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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Back again....

I have not lost my blogging touch I have just lost the time for it. The funny thing is I find myself wanting to blog but everytime I sit down to do it I am over come with other things I have to get done. I am week two into my next block of online classes, International Business and Economics. YUCKY YUCKY, like Brintnay Spears crotch in my mouth yucky, same foul after taste too. But I have to get them done, not liking it but still doing it. Like that time i worked at the gay bar as a bathroom attendant. The money was good but, well lets just say I never looked over my shoulder so many times in my life.

And oh man the over time is kicken but my sleep is suffering. We are now down 3 people, one part timer retired, one got locked up and the other was let go due to poor job performance. Oh well, we make do with what we have and right now we dont have much. Almost everyone is picking up some of the slack but one more hit of any kind and we are screwed. I did 16 hours of ot last week and next week looks like its going to be anohter one. And its a holiday week so that might work out in our favor. My boss said that someone is supposed to be coming in Monday, but that isnt always good news. Most people do not like this type of work and leave after the first day or they are not qualified for it. But we shall see.......
It has been a while since my last post so I thought I would throw some home pics in here. And Doug if you are reading this when are you going to blog slacker hahaha. I also wanted to announce that I am now down to 207 pounds! I have been using this site to help me stay motivated to lose the pounds. The halloween candy killed me for a while, the crazy hours killed it too, but my resolve not to gain more weight through the holidays has stead fast. I am not in the gym as much as i would like but my eating has gotten much better. I am not saying I have not fallen ....hell that last party I was at I didnt fall I was hit by the eat and drink frieght train! But I pick myself back up and moved on. I started this little treck at 225lbs and now I am almost to my goal, 200lbs. The BMI (dont listen to that bullshit) says I should be at 170-185lbs but I have no desire to go that low. I dont want to be a skinny waif! Nothing manly about skinny hairy white dudes lol. But I must say getting these last few pounds are going to be a real bitch, Thanksgiving is next week and I just found....yes I said found....a bag of halloween candy in my car. I thought about just chucking it but I could never do that, I will have to give it to someone. At least then I know I was not waisted, maybe I can find a bum that doesnt care about his gutt lol.
Ok I have to get back to real life problems, I have a 1200 word paper to do about gold and exchange markets due by sunday. I want it done today so i wont have to stress it this weekend and end up AGAIN sitting in front of my computer on Sunday night trying my best to type out a crappy paper.
1) He might not know the alphabet yet he he sure can kick your butt at SpongeBob and the Chocolate StarFish of Death.
2) I stole from pictures for Micheal Jacksons home, and here we have some really early shots of him and Latoya doing what kids do best. Man, they have been white all along!
3) Here we have Cheese asking why the blue crayons do not taste like blue berries?
4) And here we have an example of what happens when you are bored at work and all alone. Luckily they did not have a copier near by or they would have had a whole bunch of pictures of my butt in the inner office mail.
Its Friday bitchs, go out and get smashed and take pictures of evertyhing. We all need proof of what you did so the judge can show us that it was you that molested the goat at the heavy petting zoo on Monday morning.


Carie said...

your little ones are adorable :)

I hated school as a kid, hell I got kicked out my senior year...but as an adult I loved it, went back to high school, graduated, then I went to city college, lol and I had my daughter in tow to all my classes, graduated with honors and a solid 4.0...then went to state for 2 years, short 4 classes for my full degree...someday I will go back again lol...

Congrats on the weight, I wish I had your fortitude to stick with it

Martini said...

If you can't find a home for that halloween candy, send it my way! I need to fatten up. I don't like being a skinny waif either.

Anonymous said...

Well done Honkeie! you are doing great, in work, school and weight loss. It's a trifecta!

it's hard to keep up, don't I know it, but plodding along will take you there in the end. (the weightloss I mean, but study too - I've been uni for about 7 years!!)

cher said...

ok, first and foremost....cheese is so cute. you are going to be a grand daddy waaaaay too early.

Brintnay Spears crotch in my mouth yucky--LOL!!!!!

someone got locked up at work? sweet! like where? in the janitor closet with paperclips and post its? please do tell.

you'll be proud of me. i have moved my gym upstairs and have actually been using it. i now have to use my swipe card to get into my living room, but whatever.

207. good for you! i'm going to check out that website.

Oh, and enter my contest! enter my contest!

prettykitty said...

dude, i sure hope your 1200 word paper doesn't have as many run-on sentences as this post! but judging by this, i'm sure you're gonna exceed the word count. hold on a minute, i have to rest my eyeballs.

ok, i'm back. love that you work at a place with old timers and future convicts, but 16 hours of ot must be sweet in the bank account. congrats on losing the weight. that spongebob game is way outta my league. and michael jackson never touched those kids!

denotsip said...

hey cuuuz... the link you have to my blog is not the one i use now. but yea you right, ive been a lazy blogger, im gonna try to keep atleast one post a week. later cuuuuuz....

captain corky said...

You need to get your priorities straight! In my life first comes blogging, and then all the other shit comes next.

honkeie2 said...

carie: Go back it is worth it!

martini: I would but before I knew the kids found the bag and killed it. I still have the wrapers if you want to just sniff them lol.

betty: I am sure your comment was great but I cannt take my eyes off that chick getting ownd over and over again!

cher: now get on it and ride it like a 5 dollar whore! Make it worth the money you spent on it!

pretty: the amazing part about doing papers in an on line skoll is that the 'teachers' do not really read them. They check to make sure you have the word count, yuo used APA format and that you did not plagirize.....and that is it , run on and on all you want no one will ever notice that you train of thought was nothing more that an shit storm of words with no puncuation nor was the spell checker button ever pushed!

denotsip: Cuuz, I have been check yo girls myspace out....hottie mchottie...when u be bring'er to da hood so we can all take a poke....i mean look, ment no dissrapeck yo dog! Cuuuzzz, lets take her to da clubz and get crunked on dat poppen sheet, cuuzzz!

captin: You are so right, I now profess to blog even before I get my morning beat off in the last stall in the office bathroom!

cher said...

well, it was free. but we did use about $30 in gas money to go get it. so i guess i don't really deserve the happy ending part.