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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slow as shit.....

I am at work on a Sunday and trolling through blog land. But I am not at my desk and I am not using my computer. I am actually at some off site location and was willing to whore myself off for some much needed overtime. I was bummed at first because this site did not have a computer, but to my suprise when I came in and there one was. With an internet connection and all. But I did have to hack it a little because I did not have the log on password, ssshhhhh dont tell the IT ppl I know what I know ;-)
But there is one problem, the pc has to be a throw back to the mid 1990's and is slow as shit. Everytime I hit the 'next blog' button I pick up a book I am reading and come back in a few mintues. It takes sometime for it to up load anything. It is kind of comical to think this was the 'fast' once upon a time.
Does anyone remeber AOL2.0? I do I used to have the original disk it came on, you know those little square things we used to store small amounts of info. I now use a memory stick that has more space on it than some computers I had about 3 years ago. It is amazing that we went from a things like the gameboy with black and green screen to the PsP that can play video games, watch movies, listen to music on and even....well I am not sure what else it can do I dont have one lol. But I used to think the original gameboy was the shit! I played all the games anyone could ever get. My favorite was....shit I forget the name now but it was Castle something-or-other, I think it started with a 'V'. You were hunting this vampire. And I think you had a whip as a weapon. Oh, what the hell was that name? I also heard that they might be making a movie with the same name. Fuck, my brain is shot!I never beat it but I have never been big on beating games, once you beat it the game is over and when you have serious gaming addictions who wants it to be over? Then I got gameboy advanced, which I still have and use. Its screen wasnt much bigger but it had more buttons and a color screen and wayyyy better graphics. I do hope to get the PsP someday but it is sortof on the bottom of the list of things I want right now. Hmmmm lets list the things I want, hell I am bored and all alone at someone else's desk. Lets play with myself for a minute:
  1. New ink. I am so jonesing to get some new tats! That is number one on my must have.
  2. A whole bottle of Absinthe. I found a web site that is out of England that has some good prices and decent sized bottles.
  3. The Total Body Gym. I have wanted this for sometime but I had a basement with a whole freakin gym in it(almost). But now we live in an apartment, and there is no room for my muscle factory.
  4. New floor mats in my car. Since I drive a manuel (and sometimes a juan and a jose) the mats on the drivers side have been worn way down. I want offical Toyota Matrix floor mats but they are about $100 each. Agian I said I 'want' them not 'need' them haha.
  5. My four year college degree. I am actively working on it, I just want it NOW!
  6. A bigger penis, nothing elephant like just maybe mule would be nice.
  7. Muscles to magicly appear
  8. Mutant powers to make slot machines spit money at me and xray vison. No need to go into why ;)
  9. Psp
  10. And my last want; I want a new president. I support my country 110% but I really feel this jabbering monkey has put us in the shitter in some many ways and that we need some fresh blood in there.(and that is as political as I am going to get)

As anyone can see the PsP really isnt all that important in my life but I still want one. If anyone wishes to donate a used one I will take it. I am a begger and I dont get all bent out of shape about hand me downs. Hell I shop at the good-will store sometime lol.

I am off to get some pretend work done now. And this keyboard they have hear sucks ass. It seems like it has never been used before and all the keys are stiff and shit. Fuck yeah stiff, stiff like your mom! hahahaha, dont mind me.

-Your were a filthy old whore!

-What do you mean 'were'?


Nikky said...

OO! Yippee, I'm first!
I LOVE your wants list, especially #10...
makes me think I may do a want's the limit kind of thing...
Glad you're getting paid to entertain me, THAT'S the important thing!

cher said...

i want a bigger penis too.

morbid misanthrope said...

Castlevania kicks ass. Especially Symphony of the Night for the Playstation 1.

karma lennon said...

I have a PSP and I love it. The graphics alone are just freakin' amazing!!!! And it's so nice that's it's all cute and portable.

Miss 1999 said...

Pretending to work is always good--- Do it as often as you can!

guttergirl said...

Funny a tat is the numero uno thing on my lists of wants too. I hope you have better luck at getting a new one than I have.

prettykitty said...

the only reason i know it's castlevania is because i did a layout for a video game magazine that got an irate letter because of the "violent" graphics. buncha pussies.

ps i would like a penis too. no, not on me. oops, did i say that out loud?

Martini said...

SOTN = best game ever.

I never understood the appeal of the Gameboy. It was such a pile of crap for Nintendo, while their rival - Sega, had the full color Game Gear out at the same time. It blows me away that the cruddy Game Boy outsold the colour Game Gear. Actually, Sega kinda sucked, so maybe it's no surprise.

honkeie2 said...

nikky: Being first, on top and getting paid to have fun are always important to me lol

cher: you can buy one that runs on batteries duh....

morbid: THATS IT castlevania! I loved that game!

lennon: can we share it ;)

miss: I can pretend to do just about anything lol

gutter: I have my fund jar filling as we speak haha

kitty: I would love to be able to call people that are limp wristed asshloes pussy's to their faces!
Really now.......pretty kitty hmmm

martini: holy hell I forgot all about game gear! One of my friends had that and we played Splatter House on that thng until I think the battery metled. Now that was a violent game!