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Friday, December 03, 2010

Backyard camping

We have been trying to get out to the great outdoors for sometime but this that and everything has stopped us. But last week we put our foot down...until the weather man called for below freezing temps and snow. And not being all that well equipped for that kind of camping we took it to the backyard:

This was more of a spring cleaning of all the stuff we have accumulated in the past 12 years. Taking stock in what we have and what we need. I now know I need a new sleeping bag, blankets and sheets are just not the same lol.
I was able to get rid of a bunch of stuff that was old, broken or missing parts. We have three tens, two of which we put up and the other has never been used. So it is safe to say that one is still good lol. The two tents worked perfectly, no rips, holes or issues with any of them. Tent test 100%

Now when camping in the backyard in urban areas you have to be careful with where you put the camp cannt have a camp site without a camp fire...duh! So we borrowed this homemade fire pit made from an old beer keg. And it worked like a charm!

And as you can see one of most entertaining things one can do while camping is finding random stuff to burn! Luckily Devon brought some old homework that had to go down in flames haha!

And as the weather man stated, it was cold even far away from the mountains it was cold. Lucas did come out for a few moments to see what we were up to. But it was just too cold for him to stay out too long.

As the night wore on we started to wonder what could we do for we came up with the idea to run a power cord and hook up the Xbox for some COD in the great outdoors. Nothing says camping in the backyard like fresh air video games!

We all slept outside in the cold, like real men. And the wife kept saying "If you catch a cold I dont want to hear it!" Well it has been 6 days since we survived the long cold night and no one has gotten sick. Just remember kids....take you vitamins, drink your milk and masturbate everyday to keep the bad germs away.

After breaking camp we organized everything and moved all the camping gear to our place. It is now packed away all set to go if we should ever have the urge to just pick up and pretend to be homeless again. We also took this time to get all of our Xmass stuff organized as well. Now that we have a place to store stuff we are getting everything organized, once everything has its place it will be easier to find.

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