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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A story and vacation pics:

I would like to start this post off with a funny story that happened to me last night around the dinner table. Now if you have not noticed I have a rather sick sense of humor. And last night I was bit by the nasty bug.
The Scene:
Family of four sitting around the table just finishing up. Baby in his high chair, mommy at one end, daddy in the middle and 4yr old at the other end.
The Set Up:
Jar of chocolate icream topper on kitchen counter.
The prop:
Daddy's finger.
The gag:
Daddy gets up to take plate to the sink. He sees the jar of chocolate sauce and dips finger in. He then turns around with brown finger behind back. He then pretends to have his hand down the back of his shorts. He makes a face as if something is wrong and then produces the chocolate finger.
Man that was a wicked itch I had!
Daddy now procededs to lick chocolate off finger.
4Year old:
Dadds no eat kaka!
(eyes and mouht wide open in shock)
Look what you are teaching him.
Daddy is now laughing so hard he thinks he is going to vomit.
(showing the 4 yr old the jar)
No, no kaka's. it was only chocolate seee......
4 Yrold:
Dadda's nasty, no kaka's

Now at this point I have just about lost it. It took me a good half an hour before I was normal again. What made it funny to me was mental pictures of him trying this one out on his own. As nasty as that can be I would like to think my son was smart enough not to follow my lead on a few things. The wife unit did find it funny, but did show her disapproval at numerous times that night. Come on......that dar was funnie!

I am still laughing by the way hahahahahaha.......but on to those vacation pics.

We went down to Vagania Beach for a few days to visit the Bro-in-Law and to see the air show. We got there late Friday night to find out that a sky writter had crashed and died. It was not a military person so no military personel was harmed in the making of this post. But I did pour one out for the fallen. You fly a stunt plane for a living it is no real shocker you died strapped to a plane.

On Saturday morning we headed out to the base to see the show. Here we see the snipers on the look out ot Obama...or is it Oshama.....I can never get those two assheads right.

We wandered around a bit and took typical tourist photos of the big birds that bring death from above.

And I also took not so typical pitcures. Here we have the only goth kids at the whole damn show. I was not shocked, there are always at least 2. They never travel in packs less than two. They always need someone there to back them up or to justify that they arent the only weridos around. But I was kind of impressed by the fact that they were out on such a sunny happy day.

Here we have one of the pilots doing the drive by and wave thing. All the navy whores and boat rats wet themselves everytime they did this. You can always spot the women on the prowel of a 'Few Good Men' and we always know they have to be 'An Officer and a Gentalman'

Now we have Doug! He was in charge of the 'Special Needs' tent. Which ment that even though we had no real special need we got to sit in some of the best seat on the base. But I am always in need of something special so I guess I could have gotten in anyway.

Now what show full of drunken rednecks would have been complete without the game of 'Pull my finger while you stike a match'?

While in the Special Ed area I saw all kinds of things. But this old dude wanted some up close and personal pics. i swear he could have counted the amount of nose hairs they had! Or used it to get panty shots from acrosss the base, well that is what I would have used it for.

Now if you have never been to an air show they are FUCKING LOUD! Notice the little one and his homemade ear plugs.

And notice the other little one and his ear buds. He kept them in for some time. I was shocked!

I got out and wandered about and took pics. But my batteries were dying so I was only able to get a few. Here we have a race car....duh. Redneck......
But what got me was the fact that to get in the drivers seat you had to squeeze into it. I mean SQUEEZE! I have a 36inch waist and I am not sure if I could have gotten in this damn thing.

I was a bit suprised by the size of the engine. I imagined it would have been alot bigger. I now know how most women feel on their wedding night huh?

Back View: I have no idea why there are all those dryer exhaust clue.

The moster of all planes was this beast. You could have turned this damn thing into a 2 story house if you wanted to.

Sign next to the plane...

Blue Angles doing there thing. I would pay anything to get to ride in one of these things during the show. I bet it would beat any roller coaster ride in the world.

The next day we went to the beach and got a little sand and surf in before running back home. My batteries died on the camera so I missed a few shots that I wanted, oh well. I hope to go back soon, and take some more. It is really nice down there, well except for the whole no cursing thing they have going on.
I think I would have a fuckall of a hard time following that shit.


karma lennon said...

Cool pics. Reminds me of all the airshows my dad dragged us to when I was a kid....must've been thousands.

Jenny! said...

Where can I get a camera like that...I like takingpictures up girls skirts too!


I used to love those stunt planes. Very brave for them to risk their lives for our pleasure.

morbid misanthrope said...

Dude, I bet if you had punched those goth kids, they would have squeaked and turned into dust. Goths always travel in pairs because if they get jumped by drunken jocks, one of them has to be able to escape to write about how much they hate jocks on livejournal.

honkeie2 said...

lennon: seen one you have seen them all. I was more interested in the people around the show.

jennaay: panty shots rule! I got to get me one of those too!

uber: I love when ppl are willing to die for my amusment. That is why i love youtube lol.

morbid: I was going to say the same thing. hahahaha. They bring pain onto themselves so they can write about it in their journals haha

captain corky said...

I can't wait to torture my wife with my son at my side. LOL

cher said...

holy crap! that was funny with the poo finger. well, poolicking , fake or not is just freaking funny.

awesome photos! just awesome! it sounds like you guys had a great time!