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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Back from the dead....somewhat

It seems I am always playing catch-up here, I really need to come back to my place of therapy more often. Soo much has happened I dont even know how or where to begin. So lets just do a hit on a few points and go from there: (and yes the odds are they are out of order)

  • Went to California with the wife for a kid free week vacation. Had a blast, I have tons of pictures I will put up at some point. Just the thought of going through them all gets my procrastination running at full steam lol.

  • Had my car towed because I let my registration run out. The cop also added insult to injury by giving me a ticket for unclear plates! I paid for the towing and the registration ticket but fought the unclear plates....and fucking won. I got that ticket thrown out...I will have to do a blog on that whole ordeal someday lol.

  • Halloween came and went, the kids all had fun. And the wife had to hide their candy from me....bad me.

  • Speaking of eating....I have gained all the weight I lost so its back to square one. I know the winter has not even started but I had better get cracking before all the holiday food pushes me over the gut wall.

  • We went up to PA for Devon's birthday for a day of paintball and had a blast. I only took one picture, of the spot on my neck where a paintball nailed me:

  • And yes it looked like a hickey for about a week lol

  • I am still plugging away at the college thing. I have about 3 more weeks left in this semester so the big push is on. This weekend some of my classmates and myself are going to the Sex Museum in NYC. It is part of the class, we have to write a paper on the trip so it wont be all fun and games. And yes i will be taking pictures lol.

  • Me and the wife unit are doing much better, we have weathered the storm and come out in a much better place. It was a bit scary for a time but it has been laid to rest.

    • I am probably leaving out some other things I can not think about right now but that is what happens when I let things get to far gone. I miss coming and bitching on my blog and also commenting on other people's bitching. I wont make any promises but I am going to try to at least do this once a week instead once every 3 months lol.

      But let me get back to 'trying' to get my school work done...and I stress the trying part lol. I will leave with one picture we took while out in Cali of our new found friends we made while out in west. And yes they were all Mexicans and no they did not speak Spanish lol:


      Hammy said...

      Nice to hear from you Phil. Good to see that (most) things are back on track.

      Mom Taxi Julie said...

      Wow that's one nice looking hickey!

      Becky said...

      You made friends with gang members, lol.

      honkeie2 said...

      Hammy: I am trying to get back on track on many many levels. One post a week is one thing I am working on and so far so good lol

      Mom: I was and luckily my collar hid it well lol

      Becky: They do look like Frito Banditos dont they?