it lol!

adw: why do pussies feel the need to attack trees?

madison: you have been emailed...